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Angry that her ex-husband had won an order to have the children for the first half of the holidays

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Law & Courts — Vman @ 2:45 am Thu 25th February 2010

A Queensland mother has been sentenced to life behind bars for the gassing murders of her two children and the attempted murder of her teenage son.

The woman, who cannot be named, was found guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday night of two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder after jurors deliberated on the case for six hours.

This afternoon she sobbed as Justice Philip McMurdo described her actions as “horrible”.

“The prime motivation was to avenge what you regarded as the wrong done to you by your ex-husband, the children’s father,” he said.

“On no rational view could this begin to justify an attack on the children, let alone the killing of them.”

She will not be eligible for parole until she has served 20 years.

At the time of the killings she had been angry that her ex-husband had won a Family Court order to have the children for the first half of the 2002-2003 school holidays, which included Christmas.

13 Responses to “Angry that her ex-husband had won an order to have the children for the first half of the holidays”

  1. martins says:

    It is these evil courts that are the source of all the murders, they refuse to believe it, but it is OBVIOUS. If women were on the reciving end of what we have all been through there would be THOUSANDS more incidents like the one above.
    I Hope that you are ALL happy with yopur great handiwork legal workers, YOU ARE TO BLAME for all the misery and suffering , NOT GOOD FATHERS

  2. Bruce Tichbon says:

    The solution is to make biological mothers and biological fathers equal parents. Shared parenting is an important part of that.

    The policy solution is obvious. What we must solve is why our and other governments refuse to fix the problem.

    Bruce Tichbon

  3. julie says:

    I agree with this.

  4. ford says:

    i actually believe that women are the most abusive and the nastiest of humans…moreso than men…its all this PC shit that hides all thier crap and disguises it…i had a court case over my kids a few years ago and the X sat there and argued over a pick up time…how fucked is that…arguing and bartering right down to the last 5 mins…control

  5. ford says:

    i scanned the aussie article…glad my time coming to an end…no more kids for me…get the snip…getting someone preggars would cause me to gas myself…that would be the pits

  6. Scott B says:

    I know that feeling. When I could actually see my kids I would turn up 5 mins early and get yelled at for doing so. Then the kids weren’t ready, sometimes asleep and I would have to wait sometimes up to 2 hours before I could leave with them. Then I would get told that I had to return them early due to them needing baths or something pathetic like that! Which you know you have to comply with or you get either arrested for kidnapping or in the courts you are labelled unreliable. Oh and the one time I arrived 2 mins late (I had even phoned to warn her) I was treated like I had just committed the worst act in history!

  7. SicKofNZ says:

    I also had a controlling ex who enrolled my son in sports so that she knew exactly where I was on my Saturday visits with my boy….stalking controlling troll! I immediately changed my visits to a Sunday and his all-important Saturday sports lasted two weeks after the mental tart realised I had slipped from her control. When she had to get off her own lazy arse our son’s sports didn’t matter to her so much. The incompetent, man-hating lesbians from CYFS attempted to force me to retain my Saturday visits until I reminded them that they had control over my son’s life and NOT mine and that I was only available on Sundays with the reason being absolutely none of their business. They were too thick to see what was going on and I wasn’t wasting my energy trying to explain it to the idiots. I was proved correct within two weeks of me forcing the change of visit days from Saturday to Sunday.
    That occurred during the Femily Caught case where I won custody.

  8. Scott says:

    Hell! with my Xwife I got abused for turning up with flowers (no alteriors and no previous comms). You must have been loved.

  9. martins says:

    It is not 100% relevant, I mentioned this before, but this woman in my local area has been a hefty jail sentence for sex with 12 year old boy, plying him with alcohol. In England women are beginning to receive equal punishment for violence against men and sexual law breaking

  10. Hans Laven says:

    Yes, martins, it’s good to see some equality starting in this area. But this article

    in the NZ Herald today highlights the double standards deep in our culture. The article describes the woman as having a “sexual affair” with a 15yo boy, and she is given name suppression even though publication would not identify the victim who would have a different name. Men accused of non-familial sex crimes almost always have their names published in order to attract other complainants. (pun unintended)

  11. SicKofNZ says:

    I read that article earlier and grew suspicious at the emphasis being placed on the child-victim as being responsible for the woman’s pedophilia.

    The documents allege the drunk teenager “dared” the woman to “try it on” with him. The woman accepted his invitation and began kissing him, then led him into her bedroom, where they had sex.

  12. Nik says:

    A bit late to say – but Bruce is correct
    “The solution is to make biological mothers and biological fathers equal parents. “

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