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Quadriplegic Dad Being Evicted From Childhood Home

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 6:11 pm Sat 10th February 2007

Dateline:Foxboro, USA
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The establishment has hit a new low as they are about to evict a quadriplegic dad from his home in Massachusetts. Dan Iagatta was given his divorce papers and also given notice of the loss of dual parenting rights (which as we know means loss of access in total) while recovering after being hit by a car (which rendering him a quadriplegic and unable to speak). No matter, for this dad’s case was carried on regardless by the judge without the father being able to attend. Laid up in his hospital bed, after being moved from the hospital to his home for home care was and is the perfect time to take a dad’s access away (less ability to resist I guess)! Being in his hospital bed he was not afforded a right to a fair trail (but who cares in this fair new world) where judges legislate from the bench.

His 2 boys and his childhood home, that came from his parents, are being sold and the majority of the proceeding given to the amazing ex-wife, on the orders of a hardcore feminist judge Judge Beverly Boorstein. The ever-claiming compassionate state of Massachusetts seems to not be taking much notice and the national media seem to be mum on the subject (or simply for mum on the subject). The police are expecting a large protest from F4J (US) supporters and so have spent extra funds to cornered off both ends of the street with no parking signs, in an attempt to marginalize any attempt to show displeasure at what is going on.

The story of Dan Iagatta is now an all too familiar one for men’s rights, and this poor man could end up out on the curb of the street when the dust settles and the limited attention goes away. Whether he will be able to get over the curb or move from state to state on his own to see his boys (when the wife is likely to move far away) means in fact he is totally suffered 4 unbelievable blows that would take many other men down for the count (unable to walk, divorced right after his losing his ability to walk, loss of his access to his boys (for all intense of purposes) and now his childhood home sold. Can there be more? Yes! The judge wants him paying his wife’s legal fees!!! That’s right with no job, and soon no home, we must pay for a full-grown healthy women with a job as a nurse!! You might think I’m exaggerating? Guess again, compassion is a one-way street and you best abandon the denial of this game where only one side needs compassion as a tactic.

His wife wants the home sold and has demanded 127,000 dollars from the sell of it. While awaiting her much larger cut of the family home, and passing on her legal fees to her husband, she has kept her her court ordered sending of 100 token dollars to support her husband? A sum many ex-husbands could only dream of having to pay in support. Dan has refused to cash these checks, for it is a total distortion of who is giving money to whom here. This is pure PR on the part of the court in an attempt to appear to be looking like it is carring for a man, when in fact the court has lost all standing in this case, and is nothing but asting out like a brute on the behalf of a very sick western society.

Dan has been declared in contempt of court by Judge Boorstein, though I can tell you who I have utter contempt for. The question remains when will men say enough is enough and unite to bring this system down!

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