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Father Removal Tax

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:14 am Thu 1st March 2007

A couple of considerations relevant to Child Support, from a discussion in another forum:

1. “Child Support” is a misnomer. Non-custodial parents (usually fathers) who earn an average or median income are required to pay far more than the children would ever cost to run. The maximum liability for two children is around $25000 per year (over $2000 per month). No way ordinary children will ever cost that much. So the tax is not conceived as child support at all, but as spousal support. I call it “Father Removal Tax” because it is mainly just a method to facilitate the expulsion of fathers from their own family units.

2. The current system of so-called “Child Support” is just another gender wealth redistribution technique invented by feminists, to go along with “matrimonial property” (usually including everything the man worked for prior to ever meeting the woman who then seizes it) and tax-related payments to women (such as the DPB, and the “Unsupported Woman” benefit for which there is no male equivalent). Taxes of course have always come primarily from male industry and productivity, for which men shorten their lives and ruin their health. Father Removal Tax is calculated on the after-tax earnings of the father, meaning that with two children non-custodial fathers are effectively taxed at around 65% of their gross earnings when income tax is included. Men are now slaves in the service of feminist interests.

3. People agree to make and to rear children, usually entering into some contract with a partner to do so, whether formal or informal. When one party then renegs on the contract by running off with some new exciting lover and trashes their children’s family unit, should the other parent still have to continue to service the breached contract? In my opinion, the other parent’s liability should at least be carefully limited to half of what are reasonable expenses specifically for children such as their clothing, school and medical expenses. Most NZ children would not cost more than $50 each per week ($2500 per year) to run, so the liability should rarely be more than $25 per week per child.

4. There is a spurious argument that the custodial parent (usually the mother) should be reimbursed for the larger house she needs to maintain with rooms for the children, the car she needs to transport the children etc. In fact, if the father wants to have a full and meaningful as possible relationship with the children he also needs to maintain a larger house with rooms for the children and a car to transport them and everything else, so his child-related lifestyle expenses are little different from the mother’s and there is no justification for him subsidizing such costs for her. Further, he usually contributes more than the mother to the costs of access, e.g. travelling to see them.

5. However, if the father is not the primary child-carer and he is the one who renegs on the contract, I think it is reasonable that he pays more and reimburses the mother to maintain something approaching the economic conditions she had during the marriage.

6. Of course, the most equitable arrangement that is also likely to be best for the children is a shared-care one where no other money exchanges hands unless some imbalance of specifically child costs develops. Feminists will argue that the mother who put aside her career for the family would then be disadvantaged, and I personally would support some additional subsidy to her following separation for a couple of years while she builds up her career again, but then only when it was the father who abandoned the marriage-type contract.

7. In most other legal contracts if you breach them there are penalties but with the most important contract of all, that of marriage and family creation, there is no penalty and in fact the State rewards primary child-care partners (usually mothers) for such skullduggery. If the State wants to facilitate often impetuous decisions by primary caregivers by paying them the no-fault DPB for breaking up their children’s family units, why should the other parent (usually the father) have to reimburse the State for its foolishness?

Hans Laven


  1. Hans,

    Well presented. There are a couple of extra pieces of information that may be of interest to you.

    First, NZ has a “no fault” divorce presumption in law so there is [in theory] no such thing as “spousal maintenance”, which, as we all know, is a crock of s**t.

    Historically, the Child SupportTax Act 1991 came into being because the “Liable Parent Scheme” administered by WINZ failed completely to achieve its intent: recovery of DPB payments made to a “sole parent” (there can never be such a thing unless one biological parent dies).

    And, yes, it is a misnomer. The government enacted our Child SupportTax Act 1991 as Benefit Recovery Tax. This is a documented intent of the Act as described in the “objects” and the Act should be correctly named the “Benefit Recovery Act 1991”.

    Why do we tax some people TWICE to pay for benefits?

    Income tax (PAYE) and GST are used to fund ALL benefits, are they not?

    Because the benefit rate paid to sole parents is so high that it is not palatable to the general NZ elector. The only way to alleviate this unpalatable level of benefit is to tax [some] parents twice for the privilege of being a Mum or Dad.

    Child “support” – not likely.

    CHILD TAX – exactly!

    Comment by Mark Shipman — Thu 1st March 2007 @ 1:39 pm

  2. Hans,
    Well done. You are doing fine work in presenting compelling logic as to the absurd and horrendous filching of fathers productivity (life energy) and rightly linking it well to the issue of men’s relatively poor health and longevity compared to women.
    As marriage is so injurious an institution for many men these days (Approximately 50% divorce rate and massive numbers of fathers subsequently alienated from their children whilst being asset stripped) there appears to be solid grounds for men in nz to climb aboard the growing international marriage strike. (Google Matthew Weeks for more on this).
    Of course many feminists will think that men being discouraged from marriage and procreation will be a victory for them. But it will ultimately backfire badly on them (as it should) because women who do want to have and raise children with men will hurt as available men dry up. The process is already underway. I expect it to increase especially when the next generation of men are using the soon to be released male pill en masse.
    Thus feminism is sowing the seeds of it’s own destruction.
    I know I’m repeating myself here, but this may just reach the eyes of newcomers to this site.
    As you are probably aware I am taking opportunities to educate younger men AWAY from marriage under current western feminist law.

    Comment by Stephen — Thu 1st March 2007 @ 2:37 pm

  3. When a mother of dependent children leaves their father and
    goes on the DPB, she is selling that man into State-owned
    slavery, simple as that. The State provides a free
    slave-management service for the woman, extracting money
    from the man under threat of prosecution, fines and
    imprisonment and passing his money on to the woman. So she
    goes from a situation where the man provided money in return
    for her contribution to their home, children and lifestyle,
    to one where she has the man paying for her upkeep while she
    has absolutely no obligation to reciprocate in any way.
    This is major exploitation of men.

    Hans Laven

    Comment by Hans Laven — Fri 2nd March 2007 @ 10:40 am

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