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Is there anything good about men?

Filed under: General — UF @ 3:56 pm Fri 24th August 2007


A very convincing? rebuttal to ideological feminism:

[T]his is not about the “battle of the sexes,” and in fact I think one unfortunate legacy of feminism has been the idea that men and women are basically enemies. I shall suggest, instead, that most often men and women have been partners, supporting each other rather than exploiting or manipulating each other.

3 Responses to “Is there anything good about men?”

  1. Rob Case says:

    A long read, but well worth the effort.
    Thanks for posting this.

    I especially liked this in his conclusion:

    The essence of how culture uses men depends on a basic social insecurity. This insecurity is in fact social, existential, and biological. Built into the male role is the danger of not being good enough to be accepted and respected and even the danger of not being able to do well enough to create offspring.

    The basic social insecurity of manhood is stressful for the men, and it is hardly surprising that so many men crack up or do evil or heroic things or die younger than women. But that insecurity is useful and productive for the culture, the system.

  2. julie says:

    Good post UF. Yes, it is long but it is very interesting.

  3. Moose says:

    I have to take exception to this article.

    Both men and women hold much more favorable views of women than of men. Almost everybody likes women better than men. I certainly do.

    In my journey of life, 99.99% of females I have talked with have secretly admitted that they would prefer to work with, or hang around males. Purely because they realise Men aren’t so hung up on social dramas, and they just find it an easier, and more carefree situation than hanging out with their female peers.

    Is there anything good about Men ?

    Nobody currently knows the answer to that question, for society, and the feminazi regime has spent the last 10 years (at least) promulgating, and exploiting how bad Men can be – not whether there is “anything good” about Men.

    This plonker (Roy F. Baumeister) Is just another puppy in the hands of the feminists, trying to downplay the serious effects Feminism has had on 50% of society.

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