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Archive of May 2007

Men’s issues and where New Zealand stands.

Wed 30th May 2007:

I want to share with you my experience in the men’s movement because I think it is important to help changes. We all know that NZ is a small place and that if we put ourselves out there we will get labelled. What label we wear to many people depends on what they think of […]

Bikini girls banned from TV

Tue 29th May 2007:

Fast-food chain Burger King has withdrawn two television advertisements deemed sexually exploitative through their “cheesy” use of bikini-clad women. The Advertising Standards Complaints Board, in decisions issued yesterday, found both commercials breached an industry code of practice forbidding the use of sex appeal simply to draw attention to a product. If a good looking well […]

Multi Million Dollar Crackdown on Domestic Violence

Mon 28th May 2007:

The Sunday Star Times carried an article on weekend entitled Crackdown on white collar family assualts. The article announced that the the Government is planning a multi million dollar crackdown on Family violence. “..Including trying to combat the largely hidden problem of white collar domestic violence” It goes on to talk about how Statistic New […]

Emails wanted for Campbell Live

I know it is short notice but ‘Campbell Live’ tonight is asking for the public to put forward questions to John Keys for next years election promises through emails right now. Now would be an opportunity to ask John Keys about men’s issues in fromt of the public. Campbell Live

Lame Duck Legacy in Education.

Sat 26th May 2007:

Republic of NZ Party Education spokesperson and Rotorua candidate Mr. Paul Haynes says Trevor Mallard, the former education minister, has left us a lame duck legacy in education. Full Release: Male teachers have been sexually harassed out of the education system. Where are the male role models at a time when many families are fatherless? […]

Men’s article section in ‘The Aucklander West’

I have only just noticed that there is a column called ‘Male Call’ in the local newspaper on the page for ‘family matters’. I am not sure how long this has been happening but it is new to me. Here is the latest. Give me the simple life by Bernard Francis I went to my […]

NZ Given 90 Days notice.

Fri 25th May 2007:

Link to Stuff A New Zealand access battle hampered by delays has resulted in the United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) adopting Views requiring New Zealand, within 90 days of the adoption of those views, to provide the UNHRC with information about the measures it has taken to provide a remedy to the father whose […]

Youth Offenders.

Republicans Law and Order Spokesman Bevan Berg said he was struggling to understand the attitude coming from the NZ First Youth Spokesman Ron Mark toward New Zealand’s youth. Full Release. Waving the big stick of criminal jurisdiction is a great way to divert public attention from the real issues facing ordinary New Zealanders, like whether […]

HB Fam Court Watch

Thu 24th May 2007:

Hi To all, This is the second notice that we will be holding protests outside the Napier and Hastings Family courts in July. I am hoping to have as many people as possible there and will be inviting as many of the media as I can think of. I am also keen to get as […]

The Bad Dad List

The Bad Dad List is a book by Anna Kenna ( Illustrated by David Elliot) Its published by Learning Media Limited Dad is laid off and mum works full time so dad is an at home parent. Dad is hopeless and his son makes a bad dad list. This list includes: getting a speeding ticket, […]

Men’s rights

Forty years ago there was one woman’s group fighting for women’s rights, now every woman is a woman fighting for women’s rights. You have to ask yourself why men don’t do the same. The answer probably is that until your rights as a father have been taken from you, you don’t realise there’s anything to […]

Disappearance of Paul’s News

Earlier this month Darryl Ward posted an article referring to the rebirth of Paul’s News e-mail list, which had recently disappeared. Paul’s News Logo For many years, MENZ has referred NZ fathers to this e-mail group if they live in areas where there are no support groups available. I believe it to was by far […]

United Nations and New World Order

Tue 22nd May 2007:

Amidst tremendous turnout and support Presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-TX) was asked a question about the New World Order’s agenda for a one-world government during a campaign stop in Austin, Texas on Saturday. Ron Paul responded, “The first President Bush said the New World Order was in tune– and that’s what they were working for. […]

Feministation of Education

Male-female gap “bad for society” This article ran in the Dom-Post this morning. The implications for boys and young men of Professor Chapmans remarks reflect the danger of feminisation of the New Zealand education system and the lack of Male primary teachers. Regards Scrap

Angry Harry – Men’s Rights Blog

Sat 19th May 2007:

There’s a poll being conducted at this site, where you can vote for your favorite blog in a number of different categories – one category being political blogs. Top of the voting so far with 300 votes is a feminist blog, but a Men’s Rights blog, AngryHarry, has made a sudden and fast rise and […]

The Quiet War.

Fri 18th May 2007:

Is it nearly over — the years of waiting for public perception and the reality of feminist fascism to meet eye to eye? There is an element of society that adopted a, wait and see how long it takes approach, without giving to much concern to social disorder and inter-generational damage, and that becomes increasingly […]

Team Leader Child Support – National Collections Enforcement

Thu 17th May 2007:

See Job Description. Note some of the key details. Child Support has a vision to be “A First Class Child Support Service”. We are committed to increased levels of customer satisfaction through improved service delivery by doing business in a way that suits our customers. Child Support will continue to evolve and shape as society […]

Sperm donor to lesbian couple ordered to pay child support

Tue 15th May 2007:

Sperm donor to lesbian couple ordered to pay child support This is a very important child support decision. Look beyond the situation and look at what the judges are saying about child support liability. Note in New Zealand a Mother who was divorced by her teenage daughter is having child tax extracted from her. Regards […]

Women’s interests vs justice

FYI, an article and my response: Germany and its Muslims Soft on suffering Mar 29th 2007 | FRANKFURT From The Economist print edition The adverse consequences of judicial appeasement AP INDIGNATION greeted the news of a (female) judge’s decision to deny a Moroccan woman a quick divorce on the ground that the Koran allows husbands […]

Where to turn?

Mon 14th May 2007:

I am father of 2 children of different mothers, and for a few years now – a solo parent. I have been involved in the Family court system for a few years now. I have custody of one of my children (A) and am fighting for more access with the other (B).I guess one of […]

Funding and discrimination

Sun 13th May 2007:

I have been filling in funding applications tonight and discovered on the forms (different organisations) that you cannot ask for funding for males. They ask you (if not exactly then similar wording) Please select up to 3 sectors form the list below that you believe will most benefit from services your organisation will provide as […]

Muslim Women in the West

Sat 12th May 2007:

I came across this short excerpt from a news article. Interesting isn’t it that while fundamentalist religious beliefs are said to be at fault no mention is made of these women’s readiness to misrepresent themselves fraudulently and deliberately. As women of course they are the victims and their behaviour must never be criticized. Hans Excerpt […]

Hawkes Bay Family Court Watch

Thu 10th May 2007:

Hi To all, This is an initial notice that we will be holding protests outside the Napier and Hastings Family courts in July. I am hoping to have as many people as possible there and will be inviting as many of the media as I can think of. I am also keen to get as […]

Thousands ‘could sue CSA for negligence’

Wed 9th May 2007:

News from Jim Bailey’s site A SINGLE mother launched a test case at the Court of Appeal yesterday which could see thousands of families suing the Child Support Agency for negligence. Lawyers warned that if she is successful every family in Britain whose case has not been handled properly could be able to take legal […]

Patrick Moore Critical of BBC Women

Interesting article on the Times reporting the well-known British astronomer Patrick Moore. He’s critical of the corporation’s decline in good television, and blames the women who now manage it. What catches the attention (well, mine anyway) is the volume of comments posted in response – from men and women alike, mostly agreeing with him, some […]

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