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No Christmas Trips for “indebted” Aussie Dads

Filed under: Child Support — Scrap_The_CSA @ 9:24 am Wed 24th December 2008

SEPARATED parents who have failed to pay their child support could be stopped from leaving the country this Christmas unless they pay their outstanding debts.

Watch Peter Dunne pick up on this for his National Masters.

The Child Tax system in Aussie has a huge “debt” problem as do all systems like it, ours included.  Tax officials are so focused on collecting money they don’t want to address the root cause of the world wide ballooning Child Tax “debt”. THe design of the current Child Tax system is fundamentally flawed and one of the symptoms of the fundamental flaws is the creation of child tax “debt.

If draconian measures like removing licences , stopping at the border, arrest and imprisonment, most wanted lists were going to work you would expect massive reductions in the debt levels  in countries where such draconian measures have been in use for some time. The reality is that countries that implement such draconian measures have not seen the significant reduction of the debt.





  1. Surely this could never happen in New Zealand.Surely the right to a passport is a fundamental part of living in a democracy.The mere fact that we are discussing this is outrageous.

    Comment by Whanga — Mon 29th December 2008 @ 2:50 am

  2. MANY of these anti-father laws made in the secret family courts contravene UN Human Rights legislation which NZ has signed up to. Does anyone know how the governments get away with breaking these “laws”, has anyone ever challenged them ?

    Maybe murder rates will go up significantly if this Child Support legislation is put into practice.

    Comment by perseus — Mon 29th December 2008 @ 3:33 am

  3. The entire “child support” system or parental pecuniary system cannot be reformed.

    First and most importantly, child support is an attack on working people – period. In a humane society ALL members of society looks out for ALL children. A humane society doesn’t create an environment of competition and acrimony surrounding the support of children. The problem is that western societies still sees children as PROPERTY. This is why it used terms like “custody” when referring to children. In addition, What child pecuniary system does is to REGRESSIVELY SHIFTS the burden of rearing children onto individuals and away from PROGRESSIVE society.

    The wealthy that controls the “free market” system want to shift the collective resources away from collective use and “child support” does that. This is why the “child support” system is inherently anti-worker.

    In addition, the “child support” system ATOMIZES workers. It uses STATE POWER to impose undue burdens upon primarily fathers AND THEIR children. It creates INJUSTICES and invades privacy. The “child support” system reflects a society that is UNWILLING to provide REAL child support. It reflects a society that is first and foremost protecting the PRIVATE PROPERTY of the wealthy by shifting the burdens of child rearing (a social good) onto individuals.

    Rather than provide the basics needs for ALL citizens: FREE health care, education, housing, transport, recreation, etc, you have a society that create a regressive shift onto parents. When you a society that supports ADULTS then you will have a society that supports children.

    The problem with many fathers group is that your vision is TOO narrow and not radical enough to repeal the existing system.

    It is clear from pthe article that the state only want to deal with the support of children in a PUNITIVE manner in order to INFLATE its own power and to protect the wealthy. “Child support” aka PARENTAL PECUNIARY is INHUMANE!!!

    Comment by DismantleChildSupport — Sun 18th January 2009 @ 9:55 am

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