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Lincoln Memorial Evacuated As F4J Breach US Security

Filed under: General — Rob Case @ 1:26 pm Sat 18th August 2007

Father’s for Justice activists have climbed the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC today, dressing as Batman and Captain America and unfurling a banner reading ‘For the fathers of the nation: Fathers for Justice has arrived :’.

Armed Capitol Police and the FBI quickly evacuated the memorial and arrested several ground crew and tourists as scuffles on the ground ensued.

The protest marks the start of the group’s US campaign.

(from Glenn Sacks).


  1. I saw this earlier. It is a very good thing to do. And just before a major walk and get together that has been planned for 4 years.

    Everyone over there seems to be following one another as if by chance or not; they are getting organised.

    Also worth noting is that they are not parading anger at anyone or anti any other group but are wanting to fit in. They are for their rights.

    It is also interesting that watch what other groups do for rights and what they have done in the past.

    I don’t think NZ can ignore males rights anymore and we are in the same position. Our elections are coming up and are being prepare for by politicians. Politicians have meetings set up in all sorts of organisations except for men’s lobby groups because there aren’t any.

    But of course I hope I am wrong.

    Comment by julie — Sat 18th August 2007 @ 1:47 pm

  2. F4J New Zealand Bat has something planned , in solidarity – 4 the kids .

    Comment by dad4justice — Sat 18th August 2007 @ 3:12 pm

  3. An update to this story here.
    The comments from American readers make interesting reading, particularly with regard to the media and police.

    Comment by Rob Case — Sun 19th August 2007 @ 11:54 am

  4. This is exactly the thing that makes their organization look like a bunch of tools.
    And if you want to act stupid for attention, do it in your own counties and don’t come to ours and desecrate OUR monuments and memorials. Until August 17th I was a supporter of the ideas advocated by your group but you lost my support when you disrespected my country and our icon for your own glory and any chance that I ever get to screw your organization back, you can count on my doing so just for this.

    Comment by Lagniappe's guy — Sat 25th August 2007 @ 11:05 am

  5. Wow that was unexpected. I guess the monument means a lot to Americans.

    Comment by julie — Sat 25th August 2007 @ 11:10 am

  6. Hey Lag guy , good riddance from the mens’ movement as we dont need limp wristed lickspittle nambie pandie socialists frothing meaningless rhetoric . For some sense as to why F4J is needed read the following that I just posted on my blog sent by a good friend in the battle for fathers’ rights .

    Where are the men?

    There is an old joke that says if you know a little about an issue, you probably have liberal perspective on the matter, but if you are well versed in the issue you probably have a more conservative perspective. Your article titled “Where are the men?” by Linda Diebel provides a great example to this joke. Having superficial knowledge of the issues, she does your normal knee jerk, misandry bashing of men on a very important social matter that has taken thousands of years to develop, only to be destroyed within the past 40 years.

    The destruction of the family through the culture of divorce has also destroyed the morality of love — what the ancient Greeks called Agape compared to the increasing secularization theories of Eros, Philia or romantic love as advocated by modern self-actualization psychology. Marriage, based on these lower level love concepts rarely succeed and survive in a more civilized society. The self-actualization theories as advocated by Maslow and Rogers always lead to pathological egocentric narcissism; the opposite of what is required for marital success.

    Next, women initiate almost 80% of divorces with the systemic and systematic outcome that fathers looses their children, house and income. In previous times this was called indentured servitude or even slavery. What reasonable or rational person would want to get into a contract in which it can be broken by the other party at any time for no reason and have to give up custody of their children as well as having their house, income and other property expropriated by the courts based on the moral superiority of women based on this positive legal concept called ‘the best interest of the children’? No rational or reasonable person would want to get married and have children in this pathological culture.

    Finally, the term ‘deadbeat dad’ was used by the author in a rather derogatory and misandric way. Misandry is a concept of moral superiority based on gender profiling. Moral superiority through gender or racial or cultural profiling are forms of hate; and when legislated, is indicative of crimes against humanity. Gender based laws and initiatives are crimes contrary to the Treaty of Rome (U.N.), contrary to The Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Canada) and most importantly are contrary to the supremacy of the highest laws in our Charter, those which are natural moral rights.

    If the author is truly seeking ‘root causes’ or causality, I would suggest further reading of Professor Sanford Braver’s longitudinal studies titled ‘Divorced Dads’. Sanford Braver tried to identify why men where not actively involved with their children and recognized the reasons were contrary to what he expected. While there was an actual 20% of divorced who were deadbeats, the other 80% where actually prevented from having an ongoing healthy relationship with their children by the custodial parent. In other words, the power of custody, systemically and systematically given to mothers, is the cause of fathers being ‘Deadbolted’ from being active in their children’s lives. This is contrary to the popular myths and stereotyping misconceptions as propagated by the author’s gynocentricism.

    Another variant of the joke mentioned at the start of this letter is that the difference between a liberal and conservative is that conservatives are better read and therefore know more about reality. You often heard that Tragedy + Time = Comedy. Unfortunately, I find there is no humour in what is happening to our children when they grow up without one of their parents — especially when we still get root causes and causality wrong. After all, is there anything more important than the ability to develop our children’s potential? Previous generations called this love.

    Peter Cornakovic

    Comment by dad4justice — Sat 25th August 2007 @ 11:20 am

  7. Until August 17th I was a supporter of the ideas advocated by your group but you lost my support when you disrespected my country and our icon for your own glory and any chance that I ever get to screw your organization back, you can count on my doing so just for this.

    I call bullshit. No genuine supporter would turn so viciously and completely over this protest.

    To even call it desecration gives away your sympathies.

    Lincoln was one of the fathers of the American nation, and a principal agent in the ending of slavery. To choose his memorial is to pay him homage.

    Comment by Rob Case — Sat 25th August 2007 @ 11:58 am

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