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People leave NZ in droves

Filed under: General — Vman @ 2:41 pm Mon 22nd December 2008

The exodus of migrants to Australia hit a record in the past year, while tourist numbers from north Asia are slumping badly because of the global economic slowdown.

In the past 12 months, 35,300 or almost 100 people a day have left for Australia. That is the biggest flood on record and higher than the previous peaks after the 1987 sharemarket crash or in the late 1970s.

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The article doesn’t say so but you’ll find that most people leaving are males and married families.

The reasons are far more than economic. In fact people with poor job security are more likely to stay where they are since they can rely on help from the state and from family. Immigrating is always a bold move that carries some risks.

The reasons record numbers of people – dominated by skilled males – are leaving New Zealand are a statement about New Zealand society. IMHO.


  1. What solid information is available on the gender mix you describe?

    Bruce Tichbon

    Comment by Bruce Tichbon — Mon 22nd December 2008 @ 6:54 pm

  2. Why would any self respecting male want to stay in a place where –
    They work until around lunchtime paying taxes for a regime which will soon include being able to be arrested in their own homes on the spot by some twenty something year old wet behind the ears police officer WITHOUT VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE but simply on the police officer’s judgment that they committed some ‘domestic violence’, then sentenced WITHOUT TRIAL to 40 hours of periodic detention. In the process there’s a good chance that they loose their homes, kids and future income to boot.
    It’s a total no-brainer.
    Or put another way it’s a brain drainer (for NZ)!

    I encourage every thinking NZer to be packing their bags and getting passports in order right now.
    Freedom is just a jet ride away.

    Comment by Skeptic — Fri 26th December 2008 @ 4:28 pm

  3. Thanks to the NZ government, I have just lost my job and a career of over 25 years in absolutely bizarre and unjust circumstances that can only be described as…


    (This being the first time ever I’ve had my employment terminated by an employer)

    Having invested much effort, time, and money to study I.T. I then joined the ‘knowledge economy’. I obtained an excellant high paying position ($100K+)with an large multinational corporation and was promoted after only four months of service(due to my performance the usual minimum 12 month period was wavied at the highest level within the company).

    I have a sucessful 25 year background in aeronautical engineering. Joining the RNZAF on a scolorship, I’ve subsequently worked for British Aerospace in the UK and Middle East, and been a certifing engineer on wide-body airliners.
    I have serviced aircraft that have been flown in by HM the Queen and other royals, NZ & other Prime Ministers, and an American President.

    Furthermore, I don’t have any criminal history.

    Yet for no reason other an absolutlely an insulting, ignorant and false claim that, “I have a problem with women in positions of authority”, I have been refused a permanent airfeild security pass and hence lost my job.

    Unfortunately, my employer was so imtimidated by AVSEC’s threats to shutdown the operation, that at the meeting with the Aviation Security Service (AVSEC), they sat totally silent throughout.

    There was a lot of truely bizarre theatrics by AVSEC however ultimately, the AVSEC Auckland International Airport Operations Manager, Andrew Smith, actually said that…”The truth doesn’t matter. I’ll do what I want.”

    …who is pulling AVSEC’s strings?

    There had been a series of strange events and a’handbrake’ was applied to our operation from the start. My manager has now resigned and returned to Australia in disgust.

    Comment by Peter Bell — Sun 28th December 2008 @ 11:25 pm

  4. …who is pulling AVSEC’s strings?

    The SIS, The Police Commisioner.

    This much I have learned from blabber mouth AVSEC staff(for some time now)and the Police, myself having spent four days (including Christmas and Boxing Days) in solitary confinement in a Police cell on a trumped up charge. I was denied a lawyer and a shower. I was at least permitted a Bible to read.

    The Femnazi and their goons ever determined to compound their oppression.

    Comment by Peter Bell — Mon 5th January 2009 @ 12:26 am

  5. after having a protection order dropped on me Im left feeling that I am living under a life sentence, the only way i can feel free again would be to leave new zealand. Sadly I can not afford to pack up and head off. But the seed has been planted and Im working towards the goal of leaving nz and turning my back on this country for the rest of my life.
    The family courts really have it wrong I can not believe one can be handed a life sentence based on hear say. Have the threat of jail hanging over my head for refusing to do there program I have never hit my ex partner but now after having such a order imposed on me wish i had of hit her lol ( I wouldnt really hit her the system is just so unjust) you can hardly blaming me for thinking it

    Comment by michael — Sun 18th January 2009 @ 3:33 pm

  6. Michael,
    Sorry to hear you have been shafted.
    All too typical a story of the NZ family court unfortunately.
    There are ways to travel overseas to take up job positions if you have a degree.
    Let me know if that’s the case and I’ll explain more.

    Comment by Skeptik — Sun 18th January 2009 @ 3:54 pm

  7. Hello! Great concept, but could this really perform?


    Comment by Hydrolyze — Sun 28th February 2010 @ 8:16 am

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