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Gender Gap in Education – Abysmal.

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,General — Downunder @ 4:40 pm Wed 19th September 2007

Paul Haynes

Commenting on boys education Republicans Education Spokesman Paul Haynes said

“The Ministerial Reference Group for Boys Education admits that even in traditionally male subjects boys are lagging behind girls, because the assessments are increasingly written and not practical.”

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  1. If we undermine our education system, we undermine our capacity to maintain competitiveness in skilled labour global markets. Do we wish to compete less in this arena and more in the arena of the cheap labour global markets. We cannot compete with Asian markets now, but we appear not to be able to save ourselves from our own stupidity. It is time to stop being politically correct and start being politically insensitive to those gender ideologues that live with the pretence that they are doing women a favour, without understanding that they are destroying our country.

    Comment by Bevan Berg — Fri 21st September 2007 @ 11:23 am

  2. With regards ‘doing women a favour’ comment. Back a few years ago, when bogged own with my own ‘issues’ in family court etc etc. I also studied sociology and in particular gender related issues at Massey. I quit at post grad level after being told that unless I ‘pulled my head in’ I wouldn’t get a supervisor for my thesis. On top of working full time , studying full time and being a solo dad…I’d had enough of entrenched views etc etc.
    I said then and I say now that as long as we fail to provide boys with education and access into work/careers, (that is giving them a stake in our society),…then we will continue to build prisons for them. Part of the journey to prison for many is alcohol and drug abuse from which violence to others (family/ partners etc) arises. The Chch shooting could very well be an example. Although I doubt that any investigation will get to this level of background.
    I find it ironic that when feminist analysis is so focused upon violence from men towards women that we do not see much discussion of possible side effects from under educating boys and what this will mean for individual relationships. Also that there may be a link here to disparity in sharing societal wealth. On average educated women still seek to marry upscale. Whereas in the past men may have been more inclined to ignore job/education of the woman. So we get more polarising of social groups. The under educated male is only able to hook up with those even more under educated (or not at all). Expressing the un PC thought here…it is largely this group that figure in real domestic abuse and violence towards children.
    Unfortunately given the entrenchment of views of many who currently hold positions of power in government, I believe that we will be watching this drama unfold for many more years.

    Comment by Max Thomas — Sat 29th September 2007 @ 7:38 am

  3. In my life, event after event after event, of bigotry, corruption, and incompetence has bottled up inside me (pertaining to the Ministry of Education). Tonight my son rang me in broken frustration, I could feel him holding back the tears. $100,000 of study, and its not that people wont give him a job, with the efforts of extended family he has been offered one. But no? $100,000 and the law says he still is not allowed to work in his chosen profession. He needs another $30000 dollars to tick boxes for the right to work when we all thought the $100,000 was meant to achieve that. Yet he is now qualified to teach others to get to where he is. Madness, Madness, Madness. MMM

    PS Minister of Education. Do those teachers in those all women primary schools, who have been caught by parents only teaching female primary school students, while the males sit in the corner. Apparently why bother, they are only going to fail anyway. Are they still teaching, do they tick all your box’s.

    Do the third class fathers, estranged from there children, forced to pay child support out of there nothing student allowance, if they qualify for one. Are you still forcing them to watch as you pander to bigotry, and worse. Do the mothers who stitched them up (raped them). Are they still being rewarded with the free house, free food, free travel, free healthcare, free EDUCATION. When they do in effect the same course, at the same time, at the same institution. Madness, Madness, Madness.

    I am angry!

    Comment by The man in Absentia — Wed 23rd July 2014 @ 9:22 pm

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