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Lyn Craig’s Lunacy

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 11:50 pm Wed 22nd October 2008

Some food for thought :

Lyn Craig wants us to believe:

And overall .. Australian fathers spend an average of just under an hour between Monday
and Friday caring for the children .. with 90 per cent of that care done alongside the

Compare this to the just published UK study:

Children who spend time with their fathers have a higher IQ .Children who spend large amounts of time with their fathers have higher IQs, according to a new study.

We hear nothing of the findings of a well researched longitudinal study from the UK that shows how important dads are to our kids development but plenty of Lyn’s Lunacy. Says something about how the media in NZ views fatherhood.



  1. Thanks for this Scrap – do you have a link to the full article? It’s hard to evaluate the credibility of the study.

    Even if true, so what? Men are still overwhelmingly relied upon for primary income provision, and women still overwhelmingly provide most care for children. Both parents give up much in providing their respective roles.

    Good research (quoted in Farrell’s books) has long shown that men actually contribute slightly more time each week than women towards their family household, when their money-earning activities are added to their lawn-mowing, rubbish management, handyman tasks, car maintenance etc.

    Women have much greater choice now: they can be full-time supported homemakers, or they can work outside the home part time, or they can work outside the home full time and have children cared for by fathers or childcare professionals. Men’s choices have not increased much; they are still expected to be good economic providers in most cases. Few women would respond positively to a man’s advertisement in the Personal column that stated: “Man looking for an attractive, professional woman who will support him financially”. Yet many women’s relationship advertisements unashamedly include similar expectations.

    Feminism has placed unreasonable and conflicting expectations on men. Men are rarely selected by women on the basis of their interest in children. On the contrary, any such expressed interest might nowadays be suspected as paedophilia. But those same women who choose successful men whose interest lies clearly in building their careers and making money will then complain that the man isn’t doing enough child care and housework. Men are criticized for not doing “their share” of housework, but the definition of required housework tends to be all on women’s terms and directed at maintaining a home suitable for women’s needs rather than men’s. This tends to increase the housework far beyond what the man would need to do on his own behalf. Many men would be happier to use the living room for their motorcycle building project. Men are often under pressure to pay for and/or undertake home improvements, then when they spend their time doing so they are criticized for not doing something else.

    There is no need to receive statistics like Lyn Craig’s as criticism despite the feminists’ implication thereof.

    Comment by Hans Laven — Thu 23rd October 2008 @ 9:47 am

  2. I also picked up on the first report. Anyone living in the real world realises that the claim Dads spend one minute a week day with their kids is ludicrous yet this is reported as if it was serious research. I didn’t hear about the UK study – which just proves your point.

    Lyn’s Lunacy is that Dads are not ALONE with their kids during the week much. They only possible way she could reach this conclusion would be to study only working married fathers. In which case, all she is saying is that at the end of the working day mum and dad are both at home. What a revelation!!! Who would have guessed!!!!
    However the way it is reported is that Dads only spend 1 minute a day with their kids – which no doubt is what Loony Lyn wanted.

    Comment by Dave — Thu 23rd October 2008 @ 6:10 pm

  3. Agree totally, men have no choice and are expected to go out to work (why should we ?), we would ALSO like to stay at home much more with the kids, but we were born with a penis therefore forced to have NO choice about the matter. This woman’s comments are disgraceful. It is the fact that men go to work, that is the financial reason behind all these laws, the governments make more money by the status quo

    Comment by newbie4u — Sat 25th October 2008 @ 2:15 am


    To all women who have destroyed their families :- you do not know what you have really done, one day kids and dads will be equal to you, what you have done is evil and despiccable, the law may let you get away with anything BUT one day you will be punished in some way for the injustice that you have done. You can lie and make false allegations that your kids’ fathers are violent, but one day you will get comeuppance in taking Dads away and breaking the loving relationship between kids and dads. You will never change, you will always have the same problems in your relations, it is women who are completely mad.

    Comment by Perseus — Sat 25th October 2008 @ 9:15 am

  5. All the hysteric “Domestic Violence” publicity is merely hate speech, but has not yet been recognised as such.
    When will the public realise that only tiny minority of men are VIOLENT, and the majority are being abused by the family caught laws.

    Coming up is the annual “White Ribbon” DV event, it MUST be opposed, abused men should protest against all this

    Comment by Perseus — Fri 31st October 2008 @ 1:26 pm

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