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We Need A Champion

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — dpex @ 7:08 pm Mon 10th April 2006

The adage, ‘The squeaky wheel gets the most grease,’ is, perhaps, an injuction we should all start to press with some vigour.

It follows the CYFSterhood have their extraordinary power because they chased it and had sundry pieces of legislation passed into law becase they just kept squeaking. Word, by line, by law, they got their own way.

In other words they worked with lobbiests who took their case to parliament.

We, the general public, remained ignorant of the slow, creeping climb of CYFS to their current power base. Moreover, only a small proportion of the population is directly affected by CYFS and the actions of the Family Court at any one time. Consequently, the energy-base required to make things happen is constantly morphing from those who are unaware they are about to be distressed, to those are currently, through to those who have been distressed but can no longer suffer the fight. It is largely only the middle group who need/want to fight.

There is no Ministry of Mens Affairs, and there is no Ministry For Family Affairs. Maybe it’s hightime we had both.

We have the wife of the new Ombudsman. A TV interview with her left me in no doubt she is ‘very’ child oriented. Maybe some letters in that direction could help.

Moreover, (from what I have read at this site, plus from all I have read about similar problems in other lands) the Family Court appears to work outside normal terms of requirements of proof.

One genuine, Court-required report I have recently seen was devoid of anything but negative comment about a custody applicant. I gather not one shred of irrifragible proof was offered in the report. It was filled with weasel words such as, ‘In my opinion. So far as I can see. It seems to me. I remember,’ and so on.

Further, there was not shred of comment from a wide range of folk who were prepared to offer complete repudiation of the negative.

Surely, a civilised court would ask why such a report delivered nothing but the negative? But I understand this is ‘not’ the case.

And so I think we need to begin concentrating on learning how to play the ‘Lobbyist’ game. First we need to find ourselves a worthy advocate, and begin squeaking till we start getting some grease applied.

But the single most important part to this programme is the use of quiet reason. I believe there are various parliamentarians who can be canvassed to champion our cause, but they will soon lose interest if we deal with anything other than clear, unemotional fact.

Although I hope to join the ranks of the ‘previously distressed’ types in the near future, I intend to stay very active in this cause.

The horror-stories I have heard, especially those from professionals who have no axe to grind (personal involvement) are incomprehensible to my base of belief in the law and justice.

And so, instead of complaining bitterly, how about we get our collective heads together, formulate a lobby group, find one or more lobbyists, and give them good and powerful reasons to start lobbying on behalf of families, men, and children.

All sensible submissions are welcomed.

Potential advocates include, but are far from limited to:-

The new GG and his wife.
Muriel Newman.
Peter Dunne
John Key
The Commissioner For Children
The heads of all mainstream churches
Our Queen.
Radio talk-back hosts
All TV stations
Every magazine and newspaper

Persons to whom all correspond should be CC’d to:-

This site.
Chief Family Court Judge
Every Family Court Judge
Chief District and High Court Judge.
All regional District Law Societies.
Every CYFS area manager.
Every CYFS branch.
Every Lawyer known to act as a Court Appointed, Lawyer For Child.

Most importanly, all correspondence to any of these parties ‘MUST’ be devoid of angst, emotion, and supposition. They must always be nothing but pure fact. If they are not, then the CYFSterhood and every other interested party will use the slightest diversion from the unadulterated truth to persuade others that we speak other than the truth. Moreover, the media will soon tire and label us as nutters.

Anyone wishing to add to the above lists are welcome to do so. Any of you who can supply addresses are similarly welcome.

Lastly, on the issue of energy creep; the method the opposition have used to gain their most bizarre powers. Allow me to relate the following.

A friend of mine was employed in China. His most amazing experience was observing upwards of 50,000 Chinese labourers, using nothing more than hoes, shovels, and baskets, remove a mountain the size of Mt Eden, in under 10 weeks.

In other words, we need to follow this example and become the rust which never sleeps. Perhaps, with sufficient effort and perpetual input, we can start some rust ocurring in the steel underwear of the CYFSterhood.



  1. I think you are on to something here mate – If we took all the men in Auckland who have been shafted by the family court, we could probably move Mt Eden in under a week to the corner of Albert St, and Kingston St.

    Comment by Bevan Berg — Mon 10th April 2006 @ 8:32 pm

  2. In the High Court of New Zealand -Christchurch Registry 12 April 2006 -2.15 p.m CRI 2006-409-000031 Between Appellant in Person Peter Joseph Burns and Respodent New Zealand Police .Appeal Convictions Breach Of Protection Order x 7. Points of Appeal – 1.Appeal Chronology 2. Compelled to confess guilt 3.Corruption & prejudice.
    Other people and things can stop you temporarily.You’re the only one can do it permanently. 4 the kids – dad4justice

    Comment by Peter Burns — Mon 10th April 2006 @ 9:49 pm

  3. dpex – your article is one of the best I have read.
    Sadly I finished my Family Court action with a judgement of ‘come back in a few years …’
    so I have nought I can do until my children are old enough to be warned off me.

    Comment by Al D Rado — Mon 10th April 2006 @ 10:13 pm

  4. David,
    whilst I appreciate your goal fo getting men’s rights issues lobbied for. But to do so devoid of emotion I’m not up for. I prefer to be fully human – tions and all. Anything less is asking men to surpress thremselves and I fear play right into the hands of those who don’t want to hear men’s side of things.

    Comment by Stephen — Tue 11th April 2006 @ 2:31 am

  5. Hi David
    Good points and a good idea.
    One of the themes we have been working on in Hawkes Bay is the sheer cost to the tax payers of the fees and salaries of the third parties.

    Comment by Ken — Tue 11th April 2006 @ 6:23 am

  6. Great article and idea. Its well overdue for the Mens Movement. Only difference is our movement will mean true equality. Only change I would make is re Peter Dunn. Forget about him. Utter waste of space. Hes nothing more than a whore. Mind you once Liabour is out and replaced then you what how quickly he slithers over to our cause for his power fix.

    Comment by Mark Lloyd — Tue 11th April 2006 @ 8:50 am

  7. What about John Tamaihere. He is out there speaking your words, right now.

    Comment by julie — Tue 11th April 2006 @ 9:24 am

  8. Unemotional fact may work for politicians, but to get media coverage you need the emotional element and the unemotional fact. Look at the coverage of Paternity Fraud and child support in New Zealand. The emotional -+Gordon Dowler deceived by a knowing mother into payment of child support for another men’s child – combined with the unemotional fact – a father could not, as right, obtain a paternity test. A court had no power to order one.

    Change will only come when we have our supporters sitting in Parliament. Lobbying will gain tinkering, change comes only with the political clout in the House of Representatives.

    Ask yourself the question how did women, Maori, homosexuals, trade unionists…. achieve real change. Political representation!

    Comment by Scrap_The_CSA — Tue 11th April 2006 @ 12:53 pm

  9. Yes David good article,
    If we could all do like the 50,000 Chinese and all concentrate our efforts in one particular direction at a time we couldn’t help make forward progress. There is a lot of wheelbarrows to push and I feel like by itself my wheelbarrow is quite small. I keep pushing it but sometime I end up going in a circle and dump the contents in the wrong place because I didn’t know any better, sometimes I’m just bouncing off the powers that keep me from succeeding in what I want to achieve. We all have our own wheelbarrows. We need something like a big big tip truck that we can load together then dump in the right place. How do I get the address of the Obudsmans wife and what is her name?

    Comment by Phoenix — Tue 11th April 2006 @ 3:00 pm

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