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United Future – Family Court

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United Future Party January 26 2007 Leader’s Letter (Excerpt)

by Peter Dunne

The actions of the Family Court in the Jayden Headley case raise some interesting issues. It is not that long ago that there was a strong media campaign to “open up” the Family Court to more public scrutiny. Stop the secrecy, and let the public see for themselves what was going on, the argument went.

? Now that the Court has done that in this case, it strikes me as ironic that the argument suddenly seems to have shifted from the public’s right to know, to protecting a person’s right to a fair trial, even though in this instance the information released publicly is all information known to the Court anyway.

What is needed here is a more considered discussion about how open Family Court proceedings should be than the polarised debate of recent years.


This is the best United Future have to offer?

More discussion!

I’m reminded of a poster on my wall : Consultants, if your not part of the solution there is a lot of money to be made prolonging the problem.

This is from the same MP advocating detaining parents at the border for alleged child support debt.

Politicians like Peter Dunne need to be aware that parents have had enough? of the failed matrix of family law.

Tinkering will not remove the cause/s.? A problem cannot be eliminated until the root cause/s are removed.

Discussion on opening the family court is going to remove the cause of the problem. Yeah right!? Another Tui Ad solution from Peter Dunne.


  1. It is extremely disappointing that Peter Dunne has offered this and only this.

    Mr. Dunne, we have had enough! If you WON’T do anything about what is going on then you need to stepped down and let real people run this country.

    I will tell you about a female with a young child who was taken to court by the father. Now this women was so upset about the men complaining that she intended to start a female coalition against the fathers.

    In her case we found that the 2 lawyers, hers and his were more interested in their business relationship between each other than the child whose life was at stake. Infact her lawyer said straight to her face, “Get a grip, I am not going to upset my relationship with …. (other female lawyer). We work together.”

    This case was so messed up that a young child was to be abducted during a wedding vist in Fiji. Why? Because Fiji is not under the Hague convention. That child was set to go straight to Canada.

    These 2 lawyers would not do the job they were paid to do but allowed bickering and name calling to continue the case on for the money.

    Thanx to the Father’s Coalition, a decent lawyer became involved and the appropriate applications were made so that this child will have 2 parents.

    Now this woman is very angry at you and your attitudes and stands along side this parent power. Her vioce is determined to be heard and she intends just like the rest of us to find as many parents who are sick of the way this Government and Officials like yourself are running our lives.

    And to add pressure to come is the pain of the parents that have lost their children to ‘death’ because you will not care about the teenage boys and there voices are even louder than ours.

    You are only just starting to hear from the parents against CYFS over the deaths and destruction of families.

    You seem to have had chance after chance after chance and yet you deliver a statement as above to us.

    Who is listening to you, now?

    Who is listening to us?

    NZ is a small little island where everyone in politics is in each other pockets. None of you want to rock the boat because you care too much for your precious little selves and setting yourselves up at the cost of 4 million other people. This country is so small that they lawyers have lunch together and most likely share each others husbands and wives. Yes, we know what you are all about. We know all your clicky friendships.

    Yes, this is a small country isn’t it. And that means the word of parents will also click, so easily and so nicely.

    Look at the children whose lives you are affecting. Take a deep hard look. Do you see happiness anymore?

    Comment by julie — Mon 29th January 2007 @ 11:31 pm

  2. Dear Peter Dunne-
    At the election before last, you achieved a huge jump in popularity (The worm pointed UP) because you expressed concern for the FAMILY, and promised to do something positive.
    After the first term, your popularity dropped, because you had not achieved anything.
    Your excuse was “To promote stable government”, i.e appeasement with the Labour party and it’s overtly anti-family policies.
    This term, you have moved even closer to Labour, and have become just another part of the problem. Your so called families commission is exposed as just another avenue for the anti-family zealots. Your proposed imprisonment in NZ for ALLEGED Child Tax defaulters really nails your colours to your mast, and nails any chance you might have had of re-election.
    Appeasement was a mistake for Neville Chamberlin, and made WW2 inevitable.
    Appeasement with Labour was a mistake for you and your party- you of course are finished- and the War against Families continues to take more lives.

    Comment by John Brett — Tue 30th January 2007 @ 12:07 pm

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