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MGTOW as a Force Shaping Society

Filed under: General — Rob Case @ 9:18 am Fri 17th August 2007

The following comment was left by Paul Parmenter on the blog The World According to Bob, in response to Bob’s post advocating a nation of men.

It’s one of the better outlines of the thinking behind MGTOW.

Some serious thoughts here, Bob. But I have considerable doubts that a formally constituted Men’s Nation, or whatever structure you might propose, would necessarily work.

Once it was set up, it would immediately be under attack and vulnerable because it would constitute a target. The weakness of any formal organisation is its very formality. If it has a head, then cutting off the head kills the organisation. If it has specific funding, then cutting off the funding has the same effect. If it relies on meetings, then breaking up the meetings can stifle its growth. History is full of examples. Look at how easy it became to destroy the original F4J movement in the UK. All it took was a (probably bogus and very weak) claim in a misandric newspaper, and the structure collapsed overnight. Every structure has its weakest point, and pressure exerted on that weak point brings the whole thing down.

I suggest that a better future lies in individual men taking control of their own lives. They can do all the things you advocate, within their own circle of family, friends and work. They don’t need to join formally with other men doing the same; each can be sufficient unto himself. Where bonds with other men of the same mind are made, they can be informal and loose, with nothing depending on them. Then if they are severed, nothing is lost; there are still the same men living the same way in defiance of the machine.

That way, any hostile authority or power simply has no target to aim at. They can’t stop the army by killing the general, because there is no general. They can’t cut off the supply line, because there is an individual supply line to each soldier, each line too small but collectively too big to cut. They can’t engage the army in a set battle, because there is no formation to engage. Just a land teeming with guerrillas, each going his own way and defying them on a personal level. It will be like being overrun with ants – you can kill one or two, or even a hundred; but you can’t tackle the whole army coming at you from all directions and never stopping.

Is this not the essence of the MGTOW movement? And is it not an essentially masculine path – not dependent on others, or an organisation; just defining your own life and not letting anyone dictate anything different to you?

So don’t marry any woman unless she is pledged to support your concept of family life. Any other type of woman will simply be left on the shelf until she either mends her ways, or dries up and dies. Don’t father children out of wedlock, so there will be no fatherless juveniles looking for and finding trouble. Don’t rely on the police to sort out your problems; that way lies nothing but misery. Do not invite them into your life; sort out your own problems in your own way, decisively and finally. Ensure your family has the means to support itself from within its own resources, so you have no dependency on the state to provide anything for you, because that is the way they will walk into your life and take it over. Don’t let anyone else try to control, teach or nurse your children. If you cannot do that within your own family, why are you having children at all? They must not become creatures of the state, because that is also the way to dependency and slavery.

It goes on the same way in every aspect of your life.

An idea worth pursuing? I think so, and I try to live my life that way. I can’t remember the last time I took anything off the state, or felt any desire to. I don’t bother with the police if anything bad happens; they are at best useless and at worst a danger to me and mine. So I don’t give them a chance to get started on me. I don’t use the state medical services. I guess I will have no choice if I get in a bad accident or have a heart attack; but my use of them will be minimal. I don’t buy or read papers that have proved themselves full of lies. I don’t watch TV programmes that try to tell me that I am inferior because of my sex. I don’t buy any products from manufacturers that promote the same message in their advertising. I won’t work for any organisation that indulges in the same.

Once you adopt the mentality of self-sufficiency, it is surprising how much strength you can find in yourself, and what a difference it makes to others around you. And how much of the poison you can just shut out of your life.

You might think this is simply not enough, and will never work to rid our nations of the feminazis and state drones that infest the institutions of power. But much of that power is illusory if you simply refuse to recognise it. I have plenty of faith that this works for individuals, and is a very immediate and effective way to escape. At least for the moment it might be all we have. But it might also be the birth of that very nation you call for. It can run parallel to the official one, until it makes it obsolete and is strong enough to just take over.


  1. Thanks for posting that Rob.

    Finally! A clear and effective philosophy I have been searching for.

    What Paul Parmenter is proposing here is the balance of the equation; the solution to societies rot; Not only for the Mens movement, but also, if taken more generally, for any group affected enough to warrant a revolt.

    This is just gold. And dare I say it, we will inevitably gravitate towards this line of thinking, because it is the only solution without invoking a revolution ( which is probably what is required at this advanced state of cancer )

    I have read the post 4 times now, and it is still pure Gold.

    Maybe this could become Gospel

    Comment by Moose — Fri 17th August 2007 @ 11:40 pm

  2. This is very good. I don’t know how you found it on Bob’s site. But he is certainly an interesting person. lol

    Comment by julie — Sat 18th August 2007 @ 1:51 pm

  3. I don’t know how you found it on Bob’s site

    Click on the link I gave in the original post, then scroll down to the comments section. It’s the 3rd comment.

    Comment by Rob Case — Sat 18th August 2007 @ 4:24 pm

  4. Wow, great comment, Paul!

    Comment by Egghead — Sat 1st December 2007 @ 10:52 am

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