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Anti-Feminist Meeting in Switzerland

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 8:50 am Mon 25th October 2010

Around the world men are waking up to the fraud of feminism and a gathering snowball of activism is rolling. This European meeting is supported by conscious men in Sweden, long recognized as a leading cesspit of female privilege and male enslavement. The translation is poor but you will get the picture.


  1. This is the first anti-feminist conference I’ve ever heard of – the first to directly target the heart of the beast. It says a great deal about the development of extra-academic thinking on gender in recent years. No coincidence that it’s occurring in line with the growth of the internet, and the decline of Megaphone-Media.

    Comment by rc — Mon 25th October 2010 @ 6:44 pm

  2. Indeed men around the world are increasingly waking up to the terrorism of feminism.
    In the process they’re inventing new language to describe hitherto fore taboo topics of discussion. One I came across recently which I particularly like for it’s succinctness and pertinence is vagcon.
    It is a term I will be using in future as it will save allot of description being used as shorthand for this.

    Another phenomenon I notice which gives me hope for an eventual end of female supremacist misandry is that i read recently that in Sweden, arguably one of the most feminist places on the planet the number one blogsite is a Men’s Rights Activist site. (Sorry lost the link for that one, you’ll have to go hunting).

    There’s this gut wrenching viewpoint which will resonate with many men as it does with me –

    Then’s there’s the distilling of men’s issues into an observable manifesto for political change.

    I think Pelle Billing does such a fine job of this that I include it in it’s entirety below –


    Men in every civilized country have the right to claim:

    1. That paternity be routinely established using DNA testing.
    2. That an established paternity automatically enable the same rights and responsibilities as an established maternity.
    3. That the default arrangement after a separation be joint legal and physical custody of any children; only to be changed if the parents voluntarily decide to do so, or if one of the parties be determined unfit to be a parent by a court of law.
    4. That women’s shelters receive no government grants unless they are transformed into human shelters, where all victims of domestic violence can get the help they need (women, men, children).
    5. That all human shelters be run professionally, under the same strict standards as those of other social services.
    6. That the military be staffed by people who apply voluntarily, and who receive a fair and reasonable compensation for the risks they assume.
    7. That conscription be used only for extreme reasons of national safety, and that such a measure be gender neutral.
    8. That the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” be upheld at all times, including allegations of rape or sexual harassment.
    9. That gender research be as free from ideology as any other academic field.
    10. That male expendability be recognized as a major gender issue.
    11. That boys be allowed to be proud of their coming manhood.
    12. That schools recognize the needs of boys and the learning styles of boys, so as to give them a fair chance of performing well.
    13. That men’s groups be given the same legal and practical opportunities as women’s groups to obtain funding.
    14. That male sexuality be portrayed in a positive and encouraging manner.
    15. That male circumcision only be legal for adults who voluntarily choose this kind of surgery.
    16. That prisons be organized in such a way as to prevent rape and other forms of assault.
    17. That meritocracy be the governing principle in the labor market, and that all forms of affirmative action and gender quotas disappear.
    18. That misandry be opposed just as vehemently as misogyny.
    19. That all legislation discriminating against men be made gender neutral or removed.
    20. That the historical sacrifice of the male gender role be recognized to the same extent as the historical sacrifice of the female gender role.

    I’m only briefly skimming the world wide growth of the Men’s Rights Movement here. Just joining a few of the increasing points of light to outline an image.
    As a cultural, linguistic, social and political movement we’ve come a long way in the last little while AND showing no signs of slowing the progress with more and more people of good conscience drawn to the cause as time goes by.
    It’s heartening and humbling.

    Comment by Skeptik — Sun 28th November 2010 @ 5:05 pm

  3. There’s another healthy sign here.

    Comment by Skeptik — Sun 28th November 2010 @ 8:12 pm

  4. Here NZ’s history is being rewritten too, in a way that is sensitive to men.

    Comment by Skeptik — Sun 28th November 2010 @ 8:27 pm

  5. Thank-you for this.

    Comment by julie — Sun 28th November 2010 @ 10:51 pm

  6. Years ago during a custody battle I left my daughter at a women’s refuge to spend time with her mother but the staff at the refuge let her go with our daughter and didn’t tell me until I turned up as arranged 6 hours later.

    Comment by jim morris — Thu 2nd December 2010 @ 4:45 pm

  7. Gosh I feel so privileged as a white middle aged NZ male!
    I get up every morning knowing that my hard earned income and all the money I spend on consumables will be taxed to support women getting 500% more funding for women’s than men’s cancers (including research into prevention as well as cures!).
    I can switch on the morning TV, radio or open the newspaper and read the latest propaganda emanating from feminist sources demonizing men for ‘horrendous’ levels of domestic violence and rape knowing their ‘research’ is as shonky as hell (I’m a social sciences major).
    Then off I trot to work whistling breezily as women pass me in the street and objectifyingly eyeball me as a potential wallet trophy success object they might try to snare.
    I can have charmingly whistful thoughts of comments by hothead fembos about all of public space being ‘men’s space’.

    I can puff up my chest in powerful pride knowing that I can be ANYWHERE in NZ and only have to meet a woman there to be immediately endangered by a false accusation from her of some form of ‘abuse’ or other that will see white knights dragging me off to some form of detention or other.
    Gosh life doesn’t get much better than this! The excitement of it all!

    Having arrived at work I can work my ass off for long, long hours, commute huge distances and relocate over and over to yet another suburb thereby climbing the ladder of promotion only to see some lazy arsed fem or white knight sidekick try to guilt trip me for ‘only getting ahead because I’m a male and the game is tipped in my favor due to ‘patriarchal’ society don’t you know?’ Smiling with my luck there!

    I’m positively dancing with empowered joy knowing there are so many young folks from yet another generation of the institutionally de-fathered on their way to filling the ranks of the dysfunctional and socially burdensome (heck got to spend all that tax money on something eh?).
    It’s alos a delightful privilege fro me to know that amongst all children, especially those hundreds of thousands already de-fathered very few of them stands a chance of escaping being brainwashed into feminism from an early age amidst a teaching population that’s 90%+ female.
    I just can’t help grinning with self satisfaction!

    Having done my day’s work (amidst the lingering threat of even more gendered threat – false accusations of sexual harassment from female colleagues who have the gall to dress in sexually provocative clothing : lip-gloss, padded push-up bras, stilettos and high hems, plunging necklines etc) I can then return home and unwind with some well deserved TV viewing.
    I can then thrill to being caught there too, this time by adverts and TV shows characterizing men over and over as brutes, with lovely copious quantities of men being cut up and shot touted as ‘entertainment’, and take my choice of of comedy shows highlighting dumbassed bumbling men and super-competent in charge wimmin.
    I can drink a toddy before bedtime smirking with glee knowing of the tax paid on the alcohol therein which goes towards health-care 70% will go to women’s health. Oh! It’s so exciting! How will I ever sleep. I so, well, all a tremble with it all!

    Finally I can tumble into bed and there rest assured that my almighty patriarchal power and privilege is intact for yet another day. Ah! Another great day coming peacefully to a soft and warm close!
    I can slip into a blissful sleep and dream of being spirited off to foreign parts to die with other men (but not women) for the ‘honor of my country’ at the behest of the Governor General of NZ using the 1951 Defense Act should a war of sufficient magnitude occur.
    I can then wake up beaming the next day ready to start it all over again.
    Yep, life as a white middle aged male in NZ.
    What a king I am!

    Comment by Skeptik — Thu 2nd December 2010 @ 11:12 pm

  8. Wow…!!!A very powerful statement and I concur with you,but ‘Skeptik’ but its not only middle age NZ Male that are starting to feel like this…I will explain,Three month ago I was talking to the sons owner (Cameron) at my local cafe in ‘Titirangi’ township,he was working their on that Saturday morning,Cameron is only 24 years old…

    He told me he was leaving N.Z for Australia I ask him ‘why’ and in a loud voice to make sure everyone in the Cafe heard him…”John I am sick and tired of dating Feminists,I have had enough of them making ‘Me’ feel I should have apologise to them all the time that I am a ‘Man’,and if I dare to disagree with them on any given subject… I then get called ‘I am sexist pig’…. ”

    And did Cameron sound really pissed off when he said that?…You bet he did!…Can I blame? …No…Far from it…Good on him too,for leaving ‘The Republic of Feminist N.Z’

    Comment by John Dutchie — Fri 3rd December 2010 @ 1:44 pm

  9. This from TEN (True Equality Network) published in India recently –

    We would like to promote gender harmony through following The “TEN” Commandments:

    1. Doing injustice to men is not equal to Doing justice to women.
    2. Oppressing men is not equal to Uplifting women.
    3. Harming men is not equal to Protecting women.
    4. Disempowering men is not equal to Empowering women.
    5. Denying opportunities to men is not equal to Providing opportunities for
    6. Penalizing men is not equal to Rewarding women.
    7. Degrading men is not equal to Honouring women.
    8. Undermining men’s lives is not equal to Valuing women’s lives.
    9. Neglecting men’s welfare is not equal to Promoting women’s welfare.
    10. Violating men’s rights is not equal to Upholding women’s rights.


    Comment by Skeptik — Wed 8th December 2010 @ 1:18 am

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