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NZ Climate change – fair to fear.

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 2:56 pm Thu 22nd February 2007

Not so long ago I was in a gas station in Auckland when the attendant ran out of the office and stood in front of a car. It was already clear from the behaviour of the three boys in the car that it was a drive off in progress, and I had made a decision to get out of my vehicle and head over to their car. As I got to the drivers window he was reaching for the keys, something he quickly decided was not a good idea. His two mates in the rear continued to yell at the driver “just start the car, drive off don’t worry about him”.
I had a word to the courageous couple in the back seat and they decided to run off. The driver decided it was a wise to move to sort things out, and he went off to the office to arrange payment for his stolen gas. Why would I bother? No one else in the service station did, they all hid in their cars.
If we do not want to live in a climate of fear, from an undisciplined society, then we must recognise the need for urgent change. If there is a mess in the back yard it is from the rubbish flowing from the house. It isn’t going to be fixed by some lame duck families’ commission whose first words were “repeal section 59”. These people are just expensive mouth pieces paid to say what the government wants to hear. A Government that is entirely responsible for the deterioration in our society over the past 8 years. If New Zealand wants a decent society it isn’t going to come from a Government that is a threat to our society, the society that we grew out of.

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