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Negotiations between Parents

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 9:22 pm Sun 8th March 2009

With the economic situation quietening down, many people may be finding that old arrangements need to be renegotiated.

This pressure will probably rise as time goes by. Less free cash, often swings against more free time. Stiff if the other party wants cash more than help based on time!

With incomes dropping a bit and the risk of losing a job completely, rearing its ugly head, many workers may notice that the beneficiaries find these risks hard to comprehend (especially the “judges”).

Difficult negotiations usually take longer, therefore if you don’t start early, perhaps you risk screwing yourself?

Pride can get in the way, yes your own pride. If you are in a tight corner, maybe you cannot afford to be too proud? I suggest, ditch the pride and concentrate on security.

I’m not too proud and I admit my problems – well the more socially acceptable ones anyway. This way, I do get more help with them. With help, I can do more and more….

The first attempt at negotiation usually fails, thus start early and don’t expect first up success. It often takes a while for the other party to appreciate the best way to take your offer. (Just the same as it takes you a while to appreciate their offers too.)

Remember the IRD Review? If the other parent is saying they will not renegotiate, then ask them to justify their position by showing a budget!! It should work both ways!!??

Common sense may force some economies, such as getting children to use busses, instead of one parent driving them both ways. Dropping kids off is very expensive, compared to public transport. As the traffic slows down, these costs only rise further. Besides, the kids are older now. Why not cut them in on part of the saving? Pushbikes are actually good for health, if you can avoid the crushing effects of car wheels.

With a bit more spare time, what will you do with it? Take up running, study bomb making or painting or protesting?

Cheers, MurrayBacon the slow talking axe-murderer.

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  1. That’s all well and good but if she doesn’t wanna help and suggests things that are even more expensive and pathetic, and the system has failed you, there isn’t much hope.

    By the way I know you are being ironic but it’s not a good look to put axe murderer and bomb making in a post.

    Comment by Scott — Fri 13th March 2009 @ 10:02 am

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