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There are fine young women out there.

Filed under: General — Vman @ 10:53 am Thu 16th August 2007

I see a lot of? intelligent young? NZ women? everyday. The majority are slim and attractive. Generally, they aren’t very feminine but many of them are very fine people.

I live with 2 beautiful, intelligent, caring? women in their mid twenties. Yes I know — lucky me, but I am not telling you this to make you jealous. Every now and then they explain to me why they don’t like some famous actress or female singer. Invariably it turns out that the celebrity in question is selfish and either had treated a man or talked/sung about men in very derogatory ways. ?

I am not talking about the Paris Hiltons and Nichole Richies that even I know about. I am talking about A list celebrities and top pop stars that I used to think were hot and had respect for. At least that was until I learnt how my young female friends viewed them. For example, Angelina Jolie was described as a home wrecker. I also didn’t realise what was in some of Rihanna’s lyrics. ?

Now I realise it is not news that celebrities often make poor role models. My point is that these young women are aware, that many female celebrities portray often subtle, but very negative views, of how men should be treated. They don’t like those messages at all. ?

I have this theory that females mature more quickly than males up until they reach their twenties. By around their mid twenties females seem to divide into 2 groups. There are the ones that get their life together and are thinking long term. They? are selective about the? other people in their life and they think about the consequences of things. Then there are the ones that just seem to stop maturing. Many of those in the latter group are simply not good marriage material. They have “issues” like all the rest of us, but they never deal with their issues. In many cases, eventually their “issues” manifest themselves in that they take them out on other people. ?

Young men could be aided by some helpful advice about how to identify the 2 different types. Of course once they see a beautiful woman they are bound to forget about the advice. However the world has always been that way and it never stopped older generations giving advice before. My personal approach is to explain my own experiences, when prompted. Then to let young people draw their own conclusions. It is slower but more effective.

It is important to encourage the good marriage material not just bag the bad apples.

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