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Some interesting statistics… draw your own conclusion.

Filed under: General — Tigerseye @ 9:39 am Fri 19th September 2008

Third of women still believe they don’t have equal rights…

10 Responses to “Some interesting statistics… draw your own conclusion.”

  1. Jim Bailey says:

    Put Refuge into the search engine top right on this site – You will get plenty of more mostly convenient Stats to gain sympathy for Womens Refuge Corruption

    Onward – Jim

  2. John Brett says:

    So, 67% women believe that they DO have equal rights, especially the younger women.
    And the figure for MEN who believe that they have equal rights is……
    ……. 10%?…….5%……None?……(I’m still waiting to hear????)


  3. Scott says:

    Why would they bother surveying men? No-one cares what men think, not even some men!

  4. Phillip says:

    A problem with Equal Rights is how is it measured?

    How do we define what equal rights are, so that we know when that goal is reached.

    Voting? Yes!
    Equal work, equal pay? Yes!
    Education? Yes!
    Shared custody? NO!
    Gender villification Illegal? Women Yes! Men NO!
    Health? Women live longer that men!

  5. Scott says:

    sorry Phillip, but men don’t have men only scholarships nor do boys get a fair deal at schools because the system has made it very difficult for men to work as teachers!

  6. Frank & Earnest says:

    Here’s a thought:
    Your relationship is apparently abusive if your partner is not your equal, or is vulnerable to you.
    That’s a third of women I cannot date, because to do so will in itself be abusive!

  7. Perseus says:

    THe strange thing about all the “domestic violence” witchunt is that many women like you to be a bit , erm, rough when you are in bed, or is that just my girlfriend, hehehe ?

  8. Tigerseye says:

    The real question is…
    What is a woman’s idea of a real man? I’m sure very few could answer that as it changes depending on their mood and whether they want to get their way or not. Obviously the following statement needs to be seen within reason but I have the impression that a woman likes a man who has the guts to put their foot down – though when it doesn’t suit it’s called harrasment and controling.

    No wonder men are so confused not only about their role in society but a little timid when it comes to “being the man”.

  9. Dave says:

    Excellent comment John #2 – that was exactly what I was thinking.
    I expect you will find that the number of men that feel they do not have equal rights to women is growing.

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