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Mommy Dearest Lawyer/Feminist Tortures Children

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 10:50 pm Wed 14th February 2007

Dateline: Austria, Europe
By: Timocrat
From: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

In the heart of enlightened socialist Europe an attorney/mother/feminist has been discovered to have kept her daughters in a complete darkened dungeon-like conditions for 7 years, with no outside contact- but with the mother. Excrement and other mater was said to be meter high, and the girls, now just being released after their ordeal, are said to flee sunlight and hide in dark places wherever they can find it (under tables etc.). The girls were said to have played with mice for fun!

How did this happen? After a divorce with her former judge husband this lawyer/mother (whose name is protected), used the system to keep her husband out of the girls lives all together, with the help of all the people we have come to know all to well in our own neck-of —the-woods too.

The father/judge tried 9 times in court to see his girls, but to no avail, as the system (he had a hand in making) decided there was no reason to force his access. Even complaints from the neighbors did no good, for a mother is perfect (or so we are told by feminists). The girls in their isolation are said to have developed their own language that involves singing and ending all sentences with the word “but” (probably as a fear response).

The therapist treating one or all of the 3 girls (age 7,11& 13) has said that their personality development is “catastrophic”. Empathy is coming from some bazaar quarters for the mother, despite being able to argue in court all these years, as she is now kept in a nicer section of the prison (the mentally disorder ward).

All such bad mothers seem to head for this mental disorder defense, and this lawyer is no different. She is only up on charges of grievous bodily harm and torture, and is facing between five months and five years in prison. If she gets the maximum 5 years she will be out in a year and a half, or if found mentally unbalanced could not spend any more time in prison at all! If this were a man, how would we treat him?

Well let’s do the math of what we have learned here:

Women Lawyer > Judge
Mother > Father
Money > Access
Feminism > Fatherhood

3 girls live 7years in hell = to possibly 5 months in the white room ward with lots of people for her to talk to about her problems.

Maybe we can find a way to blame dad again here too? This is the first case that actually brought a watery eye, as the girls’ dysfunctions are so widespread and pathetic. How long will this evil go on? As long as the establishment can cover over such news and not have to deal with stats that show mothers are more likely to physically abuse their children than fathers.


  1. Is the nightmare 300,000 some say 400,000 Kids who have been separated from their DADs and some from BOTH Mum and DAD any worse

    The subtle destruction of nearly 1/2 our Families by NZ-State funded groups and bureacracy is proving to have terrible consequences reflected in our heinous Family related Stats

    The obvious retarding of these three poor Kids may never be healed and most will see that easily enough

    What about the 300,000/400,000 damaged to unmeasurable degrees here in NZ

    I say PROSECUTE ALL who damage our **Whole-NATURAL-Biological-FAMILIES** begining with the MP’s who legislated for these heinous results and place HandsOnEqualParent Policy in place ASAP in the hope of gaining some healthy FAMILIES within a few generations

    The **Empire of Injustice** and the **Families in Angish** industries would fall apart overnight

    Onward – Jim

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Thu 15th February 2007 @ 2:45 am

  2. Sometimes it takes the extreme to make people see reason. This is the same ordeal children face in New Zealand. In the picture painted above, it is one person playing all parts, as mother lawyer feminist adviser, and the outcome more graphically displayed in the children’s behaviour. We play the same hideous game in NZ, often with the mother, feminist advisor (counsellor), and feminist lawyer being different people. Our wounded children may not be hiding from sunlight, but the light in their day has been dulled and they are often depressed, aggressive, failing at school, anti-social, and confused, to name a few of the more specific reactions, not because their parents failed, but because of the “help” they got.

    Comment by Bevan Berg — Thu 15th February 2007 @ 10:50 am

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