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Speak out while you can

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Vman @ 6:22 pm Thu 9th August 2007

I have just been graciously allowed the privilege to post to this web site. I have been thinking of several topical things I could post about but dismissed each one as being rather tangential. Then I discovered that the Labour party backed by the Greens is once again slipping in yet more regulation designed to limit freedom of speech and freedom of thought. I decided I better get on and have my say while I can still do so.

I am referring to the so called “Electoral Finance Bill” which the government is sneaking into law while our useless media fails to inform us. This Bill proposes that during an election year, anyone who wishes to express an opinion about the government or any party’s polices must first register and also can not spend more than $60,000 expressing that view. In simple language it is a compulsory register of government critics.

As Bill English said in parliament (as reported in Hansard): But it gets worse. Clause 5(1)(iii) states: “taking a position on a proposition with which 1 or more parties … is associated;”. So if National is associated with people working hard, with self-reliance, and with getting ahead, and a person goes out and runs an ad that says: “I want New Zealanders to get ahead. Please get out and vote.”, then that will be covered, because it is a proposition–hard work–that is associated with National. Someone cannot advertise in favour of hard work, because that is associated with National. Someone cannot advertise against corruption, because that is associated with Labour–it is that simple. This is straight out of Zimbabwe. In fact, if members read the rules of the former Soviet Union about election campaigning, they will see that those rules were less restrictive than these ones.”

He could have gone on to point out that there are more freedoms in modern Russia than in contemporary New Zealand. Since people that are supportive of father’s roles in raising children are by definition going to be critical of Labour and Green policies we will all be gagged by this new law in the coming election. Of course this may be a sign of the Labour party grasping of straws as it seems doomed in the next election — but nothing in politics is ever certain.

So I encourage you to get out and have your say while you can. Of course if you are male it is probably too late already as Paul Buchanan and Louis Rawnsley have now discovered. Apparently these two hard working men failed to properly read 1984. As George Orwell pointed out in that Labour manifesto, people can not be bad only ungood. This only occurs if said person disagrees with Big brother. The only thing George Orwell got wrong was the date and the location.

As if that isn’t enough, even New Zealand citizens will not be allowed to leave or enter the country without having their faces scanned. Your face -> scan -> face recognition -> database -> database matching-> CCTV -> satellite tracking. Getting the idea? Trust me; the technology is all there and it is all affordable in commercial packages. No special development, military budget or wizardry required. This one bill and a small amendment to it is all that is required. The poor Sci-Fi writers will be having a hard time trying to keep one step ahead of reality.

My ancestors fought in the New Zealand Wars. My grandfather and great uncle fought in the 1st world war, 5 of my uncles fought in the 2nd world war, 2 of my uncles fought in Korea and my cousin is a senior officer in today’s Navy. It is a shame that for all their sacrifices, the forces they fought against seem set to rule New Zealand anyway.

Ben asked me on this web site, yesterday why more men don’t fight against what is happening in New Zealand. I tried to answer him but I really don’t know the answer. Perhaps men have earned the right to walk away. I certainly don’t blame them for that. What I do is to speak up about it. I suggest you do the same. I am far too cynical to expect much more than that but at least it’s doing something.


  1. Dave,

    Thanx for writing about this. I wanted to express my concerns over this but I couldn’t get it as well as you have.

    I wish Stew would reply to this because you would be surprised at the other means they are using to follow you around the country.

    I knew we were under big brother years ago but I hadn’t realised how close we were to becoming robots. (so to speak)

    Comment by julie — Thu 9th August 2007 @ 7:48 pm

  2. You only had to watch close up tonight to see feminism is alive and kicking. “We will always have a corrupt police force because it draws its troops from a society that doesn’t have Gender Equality”

    Comment by Bevan Berg — Thu 9th August 2007 @ 9:31 pm

  3. “We will always have a corrupt police force because it draws its troops from a society that doesn’t have Gender Equality”

    HaHaHa. I didn’t see it, but I can imagine the face of some gormless twat trying to appear sincere in mouthing this BS. Who was it?

    Comment by Rob Case — Thu 9th August 2007 @ 9:40 pm

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