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The Family As Pillar Of The European Social Model from Jim Bailey

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This was irrelevantly previously posted under Lets Prosecute Child Abductors?

The Family As Pillar Of The European Social Model

An example of what we miss when we edit our lives to focus on one aspect of good work toward to Re-Building the **Whole-NATURAL-Biological-FAMILY**

Many NZ Men and some Women will be embarrased when real change for the good of Family comes from Europe, America and across the ditch while we pontificate – isolate, tribalise, intellectualise and repeat the mistakes of the past.

Yes I know some are aware of so called progress in OZY but most are reading that from the Spin Doctored press not the Men and their Families groups.
Enjoy but one example of HandsOnEqualParent-NEWS

Due to length – continued in comments


  1. Thanks to, Lola Velarde – Spain – Madrid – Institute for Family Policies – President
    (LINK) or Go – Go
    Dear friends,
    please find below the IPF Press release which was sent to the press last week.
    Congratulations to our friends from Femina Europa and Foundation Europa for organising the event.
    Best regards,
    Lola Velarde
    President of the European Network
    Institute for Family Policies
    [email protected]
    The IPF and another 19 associations and MEPs signed a “Resolution on the Family in Europe ” in the European Parliament, which recognises the family as the building block of society
    The document was signed at the preliminary meeting of the 4th World Conference on the Family attended by, among others, European Vice-president Mario Mauro and organised by the Foundation Europa and the women’s association Femina Europa
    ( Brussels , 29 March). Lola Velarde, president of the European Network of Family Policy Institutes, says “an international family movement without precedent in Europe is being consolidated. This has been seen in the European Parliament, when 20 associations and MEPs signed a Resolution on the Family in Europe which, under the heading of the family as pillar of the European social model, recognises the family as the building block of society”.
    The document states that “The purpose of family policy is to gain recognition for the role of the family in society”. The Resolution also states that the family is “a place for investment in human capital and forms the foundations of social cohesion”, and that it “plays an undeniable role in economic and social development” in Europe . The Resolution concludes by stating that “family-related issues, and the implementation of family policy, are the responsibility of Member States. However, we ask that all decisions made at the European level are family-oriented, since the family is the pillar of the European social model”.
    This Resolution was adopted within the framework of the preliminary seminar for the 4th World Conference on the Family, which is to take place from 11 – 13 May in Warsaw . In preparation for this event, a seminar has been held in the European Parliament led by Marie Panayotopoulos-Cassitou, Greek MEP and president of the Parliament Intergroup on “the Family and Protection of the Child”’. The meeting, organised by the Foundation Europa and the Women’s Association Femina Europa, was attended by numerous MEPs and various organisations who work in the family area.
    Mario Mauro, European Parliament Vice-president, attended the event and commented “faced with the difficult demographic situation in Europe , we turn again to the family as the basic unit of society. We must seek out concrete policies for protecting the family”. And he went on to encourage all those organisations involved in supporting the family to carry on their work, saying “We are very important for the future of Europe ”.
    Also attending were Anna Zaborska, Slovakian MEP and president of the Commission on the Rights of Women and Gender Equality, Ingo Friedrich, German MEP and president of the Parliament Pan-European Union, and Stéphane Buffetaut, author of the Opinion by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) on “the Family and Demographic Growth”.
    Stéphane Buffetaut referred to the recent Opinion of which he is author, “the Family and demographic change”, approved at the EESC plenary session by an overwhelming majority, 120 votes in favour, 1 against and 5 abstentions. He said “this result shows a clear development in the mindset in Europe , much more favourable to working with the family”. Buffetaut emphasised the need to adopt measures that support the family in the areas of taxation, social services and the reconciliation of work and home life, and also that such measures should be permanent, which is the only way to guarantee stability and security for the institution of the family, in turn absolute requirements for its development. Buffetaut also referred to France as an example, a country where the same family policy has been in place for decades in spite of numerous changes of government, and which thus validates citing a “French social model”. The EESC Opinion urges for the creation of a “Pact for the Family in Europe ” and a “European Good Practice Charter” setting out family policies that have proved successful, so that they may be applied in other countries.
    Katarzyna Mazela, president of the 4th World Conference on the Family, gave notice of a ‘Parliamentary forum’ which is to take place within the framework of the Conference, the aim of which is to promote the family unit. Mazela emphasised the need to give the family, constituted by a man and a woman, the place it deserves as the foundation of society, saying “without the natural family unit, society will suffer”.
    Teresa Mazón, IPF representative in Brussels , said that “over these months we have been seeing a change in the European Institutions, which are becoming increasingly aware of the need to promote family policy as a response to the worrying phenomenon of the ‘demographic winter’ in Europe . There is no doubt that the German presidency of the EU is playing a decisive role in this area”.
    ANNEX: Signing associations and Members of the European Parliament
    Foundation Europa
    Femina Europa
    New Women for Europe (NWFE)
    World Movement of Mothers (WMM)
    Famille Pour Demain
    Famille et Liberté
    Conférence des Eglises Européennes (CEC)
    Bureau International pour l’Enfant (BICE)
    Christian Action Research and Education (CARE)
    Action Pour la Famille
    Confederation of European Family Organisations (COFACE)
    Nacional Agency for the Family of Rumania
    Group of Women of the European Popular Party – Germany (EPP-Woman)
    Intitute for Family Policy (IPF)
    Droît de Naître
    Convention des Chretiens pour L’Europe
    Members of European Parliament
    Mr. Mario Mauro, Vicepresident of the European Parliament ( Italy )
    Mrs. Marie Panayotopoulos, President of the Intergroup on Family and Childhood of the EP ( Greece )
    Mrs. Anna Zaborska, President of the Comisión for Women Rights at the EP (Slovaquia)
    Mr. Ingo Friedrich, President of the Paneuropean Movement of the EP ( Germany ).
    MrD. José Ribeiro e Castro ( Portugal )
    LLama Gratis a cualquier PC del Mundo.
    Llamadas a fijos y móviles desde 1 céntimo por minuto.
    LLama Gratis a cualquier PC del Mundo.
    Llamadas a fijos y móviles desde 1 céntimo por minuto.
    Comment by JimBWarrior – HandsOnEqualParent


    Comment by MurrayBacon — Tue 10th April 2007 @ 8:06 am

  2. Jim,

    You know the work other men’s groups do in New Zealand. You know our research is not up to America and you know Europe started the trend a while back to swing the other way.

    New Zealand is starting to swing the other way also. Your trust does its part and the fathers coalition did a wonderful job getting media attention. Have you spoken to the media lately as to how they will give attention to protesting this year? You say they just turn up sometimes but you need to understand their agenda also. They don’t like to overdo one aspect but will do something new and interesting for their own ratings. Their words.

    Are you in contact with the men’s groups in Christchurch? Things are really happening down there but then you know they have been at this for 20 years. And you know their funding is cut and you know the likely reason.

    Maybe no-one can work together but as long as we are Indians then who cares? It is when there are too many chiefs that nothing gets done.

    Comment by julie — Tue 10th April 2007 @ 9:30 am

  3. Our research is used in America and Europe and well respected.

    Its as good as anybodies other than some of it has not been running as long

    Read the RADAR website and several *Equal* Parenting sites – There are many in the links provided on the main website

    Its NZ that does not use the material – much to the frustration of Stuart-B, Paul-C, Fergusson, Felicty and know doubt others.

    I am not as sure as you are that NZ is starting to swing the other way.

    I am in constant contact with NZ-Media – Some on a personal basis

    Many are waiting for us to get off our asses – TV3 was waiting for me at home 25March but where bored with my party story – Simon Collins was onto us as well

    Christchurch are made up of Govt funded groups and pay a very high price – Have done for 20+ years – They withdrew from my list long ago when we were the Father Friendly DATA Base?

    Most, maybe all suck to the FC and other funding outlets to acheive what they think is progress – I say Balls

    I am well aware the Femi-Fascists deceiptfully tried to make several of the groups in NZ look as though they are involved with **NZ-FATHERS-Coalition** in order to slow down their funding and where succesful.

    There is some hard feelings but those who are really in the know hold no grudges and are waiting as is the Media for us to get off our asses

    Most of those holding the more conservative attitudes know darn well they are dependant on activists to get real change and that they can only work at the bottom of the cliff – BOTH methods are needed – We the so called activist are not playing our part.

    Onward – Jim

    Comment by JimBWarrior - HandsOnEqualParent — Tue 10th April 2007 @ 1:39 pm

  4. Jim,

    Well stated.

    There are a number of groups who are quite happy to suck off the state tit and actively make money out of the misery.

    Bit like a judas approach really – 30 pieces of silver seems to be a big motivation.

    What some people need to realise is that without direct action it will be generations before real change is achievied.

    Julie, with respect, we have competent media experts who have generated vast ammounts of positive coverage in the media in the last 5 years.




    Comment by Scrap_The_CSA — Tue 10th April 2007 @ 2:37 pm

  5. I know NZ won’t use the research from America and say it is because it does not relate to us. We are a much smaller country and we have different culture. There are 2 studies taking place that I know of and they will be available in 3 years. Not much to access from my researching for research. LOL

    But in saying that I haven’t got involved enough with fathers groups and i know some have independantly researched. I don’t know about them getting actual state funding. I thought they were receiveing funding as the Men’s refuge had and from the same contacts. Are we all aware that Nth Shore Men’s centre also received state funding and should be doing that now except they ….? It is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it?

    There is some hard feelings but those who are really in the know hold no grudges and are waiting as is the Media for us to get off our asses

    I know they don’t hold grudges and they don’t say anything negative (at least not to me). And for that I think they deserve the same respect as does everyone who is trying to work in the community for men’s rights and to help men.

    By the way, there is a document out on Destiny Political Party. It does focus on the church also but shows the march with 7,000 people calling, “Enough is Enough” regarding family break ups and more. It is in the theatre at the moment but should end up on disk soon enough. Should be worthwhile looking into.

    Jim, I hope your group gets into protesting and gets media coverage and yours too Scrap.

    Comment by julie — Wed 11th April 2007 @ 9:36 am

  6. By the way, I am not involving Man Alive in this. They are involved in the DV industry and I know the other type of study men’s groups use and of the Dunedin study.

    Are you aware Man Alive is going to set up in North Shore soon? That may be a problem for men’s centres already there. North Shore mens centre is wanted to fund. Meaning COGS and Lotteries are wondering what’s up?

    Comment by julie — Wed 11th April 2007 @ 9:40 am

  7. Firstly Congratulations Julie, You are a Proud mother..It is a wonderful feeling when our children see were they want to go…Not were we want to go…
    My son last August recieved a Bac of Science with Honours….Iam another Proud Parent.
    Break up when he was at a Tender age of 14 yrs…But we got through it.
    Go on being the Proud Mother.We can Nurture our children to Great things,without Male or the State hand outs,EG Heart, Reflux,Begging, most of us can do some paid work to which our Children become Proud of.
    Excellent to see Pride of our Children’s Achievments by our Hard Work.

    Comment by family first — Tue 24th April 2007 @ 7:06 pm

  8. Thanx family first,

    You know exactly how it is.

    You are doing a tremendous job out there. I was impressed when someone showed me the work you do and how they listen to you, buy your books, vote your way and write to polititions when you ask.

    BTW, I must get that Eve’s Bite book and listen to Robert E. Larzelere PhD.

    It is the things people like you do that allow me to stay optimistic.

    Keep going and God Bless you.

    Comment by julie — Wed 25th April 2007 @ 9:02 am

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