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Sex Slaves Hiding Under Your Bed

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 3:33 pm Sat 4th April 2009

This story is a good example of feminist irrationality and superstition. It’s the hoary old issue of trafficking “sex slaves” to work in NZ. Despite there being almost no evidence of it, the feminist crusaders insist it must be a much bigger problem than has been shown. And our new Immigration Minister, although agreeing there is no evidence, doesn’t want to cross the feminist oligarchy so proposes an expensive taskforce involving seven government departments to identify and stop all this trafficking that might perhaps be happening or might perhaps happen in the future. Quite incredible.

The story also shows how much the UN has been captured by feminism. The UN decides that the reason two thirds of countries have never prosecuted anyone for human trafficking must be that those countries are in denial or are not equipped to deal with it. Ridiculous. If women were being abducted or falsely lured into NZ and then imprisoned as sex slaves, they would have been discovered and our authorities would most definitely prosecute. The likely reason there have been no prosecutions is that there have been no such cases, certainly not widespread or clear ones. The UN position is like that of the witch hunters in Salem and elsewhere who viewed either confessions or denials as sufficient proof of the demonic possession they were convinced must exist.

While sex slavery may well be significant in some countries, NZ has strong laws against this and good support for women in need. Any woman forced or lured to NZ to be kept against her will as a sex slave would be rescued and protected the minute this came to the attention of the authorities. She is likely to receive a sympathetic hearing for residency or refugee status. Many customers at brothels would be horrified if they became aware that the prostitute servicing them was being enslaved, threatened or beaten and would inform authorities, perhaps anonymously. It is most unlikely that any such slavery could be successfully maintained here.

The “sex-slavery” zealots don’t mention the fact that most who travel to western countries to work as prostitutes know full well what they are doing. They may be bonded to work off the cost of their travel etc, but that happens in other industries too. When they are raided and caught with illegal immigration documents or working without a permit, they will tend to claim they have been duped and kept against their will. This gains sympathy and also reduces their shame on behalf of their family at home who would not approve of their chosen occupation. They then head back overseas before their claims can be further investigated.

Yes, it may be that their state of poverty and limited options back home led them into prostitution, and that they are enslaved by the need to earn and pay their debts. But this is little different from most of us, particularly men who are economically enslaved into body-wrecking work for much of their lives.

Maybe we should set up other expensive taskforces tying up government officials on possible problems such as alien abductions, monsters in Lake Taupo, Joseph Fritzil-type dungeons imprisoning daughters in our suburbs, and the electronic transmitters that we all know might possibly have been implanted in our brains at birth. After all, we can’t definitely prove these problems don’t exist. And that would save those departments from addressing real problems such as family breakdown, false allegations against men, unnecessary protection orders wrecking children’s relationships with their fathers, and state collusion with feminist ideology against men.

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  1. This is basically a massive amount of pressure to find an offender where most likely none exists. There will be casualties.

    Comment by Dave — Mon 6th April 2009 @ 3:11 pm

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