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Birthday Wishes for my Son

Filed under: General — uktuatara @ 8:14 pm Tue 11th August 2009

I sent an email to my son today on his birthday and share it only becuase it will hopefully remind us all what wonderful children we have, I am not seeking any credit or back patting for this, just thought you might like to hear it.

Dear *edited*,

It is seven years ago today that I held you for the first time, and I knew then that you would become an amazing kid, and then grow up to become an exceptional man.  I am so excited to see this coming true.

My son, I wish you the very best birthday anyone could ever have.  I love you more with each passing day, your brother and you are everything to me.  You are the reason I get up in the morning, and the reason I work so hard to see that your future is exciting, full of adventure and has the potential to fulfil every dream you have.

I want to tell you once again, that the reason I left your Mum to live a happier life was NOTHING to do with anything you had done, it was in fact because I wanted you to have a happy start to life, and through the tears you have cried, and the hugs we have shared, you will begin to understand.  You can ALWAYS ask me whatever you like, and I will always answer honestly.

Now that *edited* is in my life, to help me be the best Dad I can be, we commit that we will do everything we can to make your life a success.  She loves you intensely and will be your support whenever you need someone to hug or talk to.  Together we are cool little family, and I can’t wait for the adventures we will all have together.  I love her so much, and I thank you for letting her be a part of our future.

Remember when you are not at Dad’s that you must respect your Mum and treat her with the same manners and behaviour I would expect at my house, I know you can do this because you have very high values my son.

I loved being your teacher for a day, if I was able to do it everyday, I would.

I love you *edited*, you are a great young man destined for great things.

Your Dad


  1. Thanks for sharing this. it’s beautiful.

    Comment by julie — Wed 12th August 2009 @ 8:32 am

  2. Wow! He is lucky to have you for a Dad.

    Comment by Dave — Tue 18th August 2009 @ 4:04 pm

  3. Great work..mind you I would have thought the ‘adventure’ had already well and truly begun already. Why wait!

    Comment by Vince — Sat 22nd August 2009 @ 9:24 am

  4. awesome letter

    Comment by Doug Jacobs — Wed 16th September 2009 @ 7:14 pm

  5. It made me cry. I have copied most parts of it and sent it to my six years old son. It is really Awesome. Today is my son’s Birthday and he lives with his mum. I wrote it on a card and sent it to him.

    Comment by Maymen — Wed 9th November 2011 @ 10:35 am

  6. Uktuatara,
    Well done.
    That’s a lovely letter.

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    Happy Birthday young fella!

    Comment by Skeptic — Wed 9th November 2011 @ 10:47 am

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