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Archive of April 2009

CYFS considers itself above justice

Sat 4th April 2009:

This story reported that CYFS interrogated Chris Kahui’s partner while she was giving birth to their next child. According to Mr Kahui, CYFS banned him from any contact with his new daughter except in the presence of a CYFS-approved supervisor, and they threatened to remove the baby from her mother if he disobeyed their command. […]

Maori crime rate down to early childhood maltreatment

Fri 3rd April 2009:

Note that in the following story there is not a single mention of fathers. They step towards it by identifying the first 5 years of life as being very important. However they fail to identify all the key factors. You will often read about “poverty” leading to crime. However this is not so. My parents […]

Real Life – Radio Interview

This Sunday on Real Life, our guest is National Director of Family First, Bob McCoskrie. Real Life with John Cowan is a weekly nationwide chat show, featuring a different high-profile guest every week. John talks with them about their life, their upbringing, their passions and their view of the world. And when appropriate, we chat […]

Family First news

Thu 2nd April 2009:

1. Families Comm’n Pushes Anti-Smacking Ideology In an Op-Ed in the Timaru Herald (27 March 09) entitled ” Positive Parenting means not having to smack ” the new chief commissioner of the Families Commission says: the anti-smacking law is working well and is achieving what was intended (WRONG – see item #2) the law change […]

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