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Expose the Child Holocaust

Filed under: Sex Abuse / CYF — Jim Bagnall @ 2:04 pm Mon 5th May 2008

Hello Heroes of the ‘JUSTICE SYSTEM’

Hello Fathers (Jews) of the Holocaust

300,000 of Your children are in mini orphanages called Solo parent homes (IRD Stats)

If you can document false allegations, lies and perjury that have happened to you and your children in this ‘Court system’ and you would be willing to appear on TV please email me, including only your name and telephone number and a brief description of the allegations and documentation.

Keep in simple!! PLEASE!!

To [email protected]

Thanking you in advance

Jim Bagnall (Coalition of Fathers)


  1. Kidnapping in English law
    This is a common law offense requiring:

    that one person takes and carries another away;
    by force or fraud;
    without the consent of the person taken; and
    without lawful excuse.
    It would be difficult to kidnap without also committing false imprisonment, which is the common-law offense of intentionally or recklessly detaining the victim. The use of force to take and detain will also be regarded as an assault, and other, related offences may also be committed before, during, or after the detention.

    Alongside murder, kidnapping is the last really significant offence under the common law which has yet to be codified into statute.

    Comment by cb — Mon 5th May 2008 @ 5:22 pm

  2. Hi cb, your right, taking a child that does not belong to you is kidnapping and should have consequences just the same as murder and rape etc

    Comment by Hadi Akbari — Mon 5th May 2008 @ 5:54 pm

  3. Heil Boshier !!! Heil Boshier !!! Heil Boshier !!!

    The Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols

    Reunification of Separated Family Members States must facilitate in every possible way the reunification of families separated as a result of armed conflict and must provide support for humanitarian organizations engaged in this task (Art. 74, Protocol I).

    Tracing Missing Persons
    Under Article 26
    of the Fourth Convention,
    the warring parties must facilitate enquiries made by members of families dispersed as a result of the conflict so as to help them restore contact with one another and try to bring them together again. The parties to the conflict must also encourage the work of organizations engaged in this task.

    Article 32
    of Additional Protocol I states that families have the right to be informed of the fate of missing relatives.
    Under Article 33
    of the Protocol, the parties to the conflict must search for persons reported missing by an adverse party.
    Article 34 contains rules relating to the remains of the deceased.

    Comment by cb — Mon 5th May 2008 @ 6:34 pm

  4. Every effort must be made to get our plight and our injustice onto the NZ TV
    A crying Dad on TV would achive lots of publicity

    Comment by Martin Swash — Thu 8th May 2008 @ 11:04 pm

  5. I lived with my ex’wife on and off for 8 years, i left her several times because she stole money and was violent. As i have mentioned before she was African and is called Claire Rudasingwa. She is from a fairly upper class African family and was in a war in Africa. She is quite attractive but very very calculating and sooo charming, some would say SOCIOPATHIC. Sociopaths are made not born and i consider that the Genocide in her country made her like she was. She was a good mother (arent they all ?), but a devious violent woman. She could charm everyone, nobody really could guess how violent she could be in reality, i nearly lost an eye, finally i went to the police after blood started to pour from an attack with her finger nails. I guess that i was emotionally dependent on her to some extentand normaly i returned to her after 6 to 12 months absence (we had twin boys)
    I thought maybe emigration to NZ maybe a solution and would calm her. She deliberately did not pay anything for the household budget for most of the time that we were together, she squirelled all she could into her bank account and i had to pay for almost everything (I realise now how stupid i was).
    All her aunties had married rich OLD men just about to die and were left very rich widows.
    In NZ she worked despite continuing to claim Unemployment benefit from Europe while working in NZ, but still did not give me anything for household budget. One day she saw a massive house on the beach and decided she wanted it, i said i could not afford it. After this she became very hostile, no longer slept with me. One weekend i took my sons to Napier, and she (i later found) spent the night with the father of one of my sons friends. She attacked me in the car in front of my sons, and i told the police, she then told them that i had tried to strangle her the previous night +
    The cops gave her leaflets about “domestic violence”.
    To cut a long story , short, she took out the P.O saying that I was violent to her and my son, although i had never ever touched her. With this order, i was out on the streets, she had control of kids, house, furniture, all on the strength of false allegations, and she was the violent one. She stopped me seeing my twins for 3 months and of course, she received all the benefits of a poor abused woman, while i paid through the nose for legal fees to get access to my boys. I saw that the NZ state just wanted fathers to pay for these single mother benefits, and i eventually gave up. I am of course very bitter at all the injustice, i guess that most of us are on here are ….

    Comment by Martin Swash — Thu 8th May 2008 @ 11:35 pm

  6. Every effort must be made to get our plight and our injustice onto the NZ TV
    A crying Dad on TV would achive lots of publicity
    Comment by Martin Swash – Thu 8th May 2008

    Bullshit…, a few family court judge’s heads on platters – more like it… (al queda style)

    Comment by cb — Sat 10th May 2008 @ 9:03 pm

  7. Father of Kidnapped Children Taken to Egypt Awarded $3 Million by US Court
    April 10th, 2008 ·
    ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md., April 10 PRNewswire – A Maryland Court of Appeals upheld a jury’s decision on Wednesday, granting Michael Shannon over 3 million dollars in punitive and compensatory damages. The decision is stemming from visitation interference against Shannon’s ex-wife and mother-in-law, after they abducted their two sons to Egypt. This is a groundbreaking case and is the first successful case in the US filed over an international kidnapping and is precedent setting.

    International fathers’ rights attorney Jeffery M. Leving, who is coordinating all litigation in the US and Egypt for the father, said this verdict is part of his strategy to put pressure on the mother to return the children. Leving has also retained Egyptian counsel to persuade the Egyptian court in Cairo to recognize and enforce Mr. Shannon’s custody orders entered in a US court.

    “The decision was closure to six years of criminal and civil court dates. Throughout, [I] have yet to be once on the ‘losing’ side of any judge or jury’s outcome. Yet the changes in the state and federal law have done nothing for my family or sons. [The] only solace is they all know – or will someday know the extraordinary efforts gone to recover the boys, and that we have never stopped thinking of them … ” says Mr. Shannon.

    The court opinion, written by Judge Lynne A. Battaglia, says the Khalifas “Consciously and knowingly have deprived a father of the love and comfort of his two children for an extended period of time.” The opinion also stated that Mr. Shannon will never be fully compensated for the time he has lost with his children.

    Jeffery M. Leving is representing Mr. Shannon and working closely with Shannon’s counsel in Maryland. Leving is coordinating all efforts and contacts between Shannon and his Egyptian attorney, who will represent him at trial for his pending appeal in Egypt to attempt to convince the Egyptian court to order the mother to return the boys to the US. The boy’s mother, who has dual citizenship in Egypt and the US, will face criminal charges if she returns to the US. The ex-wife’s mother was convicted of kidnapping and incarcerated in Maryland, but was recently deported to Egypt.

    Shannon v. Khalifa will have a significant effect on the future of parental rights. Not only is this case a victory for Mr. Shannon, but it’s a victory for parents who have had their children abducted and taken out of the United States,” says Fathers’ Rights attorney Jeffery M. Leving. Leving went on to say this decision should be a warning to anyone who interferes with a parent’s visitation rights. He says in addition to contempt or other sanctions, the wrongdoer could now face the prospect of having to pay a fortune.

    Comment by cb — Sun 11th May 2008 @ 10:25 am

  8. Basically, family is now defined as mother and child. All social welfare programs both here and abroad address any family issue, whether it be child support, health issues, domestic violence, you name it, it is mother and child.

    There are fathers with custody. The courts do occasionally grant this, usually if the mother somehow screws up with drugs or something like that. But the real issue is, in my mind, whether the nuclear family has any future, or if, indeed, it is if not completely dead, at least on the way out.

    In our current dyslexia, we as a society, seem fine with the idea of turning every traditional concept of justice upside down and inside out in order to keep the whole charade afloat. A father can suddenly find himself thrown out of his home, penniless, the joint bank accounts frozen, forced at gun point to pay for his tormentor’s lawyer, who denies him any contact whatsoever to even talk with his children by phone while everything is sorted out. Stephen Baskerville has been writing on this for a long time. This website has been pointing all this out as well, for years. But to no avail.

    About five years ago, I was writing that from the tone and character of my mail, coming from fathers who had been so egregiously wronged, I couldn’t imagine something not happening in the way of child support offices getting blown up, family courts getting fire-bombed, judges getting murdered in the hundreds per year, that kind of thing happening in 4 or five years. Well, here it is, 6 or 7 years, and nothing. What you do find are fathers increasingly killing themselves. Many have simply internalized the guilt trip foisted on them by some truly diabolical people.

    Like I began to say above, it isn’t just a family law problem. It is a problem that permeates every corner of our society. That problem is a failure of people to understand the absolute requirement that certain fundamental human rights be respected, no matter what. Now, spouting off about fundamental human rights can actually get you on a terrorist watch list, at the very least!

    As I seen it, David Icke, and other conspiracy theorists may be right. How else to make sense of all this?

    Comment by bull en a china shop — Sun 11th May 2008 @ 6:39 pm

  9. Hi martin,

    I can understand your feelings, These woman always get the attention of the courts, womens refuse (not a spelling mistake). Woman have alway turned on the tears and have got support. They know this and they use it. I have been thru a similar case. My ex stealing money from my bank account, refusing me to take out my son ( this is when I was with her ) verbal, emotional and physical abuse.
    She called the police twice on me, the first time they told her to pull her head in, the secound time I asked them to take her away. Big mistake she went to the woman refuse. In there they taught her the rules of the game, anyway months latter she came back, fully armed !! She had had the training now to fuck me. A few months latter she finally got the police to charge me with MAF, after she had taken $18,000 off me. She is chinese and is still working out how to get the funding off the NZ government. So far she has got the state house the DBP and a few extras thrown in. In China her family is so poor that the live in a make shift shed, she falsified her immagration papers and is now a NZ citizen living on the Pigs back. She even told me that is why she wanted to come to NZ, She still can not believe the hand outs that are given here. It is a forever security. Well all a bit late for me know, I am screwed. But she did what she wanted to achieve, so I have to take my hat off to her. I am a born and breed New Zealander and my country has basically fucked me. Along with my own stupdity, you can not fight the third world in a first world law system. It just doesn’t work. Just hope they don’t call me up for a war, because I will probably back the other side. Best of luck mate, and hang in there.

    Comment by paul — Sun 11th May 2008 @ 8:35 pm

  10. I like this blog, just read about kidnapping. interesting as I once reported my daughter as kidnapped. You will love this story, and all of it is true.

    I had a friend in the police force, and when my ex took off with my daughter, I rang her, she said you should report your daughter as kidnapped. Away after a few wines I thought this would be a good idea ( as you do) so I rang up 111 and reported my little one as kidnapped, they said go see a lawyer, I said no I want you to help me this is a kidnapp case basically they told me to fuck off, my reply was well want do you want me to do if your not going to help me, do you want me to go up there a shoot her. Bummer, never say that in jest to a cop, It does not work. Anyway I drove up the road to refuel (wine never the less) and got pulled over by the Law. Next dat charged with EBA, also got charged with treatening to Kill. Now I am a builder and had tools in my car, so got charged with tools for burglery. Ok that is bad, but my ex had left a fruit knife in the car that I did not know about, so charged with a concealed weapon.
    The cops stuck me in remand for four months refusing me bail. Of course I have no income, but still had a huge loan to pay, it was driving me bankrupt. I had a few months before the bank would foreclose my loans. I had spent four months in remand (worse than prison) been beaten up by a hungry Moari guy had been issused a protection order on my ex my daughter her parents her sisters and brother, and probably (if I read the fine print) their dog, goldfish and cat.
    They had also called me up for a custody hearing, but of course I could not attend as I was be helled in remand. So the custody hearing went ahead and of course I lost (again) and the ex was given sole custody. So facing bankrupcy, having not a chance to see my daughter until she is 16, and having been beaten up in prison and protection orders left, right and center, I did a deal with the cops. A one year sentence, reduced to six months due to my remand time. I will be released in two months. Just in time to sort out my potential bankrupt problem. I took it, I had too. I have never seen my daughter since. she was seven weeks prem when she was born. The last I saw of her she was seven weeks old. So think twice about kidnapp charges, and never ring 111 when you have had a belly full of wine. It fucked me big time, it really did. I lost all my friends because I am a criminal, I can not get insurance, the cops will not leave me alone and it just goes on. I have lost all my self worth, and I just live in fear. All because I wanted to see my daughter. It si not worth it let the babies go to the wolves. Just save your self !!!

    Comment by paul — Sun 11th May 2008 @ 10:13 pm

  11. Hi Paul, that is real bad, my wife went through something similar but worse, you need someone to talk to, not a lawyer of course, might have lost your friends but we are your friends because we know what you are going through and will always be there for you, this daughter eventually will want to see her Daddy, i feel it will be before she is 16

    Comment by Hadi Akbari — Mon 12th May 2008 @ 10:40 am

  12. Hi Paul,
    I really feel for you.
    My situation was very similar. My Asian X-partner left me 3 years and 1 week after we met, knowing that she could legally make a claim on my home. She is more knowledgeable about the NZ law and welfare system than most New Zealanders. She was working under the table when I met her, and to this day, she still does. WINZ, IRD and Legal Services simply don’t care.
    She admitted to Immigration fraud during a Family Court hearing (I have the transcript to prove this) yet the Family Court judge found in her favour and stated in her decision that I “failed to discredit her” and described her as “essentially honest” (cover up?). This illegal Asian immigrant has a better lifestyle than any kiwi person I know, despite being on the DPB basically since she married a kiwi. She got citizenship by marrying a man 32 years older who had just been released from prison for the multiple rapes of two children; a man who is included in the NZ and Australia Sex Offender Book (she left him as soon as she got her citizenship). She put her daughter in this man’s care while she worked weekends, and continued to do so AFTER she was told that he sexually abused her daughter (earning money was more important than her own daughter’s welfare). She has applied for and received Legal Aid for three separate cases, amounting to $40-50,000. There have been a raft of affidavits sent to IRD, WINZ and Legal Services by persons who observed her at work, yet despite her clearly defrauding the government of DPB and Legal Aid, the affidavits and my allegations were ignored.
    I was offered Equal Shared Care of my son on the condition that I withdraw my FC applications and my allegations from Immigration (these conditions didn’t come from the mother but her lawyer). Within 10 months of this women backing down and allowing my son’s care to be shared equally, she offered me a huge sum of money to marry her 17 year old niece so her extended family could start immigrating to NZ. I immediately contacted immigration, and do you think they cared…..? Not in your fucking life! Why? I think you know why, and nothing will change while we live in a matriarchal society headed by a humanoid with the mind of Adolf Hitler and the looks of Frankenstein (disrespect intended).
    Paul, feel free to contact me in private [email protected]

    Comment by xsryder — Tue 13th May 2008 @ 9:42 pm

  13. “If you can document false allegations, lies and perjury that have happened to you and your children in this ‘Court system’… ”

    Sure can.
    Been to family court 5 times and high court twice.
    Never any issues with violence.
    The mother still prevents the children having contact of any kind with me, after 8+ years of courts.
    Toilet paper is more valuable than court orders.
    Repeatedly proved in court that mother had lied and grossly misled the court.
    About 3 boxes of documented evidence.
    The courts gloss over female obstruction as a matter of routine.

    Is that succinct enough for you?

    Comment by Dave — Tue 13th May 2008 @ 10:14 pm

  14. Mine attacked me in the car with kids in back WHILE I WAS DRIVING.
    This was all because i had temerity to refuse to buy a designer skateboard , i has already bought a Playstation game. She said she would kill me in night, cut off my fingers, i knew she was very capable of doing this, so i went to cops. A cop interviewed us together for 10 minutes, told me to leave then interviewed her for 30 minutes, and she came away with lots of pamphlets about what to do if i hit her (i have never ever touched her). I only went to cops just in case she DID kill me. She told them (i later found out) that i had tried to strangle her the night before.
    She had a police record in Europe for attacking me , i showed this to cops and he said “In NZ culture, it is the man who does the domestic violence”
    I raised a police complaint , but this is just a rubber stamp exercise, simply a waste of time.
    I hope one day my kids, or her future partner reads this.
    She is called Claire Rudasingwa, she is soooooooooo very charming, but she can kill, watch out NZ men

    Comment by Martin Swash — Tue 13th May 2008 @ 11:08 pm

  15. Comment by mary — Sun 18th May 2008 @ 7:33 am

  16. Wake-up New Zealand !!!

    I am a single women, university educated with a ‘good’ (?) full time job. I earn $38000.00 per annum and pay $7410.00 in taxes every year. That leaves me with $30590 and I have to work a lot. I have to cover for all my expenses and will not benefit from any of the schemes introduced by the government. I will never be able to buy a house.

    If I was a solo mum and had 1 child, I would have (without needing to work in any way or form) $28075.32 per annum after tax (Domestic Purpose Benefit) and a series of extra benefits to ‘help me’. Please note that I would be able to claim DPB for many years. If I am lucky enough, I will be able to obtain some child support from a random presumed ‘father’ (this will be taxes free for me). I say random because some statistics show that in developed countries 10% to 30% – depending on economic background – of the children are not genetically related to their official father.

    You don’t believe me about DPB? Just check this recent article in the nz herald.
    When it pays not to work

    I am very much thinking of having a child randomly… In fact, we (women from NZ) should all be a solo mum… It is such a good deal !!!

    Comment by mary — Sun 18th May 2008 @ 7:33 am

    too many cow’s being murdered by an apathetic new zealand government all in the name of profit $$$, it is about time we put a stop to it and organised protection orders for these poor beings, at least the hindu’s have some respect for life, both animal and human. As we alway’s ask ourselves, where will it end… I suspect these wealthy judges and lawyers dining on their sirloin steaks that are responsible for the child holocaust will undeniably end up in a place called HELL for their hypocrisy..

    Comment by bull en a china shop — Mon 19th May 2008 @ 11:41 am

  18. NZ – Family flees before children taken


    Ration Shed – Jim

    Comment by JimBWarrior - HandsOnEqualParent — Sat 12th July 2008 @ 12:55 am

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