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Men’s platform – Italian style

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,General — Julie @ 4:38 pm Mon 15th December 2008

Thanx to Counter feminist for putting this together with help from Italy and also Factory for putting it it up on his site. This is teamwork after all. Sooooo, what do you think? Is it good enough for New Zealand? Is it relevant?

PRINCIPLES AND GOALS: UOMINI 3000 – MENS MOVEMENT (Translated from the Italian by R. Randazzo)

Uomini3000 is a movement of opinion characterised by the following principles and objectives:

– PRINCIPLES Uomini3000 recognises and affirms:

1. The existence of natural differences between the genders.

2. The extreme immorality of certain social forces, and at the same time, the very real opportunity that these forces have to deny, ignore, compromise, and repress these differences and any expression of them.

3. The necessity of cooperation between the genders, and at the same time the inevitability of opposition between them.

4. The scientific inconsistency and dubious morality of any claim by one gender to describe the state, condition, needs, experiences, or the value of the other gender.


Uomini3000 defines the current situation in the following terms:

1. For two generations masculinity and the male gender have been subject to an all-out attack covering every sphere, from the world of images and symbolism to that of common everyday existence, applied systematically and consistently in every manner and through all means of communication and cultural diffusion.

2. The term male-bashing extends itself to aesthetics, opposing their attainment by men which includes the male body and men’s physicality.

3. Every level and gradation within contemporary culture, and every unit that elaborates on or transmits that culture, without a single exception, is a tool of this program.

4. This phenomenon is the fundamental cause of psychological/emotional harm in individuals and social dysfunctions of an ever-increasing gravity, hindering the entire male gender and in particular the younger generations.


1. Uomini3000 rejects any kind, however indirect, of denigration, of offensiveness and devaluation, of the ethical, aesthetic, and intellectual worth of the female gender; it repudiates any diminution of the symbolic importance of the feminine, and of the historical importance of female endeavors visible and invisible, past present and future.


1. The promotion of the essential value of masculinity, specifically with regard to personal dignity and the irreplaceable role of the masculine in the world of image and symbol and of the male gender in every area of life, spiritual and material, for the benefit of present and future generations.

2. The identification and condemnation of any instance of malebashing in every context, form, or style, and any expression of malebashing, direct or indirect, open or veiled.

3. The moral opposition to male-bashing–to the denigration and demonization of men, the denigration of male sentiments, attributes, opinions and needs, the denigration of male contributions and comportment–in the media, literature, the arts, political discourse, historiography, scientific tracts, text-books, advertising, and in every form of expression and means of communication.

4. The restitution of the value and dignity–as well as the historic role–of past generations of men, by means of the deconstruction of feminist historiography.

5. The struggle against the cultural ideals of a Feminist Society and its basic values– therefore against the following:

* 6. the principle of the moral, aesthetic and intellectual superiority of the female gender;

* 7. the denial of the existence of anti-male hatred;

* 8. the criminalization both direct and indirect of the male gender;

* 9. the planned inhibition of the development of male consciousness;

* 10. the psychological and chemical emasculation of the younger generations;

* 11. the domestication and docility of men;

* 12. the use of the male libido for purposes of speculation,manipulation, intimidation and blackmail;

* 13. the demand for reparations, material and moral, for the wrongs, real or imagined, sustained by the female gender;

* 14. the legal commercialization of sexual relations and relations based upon affection;

* 15. the presumed permissibility of an autocratic imposition of behavioral rules upon the male gender;

* 16. the principles of political correctness and the imposition of its vocabulary.

– TOOLS AND METHODS the movement operates through:

1. Devising creative ways of protest, for the purpose of denouncing the politics of male-bashing and anti-male discrimination, and then implementing these ways of protest.

2. The use of every means of communication, both new and old, to oppose male-bashing.

3. The publication of essays and books of an historical, sociological, psychological, ethical, and philosophical nature for the purpose of moving forward our objectives.

4. The promotion of activities, measures, and political organization in order to spur male consciousness with regard to the moral conflict underway.

5. The development, either independently or in combination with public organizations and private entities, for the study, research and elaboration of statistical data for the support of these goals.

6. The organization of conferences, exhibitions, courses, seminars, and other cultural activities as well as projects and educational programs both in and out of the school system, with the aim of divulging the knowledge of tools to fight male-bashing, together with an independent view of statistical data, historical data, and news items.


  1. Italian Men: Why Women Can’t Get Enough of Them?

    Comment by LSD — Mon 15th December 2008 @ 10:37 pm

  2. Thanks for this Julie. This Italian manifesto is excellent. Very applicable to NZ and conveys a serious formality that is likely to carry weight. I may attach it to various feedback I write. The international aspect is also powerful. I feel that we are approaching a threshhold number of people in the world who are recognizing what’s happening, and that the movement is on the brink of becoming effective. That is not yet reflected in democratic choice but it will happen, even more so than it did for feminism. Expect a desperate counter attack from the feminist power base. The biggest battles are yet to commence.

    Comment by Hans Laven — Tue 16th December 2008 @ 9:26 am

  3. Italian Men why a 77 year granny cannot get enough of them

    Italian soldiers are world renowned for their bravery (or lack of it)

    Comment by perseus — Tue 16th December 2008 @ 10:23 am

  4. Perseus,
    I think the action of these Italians to draw up a kind of Men’s Rights Movement charter is a brave act and respresents another turning point as Hans alludes to.

    Your speaking the language you use and doing many of the things you do today principally because Italians (Romans) conquered the known world for several centuries. Hows that for bravery (rhetotical question)
    One Roman general had all his men burn their boats upon arrival in England telling them they weren’t going back.

    A longer term view, rather than a myopic viewing of only recent history will tell you that.

    Those who don’t know their own history are condemned to repeat it.

    I could go through this posting word by word and pull out the Latin origins of most of the words used here and also add –

    None illigitimus tatum carborundum –
    (Translation – Don’t let the bastards grind you down)

    Comment by Skeptik — Tue 16th December 2008 @ 12:09 pm

  5. A load of platitudes from the least democratic country in the Western world does not impress me one bit. The mafia are obviously being hit by all this anti-maleness

    It’s the old joke about Italian tanks, they have 1 forward gear and 4 reverse gears hehe
    And the one about the Roman soldier on Hadrian’s wall who went missing, it was suspected that the Scots ate him, the first example of an Italian takeaway in history

    Italian soldier’s excuse for not firing at the enemy :-
    “We did not fire back because we thought it would be a mistake.”

    And i don’t know about you, here is a good old fashioned english word, oxymoron , for example “Crack Italian troops”

    In the recent NATO exercise the Italian equivalent of marines the 116 Alpini (hehe), complete with jaunty William Tell felt caps from which protrude a long black turkey feather, flounced off the plane – Italian soldiers don’t march. Passing through passport control, they realised that They had landed in the wrong country, Sweden instead of Norway

    Comment by perseus — Tue 16th December 2008 @ 11:00 pm

  6. Perseus,
    Ah yes.
    It’s easy to poke fun at the Italian military (Latin – militus = army).

    But then this is about a charter and the Italians have a flair with language –
    in case you didn’t know the word langauge itself comes from the Roman – lingua.

    Latin (lingua Lat?na, pronounced [la?ti?na]) is an Italic language, historically spoken in Latium and Ancient Rome. Through the Roman conquest, Latin spread throughout the Mediterranean and a large part of Europe. Such languages as French, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, and Portuguese are descended from Latin, while many others, including English, have inherited and acquired much of their vocabulary from Latin.

    Let’s see you put a charter for the men’s movement together.

    Quo vadis amicus?

    Comment by Skeptik — Wed 17th December 2008 @ 3:35 am

  7. How’s this for creativity!


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    Comment by julie — Thu 18th December 2008 @ 12:08 am

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