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Archive of May 2007

Paul’s News is back!

Tue 8th May 2007:

Many of you will have noticed that Paul’s News, an e-mail list for discussing fathers’ issues and related topics, appears to have disappeared. I am pleased to report that a group of former members has resurrected a new version. However, because we want to avoid any issues with infiltration by spies, which I suspect happened […]

Climate change – what’s really going on?

Mon 7th May 2007:

Rajendra Pachauri and the United Nations have issued a solemn “deadline” on “climate change,” otherwise we face “a worldwide disaster,” according to the Telegraph. Ban Ki-Moon, the recently installed secretary general of the UN, dispatched envoys to the four corners where they seek “advance agreement from heads of state on the principles of a post-2012 […]

Section 59

Sat 5th May 2007:

A fast end to a lame duck has ended up as a lame end with a fast duck. The burning question: why did Key and Clark compromise? The answer is a little simpler than the amazing revelations that have arisen this week. If section 59 had been repealed, which is what H1 WANTED, pursuant to […]

John Keys and Bill English, Batman and Robin?

These guys are being held in high regard in NZ at the moment because they are stepping up with not just a voice in disagreement but in offering tactful strategic solutions to some of New Zealand’s problems like business, education, roading and others that I haven’t mentioned and of course the “No Smacking Bill” which […]

Child Killers equally Mothers and Fathers – Study

Thu 3rd May 2007:

A study from Victoria Uni has found that mothers and fathers are equally likely to murder their children. ? United Future’s response: ? Child killer study shows Labour’s approach is flawed ? A new finding that suggests mothers and fathers are equally likely to kill their children, is a blinding reminder that the Governments gender-based […]

Nicola Alison May

In case you’re not aware, Nicola May is the woman who made a false rape allegation last month. For 3 days the police of South Auckland were hunting for a rapist who didn’t exist. For those 3 days, all of us were under suspicion. The measures she took to be believed were cynical and extreme, […]

Simon Mitchell.

Tue 1st May 2007:

Simon Mitchell. Some people do have more than a burning desire to be a Labour Party stooge and they forget who they really are, lost in their illusion. Little minded lawyers from the home of the lazy and the incompetent. They become criminal lawyers not by their legitimate efforts, but by their illegal efforts. They […]

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