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Archive of April 2009

A Bit of P.C. Male Bashing from John Banks

Mon 27th April 2009:

In issuing an abatement notice banning a brothel from operating near a school and the homes of retired people, John Banks stated “My first and foremost interest in all of these matters is making sure that the residents, particularly elderly families and families, can live in suburbs without fear of intimidation by the kind of […]

Insurance Coverage for Gynecomastia Correction – Petition

Sun 26th April 2009:

I came across this and thought it might interest the board since it is a specifically male issue… It’s a petition to correct the situation where gynecomastia correction surgery is considered a 100% cosmetic procedure and not covered by insurance. Gynecomastia is a condition where a man grows female breast tissue and needless to say, […]

Destroy the Patriarchy by killing your baby

Fri 24th April 2009:

Janet Fraser is perhaps Australia’s most ferocious advocate of home births. Her spiel mixes militant feminism and a green age’s worship of Earth Mother: “In a woman-hating society obsessed with the control and regulation of women’s bodies, choosing to birth at home makes a crucial statement of withdrawal from patriarchy.” Medical intervention to help the […]

Tackling the human costs of social experiment

Wed 22nd April 2009:

Family First NZ has made submissions to two high profile bills before parliament at the moment. We would encourage you to take a moment to read these submissions and provide feedback on these important issues. Three Strikes Law Family First supports the intent of the Sentencing and Parole Reform Bill (also dubbed the “Three Strikes […]

No Smacking Bill – special feature

Recent ‘Classic Quotes’ regarding the Anti-smacking law and the upcoming Referendum The anti-smacking Referendum has been confirmed to be held between 31 July 2009 and 21 August 2009. It will be a postal ballot. We thought that we would feature some recent ‘classic quotes’ from politicians and leaders who have ignored the weight of public […]

Reproductive Equality for Men?

Tue 21st April 2009:

The following link is to a site that has many articles, postings and discussions about the issue of reproductive equality for men. Reproductive Equality . Com The site suggests that women should decide what to do with their bodies and whether they want a family, but that they should not be able to make that […]

Forced Fatherhood: Are Men Being Treated Equally?

The following link is to an article at that deals with the issue of men’s choice when it comes to parenthood and whether to be a parent. Forced Fatherhood: Are Men Being Treated Equally? The author asks whether the current system – where women not only decide what to do with their own bodies, but then […]

“Until parents take a stronger stance on their young ones”

Irresponsible parents unaware of their children’s driving habits are under fire by a top police officer after a stolen car with six teenagers crashed into a tree, critically injuring the unlicensed driver. The crash happened after a brief police chase in Auckland yesterday. It followed another incident in which police found a 14-year-old boy driving […]

The Politics of Domestic Violence By Reuben Chapple

Mon 20th April 2009:

I strongly recommend you read the full original article here. I’ll give the highlights: The Politics of Domestic Violence By Reuben Chapple The feminist-driven “domestic violence industry” is part of an ever-expanding, tax-funded “bureaucracy of compassion” with its attendant caregivers, social workers, regulators, intellectuals and social scientists. Feminists with a strong emotional investment in the […]

In the news

Fri 17th April 2009:

Bennett: New Children’s Commissioner Appointed 17 April 2009 – Child care and protection expert John Angus has been appointed Children’s Commissioner for six months while a permanent appointment is sought, Social Development and Employment Minister Paula Bennett said today. “I have decided to make an interim appointment to allow time to find the right permanent […]

“Smacking laws were never about the real issue of child abuse”

Sue Reid, researcher and writer for Family First NZ It is a shame that we have a Families Commission that is driven by ideology rather than listening to families. Chief commissioner Jan Pryor espouses her beliefs that “positive parenting should never include a smack” (Herald, April 3). Her so-called justification for the anti-smacking laws are […]

The Second Wives Movement

Thu 16th April 2009:

Often, the fathers’ rights movement is stereotyped as being full of angry guys at war with womankind. Fathers today certainly have a lot to be angry about. However, the fathers’ movement is not at war with women, but instead with the idea held by some women and some men that mothers matter and fathers don’t. […]

BrainWashing: Distrust of police puts Maori women at risk

Hi all, I will from time to time post articles on ‘domestic violence’ that have been published in the NZ papers. The aim is to propose them for dissection and analysis. Hopefully we will establish trends as I do not believe these articles are written in good faith but merely to brainwash and not solve […]

Sunday school teacher kidnapped, raped and murdered an 8-year-old girl

A California Sunday school teacher kidnapped, raped and murdered an 8-year-old girl and stuffed her body in a suitcase that was dumped in a pond just near her home, prosecutors alleged. Melissa Huckaby, 28, was charged with murdering her daughter’s playmate, Sandra Cantu, in a gruesome crime that has shocked and terrified residents of Tracy, […]

60 minutes program, “Mum’s the word” puts down young fathers

Tue 14th April 2009:

60 Minutes aired a program Monday 13th 2009 called ‘Mum’s the word” with reporter Karen McCarthy. It showed the classroom of one school in New Zealand that has young single mothers and their children attending to give the mothers a chance to stay at school and make something of their lives. How far we have […]

False rape claimant won’t face charges

The woman whose rape claim against a police recruit was thrown out of court will not be charged with making a false complaint, police say. Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Oxnam confirmed the woman would not be prosecuted, but he would not give reasons for the decision. Mark Tulloch, who walked free from the High Court […]

Why is Ayn Rand popular in New Zealand?

Mon 13th April 2009:

I was somewhat shocked to see NZCPR promote Ayn Rand’s books. Maybe because it is right wing. But… Have you read her writings? Do you support her and why? For a period of time in January, “Atlas” outsold President Barack Obama’s “The Audacity of Hope” and landed squarely in the top 30 books on […]

Western Arrogance

Wed 8th April 2009:

Western governments have expressed abhorrence at Afghanistan’s new laws that require a wife to fulfil her husband’s sexual desires and to wear makeup for him if he requests it.  Feminists and others have described the law as abhorrent and as “legalizing rape within marriage”. It’s fair enough to express disagreement with another culture’s ideas and […]

Hunger striker set up by ex wife.

Martens, a pilot, is currently being held in the Lotus Glen jail in north Queensland, serving his sentence for having sex with a 14-year-old girl.  He has gone on hunger strike. The girl’s aunt Dianne Tapari has told AAP her niece made up the allegations against Martens as part of a conspiracy initiated by Martens’ […]

International Men’s Day

Tue 7th April 2009:

International Men’s Day was conceived and coordinated by Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh, history lecturer from the University of West Indies and the first event was held at the Families in Action Headquarters in Newtown, Port of Spain on 19th November, 1999. In following years the event was jointly coordinated by Dr. Teelucksingh and Harrack Balramsingh, Chairman […]

The current legislation is an illegal under the Bill of Rights 1990.

Mon 6th April 2009:

The current legislation is an income tax levied on certain parents and not on others. I refer to it as a child tax because that is in fact what it is. It is an illegal tax under the NZ Bill of Rights. There is nothing in the legislation that relates to the cost of caring […]

Shared Custody Usually Safer

Sun 5th April 2009:

Prof. Edward Kruk (Canada) has published a definitive paper on the merits and policy for shared parenting. PDF copies are attached and the text of the summary is included in the box below. The papter is entitled “Child Custody, Access, and Parental Responsibility: The Search for a Just and Equitable Standard”, and was […]

National: Just Another Feminist Government

Sat 4th April 2009:

The UN, inventor of a raft of fake “human rights” that actually deny us more fundamental human rights recognized since the Magna Carta, will love Helen Clark. Miss Clark has made it her life mission to wreck families in order to increase state control and to impose the fake kinds of right that the UN […]

More CYFS Stupidity

Two boys aged 11 and 13 made a list of young girls (ages not reported) and sexual acts they wanted to carry out on those girls. The boys’ mother discovered the list and handed it to CYFS in 2006. CYFS sat on their hands and did nothing until it came to light that 28 of […]

Sex Slaves Hiding Under Your Bed

This story is a good example of feminist irrationality and superstition. It’s the hoary old issue of trafficking “sex slaves” to work in NZ. Despite there being almost no evidence of it, the feminist crusaders insist it must be a much bigger problem than has been shown. And our new Immigration Minister, although agreeing there […]

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