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Vote of No Confidence

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 7:55 pm Fri 23rd February 2007

Marc Alexander – Smacking away parental rights

When governments start debating what reasonable means, when they second-guess the care provided by good parents, and confuse parental responsibility with child abuse, it’s clear they deserve to lose the confidence of those they purport to represent. They need to go.

If this is a vote of no confidence in our current parliament then there are at least two sensible people left in New Zealand. I’ll support that.


  1. Bevan,

    If this is a vote of no confidence in our current parliament then there are at least two sensible people left in New Zealand. I’ll support that.

    How will you support that. I am not saying you wouldn’t but just asking how any of you intend to do it. It is another attempt against fathers.

    From Sue Bradfords speech to the house.

    Our country has made some progress in ensuring domestic violence against adults is unacceptable and illegal even inside the privacy of the home. It is high time we gave children the same protection as we give adults, and bring an end to the situation in which police are able to prosecute a husband for assaulting his wife but do not prosecute him for assaulting his child because he has a defence under section 59.

    Once again no metion of mothers. You guys need to be hitting the media on this big time. IMO

    Comment by julie — Fri 23rd February 2007 @ 9:26 pm

  2. Amazing what the little ole country girl pops up with from time to time

    Comment by Bevan Berg — Fri 23rd February 2007 @ 10:03 pm

  3. Dear Sue,

    You hate violence, what about violence against men,
    Please assist in following up my E-mail to the Minister of Police (copy attached)

    Dear Minister,

    I have had response from Alistair Murray, Senior Legal Counsel, New Zealand Police indicating that he found nothing untoward in the Police procedure, process and policy in respect of their prosecution against me.
    Neither is he concerned about the threat of arrest made toward Jim Bagnall and myself for wanting to establish a Refuge for Men similar to State funded Women’s Refuges.
    Therefore if the Police wish to remain in a blinkered state and ignore this travesty that is their choice, and as previously advised I will be putting all the material into the Public Domain.
    Further there has been consideration of proceedings for punitive damages issued against the New Zealand Police for malicious prosecution and wrongful arrest.
    Please indicate on whom you wish to have the writ served.

    Regretfully Yours
    Paul Catton

    Sue, I would expect you to be talking with Ben rather than ignoring him on the steps of the Ivory Tower and accepting this prompt to redeem yourself towards the great unwashed you have abandoned.
    I actually have no problem with megaphoning publicly outside your known private residence as was conducted towards your political mistress Helen.

    Kindest Regards

    Paul Catton
    East Auckland Refuge for Men and Families

    Comment by Paul Catton — Fri 23rd February 2007 @ 11:13 pm

  4. Hitting children is not parenting

    Comment by Fred Smith — Sat 24th February 2007 @ 10:03 am

  5. Fred Smith,
    Changing laws against the wishes of the vast majority of voters is not a democracy.
    Further, research shows that children whose upbringing included smacking achieved better than those who didn’t. Do you agree with criminalizing the majority of parents while denying children the chance to grow up respectful, educated, happy and free?
    PS…I have never hit my son (nor any one else for that matter) and the way my son is developing there is good chance I will never have to hit (smack) him. As a child I was smacked, and as a result I don’t lie, don’t steal, work hard, respect elders, never been to prison, did well at school etc. I thank my parents for that, smacks and all. Bradford’s Bill will change nothing for abused children, just ,make WAY more work for police and CYFS.

    Comment by xsryder — Sat 24th February 2007 @ 5:05 pm

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