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The rape industry claims another victim – Kevin Driscoll’s story

Filed under: General,Law & Courts,Sex Abuse / CYF — Julie @ 4:14 pm Fri 20th November 2009

There’s an interesting rape case being followed on the Internet. It involves an alleged rapist named Kevin Driscoll and an alleged rape victim named Melissa Leahy-Rossow. It’s a very sad reality that many, many young men go through while the rape industry continuously pushes for males to have harsher treatment and women to have lighter treatment by police and the judiciary court system.

On January 23rd 2009 Kevin Driscoll and his friend were out having drinks at a bar where they met Melissa Leahy-Rossow and her acquaintance Dennis Baker. Kevin invited them to his house where other guests also joined them.

On the night in question Melissa Leahy-Rossow had sex with Dennis and Kevin, separately at Kevin’s house. There would have been a third man except Dennis wasn’t interested in having a threesome. Dennis reported that Melissa sought three-way sexual intercourse in the hot tub with both himself and another man who was present, but that he would not agree to this, and that Melissa became angry at his refusal. He also gave her a hooded sweatshirt to wear because she wasn’t interested in wearing her own clothes.

Kevin reports that when he went to bed Melissa was already in his bed and wanted to have sex with him and he consented. This sex was reported by Melissa to be long lasting and extremely brutal where bruises and bites were left on her body as a result. She also said she ran to the door and tried to get out but he wouldn’t let her.

She said this happened at around 1.30am and that after the rape Kevin drove her to her car. The actual reality is that Kevin and Melissa had sex in the bedroom at 1.30am with the guests still in the house and the last left a 4.30am and Kevin drove Melissa to her car at 7.30am where they chatted for a while and Kevin gave Melissa his phone number.

The reason a lot of information is known is because there were security cameras at Kevin’s home and at the bar where Melissa’s car was left but this was something the police were not aware of at the time they arrested Kevin.

Crystal Scott was the only other female at the house that night. She backed up Dennis’s story that Melissa was not wearing any clothes in the hot tub, and that she refused to put her clothes back on after exiting. She states that she was in the kitchen the entire time she was at Kevin’s house with the exception of going out to smoke. She remembers at one point Melissa passing her from the kitchen into the living room, but didn’t pay attention to where she went because she had no reason to care. Crystal also stated that she went out on the back deck frequently and never saw Melissa in the hot tub [again]. In fact, she never saw Melissa again for the rest of the night.

“Cody Wood was also at the house. He reported Melissa and Dennis in the hot tub, and Melissa refusing to put her clothes on. He also knew that at some point she went traipsing through the house in nothing but a sweatshirt and also didn’t know or care where she went. Cody also acknowledged that he along with 2-3 other unknown males were the last to leave the house that night. He hadn’t seen Kevin for awhile and left out the front door, assuming Kevin had gone to bed.

On the 24th January 2009 Kevin Driscoll was booked on first-degree charges of rape, sodomy, sex abuse and unlawful sexual penetration, as well as fourth-degree assault. He was incarcerated and bail was set at $382,500.


As anyone who can walk a day in another’s shoes can imagine, rape is a horrific event for a male or a female and something like this has very serious consequences for both involved. If he is found guilty he will spend a long time locked away in prison away from the outside world and amongst some very bad criminals who will treat him badly while she spends possibly years in therapy building herself back up. And if he is found not guilty, … well…. you can’t stop the consequences of having your whole life turned upside down and having a record that says, “Guilty! But just not enough evidence to prove it”. And if he is found not guilty, she will get …. well, she gets nothing. There are no consequences for women who lie about rape no matter how bad the consequences for the male. Anyhow, moving along…

Kevin Driscoll and the accusation of rape was broadcast on the news and in newspapers and upset the whole community Kevin lives in as you can well imagine with a school near his residence and families in the homes around him. I am amazed he hasn’t been beaten up or had his home redecorated with smashed windows and graffiti.

A fax was sent to Kevin’s employer the next day informing them of his arrest which lead to his suspension and eventually his termination.

Kevin got a lawyer who negotiated the high bail and Kevin’s mother paid $50,000 so that Kevin could be released on strict home detention. She also had to move from Europe to America to be with her son because the law doesn’t allow an accused rapist to be on the outside while awaiting a court case and verdict unless there is a third party to watch him. His home detention was being monitored and he had to wear an ankle device. Kevin had to pay for the services of the monitoring.

My heart goes out to Kevin’s mother as a mother myself. This happened in January and it is now November. How are they paying the mortgage or rent? How are they paying the household bills? How are they paying the lawyer’s fees and the home detention costs? How are things back in Europe while she has had to stay in America?

My heart also goes out to Melissa Leahy-Rossow’s husband who doesn’t beleive her and said that they had just moved town because she had ruined their reputation by filing false charges in the previous town.

But you know how it goes,… the case must go on.


The prosecution asked the company who is being paid to monitor Kevin’s house arrest if he had ever once broke the home detention conditions in the 8 months building up to the trial. The company stated that he had been where he should have been at all times. I guess the prosecution plays the normal tactic of lying because they went to the judge after asking the company saying they had witnesses who put Kevin in drinking bars instead of being at home. When the judge asked them to produce the witnesses they couldn’t.


The prosecution tried to get 3 of Kevin’s ex’s to testify that they had similar experiences with Kevin, and to say that he was a habitual offender. They even had a big poster board set up and tried to link the 4 girls (3 ex’s and Melissa) together. The judge once again asked for proof which they couldn’t produce because they were lies. None of the girls were alleging rape.

One of the girls even told Kevin that the investigator came to her and said “this is what we have on Kevin now, he has been charged in the past (he never was) what can you do to help us put this monster away”. This woman said that she read the report the investigator wrote up and told the prosecutor that it wasn’t accurate as to what she said. The report was basically fabricated to go along with the prosecutor’s case. In actuality Kevin has had and currently has a restraining order against this woman.

The Forensic Pathologist report states the bruises the victim had were not from the rape because the bruises were older than the time frame, (2-3 days earlier) eliminating Kevin as the cause. The whole case is based on these bruises which the prosecution had many photos taken of and when asked to produce them she said they were suddenly lost.

To show the jury the Forensic Pathologist is wrong about the bruises, the prosecutor brought in a school girl who was a student with no practical experience. They also brought in a dentist who said, maybe one of the bruises is teeth marks but when he learnt this was a rape case and that the apparent bruise had been made during sex, he said it was unlikely.

These bruises that are part of evidence against Kevin as a violent rapist were actually seen by Dennis who the victim had sex with earlier in the night. He had even asked her about them in the hot tub where she was naked.

The woman accusing Kevin of rape has a history that needs to be told but under feminist rape shield law only the accused has his past exposed. The female’s past is not allowed in court.

I’ll send you off to the main site this town is using to tell the world of this horrid event while they await the verdict of their friend. There is much to read on the details during the trial.

We will soon know the verdict and know whether Melissa and her husband will be moving town again or if Kevin spends the next 10-20 years of his life in prison.

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  1. Not only are these false allegations made but authorities leap in and do all kinds of damage, including naming people without making any effort to substantiate the claim. Take this example in Australia for instance.

    Comment by Dave — Thu 27th May 2010 @ 6:33 pm

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