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Are women children?

Filed under: General — Vman @ 6:40 pm Thu 4th February 2010

The courts (and feminists themselves) operate on the principal that women are children. If there is something favourable about being an adult then it is the woman’s human right to have it. However when it comes to responsibility and consequences then women will be treated as a child.

For example in Britain a man who was the passenger has been jailed for 4 years for failing to prevent the female driver killing someone. Of course if he had used any sort of force to try and stop her he would also have done jail time.

Keep in mind that he did not force or coerce her to drive. He just didn’t stop her. No doubt this was because he was drunk and thus his own judgement was impaired. Whatever the reason he didn’t force her to do something against her will. I.e he didn’t force her not to drive. Therefore he gets 4 years. But is he did force her to do something against her will then it is domestic violence or rape or some such charge.

From NZH:

“A man in Britain has been jailed for four years for causing death by dangerous driving even though he was not behind the wheel when the crash happened.

John Nichols, 59, was a passenger in his Jaguar XJ8 when it hit and killed a young couple on the A1 in Lincolnshire.

His partner, Mary Butres, 48, had been driving the vehicle at the time.

But because she was drunk, and Mr Nichols, a millionaire businessman, had allowed her to drive, he too was convicted.

A jury decided he had failed to tell her to slow down and could have prevented the tragedy.”


  1. Here’s the URL for an article which may help you decide –

    Comment by Skeptik — Fri 5th February 2010 @ 2:05 am

  2. ….I can guarantee you right now, this situation will occur in time in N.Z ….This is a Kiwi Feminist/s dream come true if this type of conviction concurs….!!!!!

    Kind regards John Dutchie

    Comment by John Dutchie — Fri 5th February 2010 @ 9:15 am

  3. Even if modern women (feminized, brainwashed&misformed by the pill-hormones) seems to ‘connect’ they will never co-operate especially as a parent, transaction analyses must point out that women project terms as ‘grown up’ as an argument to suppress others and to hide how childish they behave themselves. You may call it dumb also but they are dissociated, inhumanized and deadsick. Women love to feel (emotional) safe protected and comforterd, they love to be provided in material things, the state ‘makes’ them inhuman like robots, they ‘think’ they becoime ‘better’ (pseudologica fantastica), borderliners are developing and true love&freedom ruined! womens rights – over other peoples lives – are inhuman! Stop the dirty pedologic war against children&fathers, hetero’s and normal families, FamlyLife-4-Children&Fathers! Stop the western crimes against people, mankind and humanity!

    Comment by AdVader — Sat 6th February 2010 @ 5:11 am

  4. As much as I love being a parent…sadly in the WRNZ it’s a no brainer.

    A new flag to truely reflect the WRNZ would be a hyena on a pink background.

    Comment by Peter — Sat 6th February 2010 @ 12:00 pm

  5. I couldn’t find that flag you mentioned and so I made one instead:

    Comment by SicKofNZ — Mon 8th February 2010 @ 2:06 pm

  6. Reply to SickofNZ

    ‘Tongue in Cheek’ and just ‘Stirring the Pot’…….Now I am going to be a very ‘bad boy’ for even dare suggesting this idea……But,believe or not ……I do have some manners, and thought it would polite to ask SickofN.Z first ….

    Can I please email your ‘Flag’ Idea to ‘The Ministry of Men’s Affairs of N.Z’…..John, you dumb Ass…Just realize N.Z haven’t got one……

    Okay then, maybe ‘The Ministry of Woman’s Affairs of N.Z’… Maybe they would appreciate it then……???????

    Kind regards John Dutchie

    Comment by John Dutchie — Mon 8th February 2010 @ 2:26 pm

  7. Sure, anyone can use it for any purpose.

    Comment by SicKofNZ — Mon 8th February 2010 @ 2:37 pm

  8. slightly tongue in cheek here, but it would need to be vetted by all maori first and it wouldn’t be able to fly from the harbour bridge unless it was given a special prayer (though I could think of the words for it..)

    Just an aside. And I’m not wanting to maori bash at all, but more test the waters regarding the HRC. Does it consider human rights also encompass actions on a marae such as cultual events? If so, then how is it no women are allowed to speak at events such as last weekend’s waitangi day? I suspect that there is an exemption for cultural practises. If we are not careful, feminism will say that it is cultural to use men as door mats next….

    Comment by noconfidence — Mon 8th February 2010 @ 8:08 pm

  9. noconfidence says: slightly tongue in cheek here, but it would need to be vetted by all maori first

    If I was to whakapapa to Te Rehi, ariki of Kati Huirapa (largest hapu of Kai Tahu), signatory to the Treaty of Waitangi, would that cover the bases?

    noconfidence asks: …how is it no women are allowed to speak at events such as last weekend’s waitangi day?

    The Treaty of Waitangi assures the protection of taonga. I think historical cultural traditions and practises are taonga.

    Comment by SicKofNZ — Mon 8th February 2010 @ 9:11 pm

  10. The Treaty of Waitangi assures the protection of taonga. I think historical cultural traditions and practises are taonga.

    Then it should also valid of non-maori. IMO family is taonga. It was in 1840. A treaty grievance there perhaps…

    Comment by noconfidence — Mon 8th February 2010 @ 9:39 pm

  11. I think you would need to be a signatory to that legal document between Maori and the Crown (The Treaty of Waitangi) or be covered by its clauses in some manner to have a grievance with any of your rights not being upheld as stated in that contract.

    Comment by SicKofNZ — Mon 8th February 2010 @ 9:53 pm

  12. Um… maybe the way forward is to lobby the queen… but since she is the head of a dysfunctional family, perhaps not.

    Comment by noconfidence — Tue 9th February 2010 @ 10:04 pm

  13. Just a thought, do you think if the driver of the car had been male the same verdict would have been made? So, let’s say it was the passenger’s car and he went along and carried on the party in his car, allowing his mate to reach those speeds. Of course the same verdict would have been made! No, most of you do not pass the reasonable, lateral thinking person test on this one.

    Comment by Angela — Thu 11th February 2010 @ 11:09 am

  14. Reply to Angela

    ……Interesting comment…. Now I will ask you a question on ‘Lateral’ Thinking….The ‘Peter Ellis’ case…Was that ‘Lateral’ thinking by our beloved Feminize Justice system….I eagerly await your answer on that one….

    ‘Tongue in Cheek’ to you Angela… If you do have the misfortune of having a Son/s here in New Zealand, would you recommend to your Son,to pursue a rewarding career as a Male School Teacher here in New Zealand….???? …Again,I will eagerly await your answer on that one as well….

    Kind regards John Dutchie

    Comment by John Dutchie — Thu 11th February 2010 @ 11:21 am

  15. You’ve changed the subject John Dutchie. Please, just answer the question … the issues you have raised have nothing to do with the matter at hand.

    Comment by Angela — Thu 11th February 2010 @ 4:46 pm

  16. By the way guys, a lot of men actually like modern women. A lot of these men and women are lawyers, judges, CYFS workers, etc. They sometimes read posts on public sites like this in order to gain insight on the people they’re dealing with. Some of them might call some of you borderline misogynists. That’s not a good look. I’m just sayin’…

    Comment by Angela — Thu 11th February 2010 @ 5:53 pm

  17. Angela says: By the way guys, a lot of men actually like modern women.

    The problem is with many modern women exhibiting misandry as a consequence of the influences from our media, education system, extremist feminists and other socially destructive forces.

    They sometimes read posts on public sites like this in order to gain insight on the people they’re dealing with.

    One can only hope that they do. It will be great when MEN’s issues are taken seriously enough to warrant spending a dollar or two.

    A lot of these men and women are lawyers, judges, CYFS workers, etc. Some of them might call some of you borderline misogynists.

    Who gives a flying copulation what misandric leeches think? Many people need to protect themselves, their delusions and their incomes by making such assumptions about others.

    Comment by SicKofNZ — Thu 11th February 2010 @ 7:17 pm

  18. Reply to Angela;
    So you are suggesting that if the passenger was a woman and the driver was a man that the driver and passenger would have got the same punishments… OMG ! so are sooooo wrong! There are incidents occurring like this ALL the time. The poor female passenger would have been given counselling after the ‘man’ drove her car (with her consent of course) and crashed, at high speed, killed people in the process. No, the poor woman would have all manner of support services ready to help her… It’s a no brainer. Next you’ll be saying that ‘Erin Pizzey’ is an evil woman !

    Comment by noconfidence — Thu 11th February 2010 @ 8:42 pm

  19. noconfidence, you assume the female passenger would be poor. This of course is usually the case. No, in this case let’s say she owns the Jag, she’s a wealthy businesswoman. She would have received the same punishment. See, a poor little receptionist wouldn’t be able to afford a Jag so yes, I can see that in that case the female passenger probably wouldn’t have been charged. Money = power = responsibility.

    Interestly, there have been studies that show that women’s shelters have actually saved more men’s lives than women’s. No, I don’t know all of Erin Pizzey’s work but she’s saying what rational feminists have been saying all along.

    Comment by Angela — Thu 11th February 2010 @ 9:10 pm

  20. Angela;
    I use the word ‘poor’ because the feminist system sees her in that way. As the title of this topic asks ‘Are women children’. Western states have created an environment where she can absolve herself of responsibility should she wish to. I’d suggest you start researching Erin Pizzey and then we can have a discussion if you like

    Comment by noconfidence — Thu 11th February 2010 @ 9:35 pm

  21. ……Reply to Angela…..

    You are totally missing the point I trying to raise here Angela,and you are very sadly mistaken Lady as in the ‘Issue I have raised’ ….And ‘No’…!!!I am
    not fooled by your Feminist spin doctoring…

    You know exactly why I am bringing up the Peter Ellis Case…And you as an Socail Engineering Feminist don’t like it…Do you….Correct….Most Kiwi Feminists will not have a debate me on the ‘Peter Ellis Case’…Gee,I wonder why that is Angela..????.Maybe you as a Feminist could tell me…I am all Ears on this one…….?????

    You talk about ‘Lateral’ thinking ……Answer the question I have asked you Angela concerning ‘Peter Ellis’….That case destroyed many a careers of Male school teachers,who resign on mass after Peter Ellis got slaughtered and burnt at the stake by you charming Banshee kiwi screaming feminazi feminists…..

    Then, after the Peter Ellis case, the catch cry was from you Kiwi Feminazi Feminists ….. ‘All Men are potential Rapists and potential Pedophiles’…Correct Angela..??????

    After all Peter Ellis was a ‘Rational’ Feminazi Kiwi Feminist Witch hunt nothing more,nothing less…I suggest you see this website concerning,also might I suggest to you Angela, as an Feminist, read the book called ‘A city possessed’ written by a very well respected author called ‘Lynley Hood ‘ …that will be an eye opener for you as an Feminist

    Oh I suggest you do your homework and read up ‘Erin Pizzey’ before you mouth off your ‘rational’ Feminist comments…!!!
    ‘Erin Pizzey’ on ‘You Tube’ stated on her interview part2..Erin Pizzey said publicity on ‘You Tube’ this Billion dollar a year ‘Evil Empire’ of so called Feminism as to be stopped…Don’t believe me Angela …?????…That see and hear for yourself what Erin Pizzey had to say about Feminism …..!!!!…You won’t like it at all …!!!!!…Can’t wait to hear your Feminist spin doctoring on Erin Pizzey after you have listen to what this amazing Lady had to say about your Feminism Angela…!!!

    L.O.L ….Hmmmmmm….Funny your comment a lot of Men like the so called modern Woman…that statement is pure social engineering Feminism political spin doctoring ‘Bollocks’…Then pray tell ….How come we have a so called ‘Man’ drought in New Zealand then….?????

    Also Angela,how come I see more and more Kiwi Men,both as in young and Old are in relationships with other nationalities other then Kiwi Woman…As in Asia,India and Eastern European Woman…And can I blame them either…No….!!!..Good on them….

    Your statement …’Interestedly, there have been studies that show that woman’s shelters have actually saved more men’s lives than woman’s.’…. Where can I view these so called Studies Angela…???? I would love to see them….

    ‘Tongue in Cheek’…The so called Studies on how ‘Men have been saved by Woman’s shelters’ …Hmmmmmm….were those ‘Studies’ written by the ‘The Ministry of Woman’s Affairs’ of New Zealand by any chance …????…Just curious,that’s all….L.O.L….

    So some of us on the Menz forum are a bunch of so called ‘Bullies’……Again, more of the same ‘Kiwi Feminism political spin doctoring’ …

    No,wrong Angela…The real reason why you say that,is many of us Fathers will not bow down to too, or submit and be submissive to this Evil Empire of Extreme Feminazi Socail Engineering Feminism…….

    Kind regards to you Angela ….John Dutchie

    Comment by John Dutchie — Fri 12th February 2010 @ 9:49 am

  22. Have a read of this recent article:

    Story from:

    Teen girls sucked into crime by older men
    By SALLY KIDSON – The Nelson Mail

    More teenage girls are turning to crime and violence after becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol through their older boyfriends, a Nelson lawyer says.

    His observations are backed up by groundbreaking research being done by social anthropologist Donna Swift, who says the teenage girls in trouble with
    police for violence or anti-social behaviour she deals with, often have boyfriends four or five years older.

    Lawyer John Sandston said during the past year he had noticed a pattern emerging where in “case after case” the girls aged 14-16 coming before the Youth
    Court on violence and dishonesty charges were hanging around with much older men, who were giving them drugs and alcohol, initially for free.

    “It’s not every girl, but the vast majority seem to have boyfriends five to seven years older than them or they are in a group with males that age.”

    He acknowledged the issue of young girls dating older men was not a new phenomenon but said he was concerned as anecdotally it seemed to be getting

    Both Mr Sandston and Dr Swift said they were concerned these young girls were heading down a destructive path, had bad self-esteem and were dropping out
    of school.

    “My concern is where is this going to lead these kids?” Mr Sandston said.

    He said he had discovered that often the young girls were getting alcohol for free initially and when the free supply dried up, turned to crime, like
    burglaries or robberies, to either support their habits or pay back debts.

    He believed some also were carrying out sexual favours to pay for the drugs or alcohol.

    He felt it was the “modus operandi” of the men to pick up young girls and get them hooked on drugs and alcohol.

    He was familiar with the names of many of the older men the girls were dating or hanging around with as they regularly appeared in the district court, he

    Mr Sandston said it had become more common to see the older boyfriends waiting at Youth Court while their younger girlfriends appeared.

    The girls were also hanging out at the district court while their boyfriends appeared on charges.

    A lot of the girls were bright and it was a shame to see them destroying their lives, he said.

    Mr Sandston wanted to speak out as he was concerned some parents had no idea what was going on.

    Dr Swift is a third of the way through ground-breaking research looking at the use of violence and anti-social behaviour in girls aged 13 to 17, called
    The Girls’ Project.

    As part of her studies Dr Swift is gathering information from 3000 young girls in the Tasman police district, which covers the top of the South Island.

    Dr Swift said a pattern had emerged in that many of the girls in trouble she spoke to had older boyfriends.

    The girls were often physically mature and did not fit in at school, or have other interests.

    Often the older boyfriend was the only thing that made them feel good.

    She said what concerned her was that the relationships the girls had with their older partners often had a level of dating violence that was similar to a
    domestic violence type relationship.

    “There’s an awful lot of young girls spending time with their boyfriends – girls 14, 15, 16, maybe even younger, going out with guys and getting bashed
    around or abused the same you would see in a domestic violence relationship.”

    Dr Swift said girls accounted for about 30 per cent of the youth violence reported to police in the Tasman police district, which was up from 25 per cent
    five or six years ago.

    Little research had been carried out about girls and violence in New Zealand, which was partly why her study was so important, she said.

    However because these girls will be mothers and nurture the next generation, there was huge potential by intervening with this small group of girls to
    reduce youth violence and make a big difference.


    My comments: Note that the article shows young women refusing to take adult responsibility for their behaviour. Others, such as this lawyer, readily juvenilize women to absolve them of personal responsibility and women readily portray themselves as juvenile for that purpose. This lawyer’s vague impressions are clearly influenced by feminist propaganda, and he then recounts as fact a story or stories told him by these young women. Note how the article refers to these sexually mature female delinquents as teenage “girls” (when feminists would accuse us of sexism if we dared to call young women “girls” when this didn’t suit their interests), then the lawyer goes on to describe them as “young girls” and “kids” to emphasize that they cannot be expected to be responsible for their behaviour. Note how the lawyer exaggerates the age difference between the young women and their boyfriends. Note how the researcher’s finding (still vague and lacking in objective data) that female teenagers go out with guys a few years older (wow, who would have thought?) is described as “groundbreaking” and is said to support the lawyer’s claim that the older boyfriends are deliberately hooking the females on alcohol and drugs and that’s what made them offend. Of course, the research does not support that story at all because we don’t know whether these violent offending females go out with older guys any more than do non-offending females (and even if they did, no causal relationship is demonstrated. It’s just as likely that other background factors, such as father absence, influenced both the females’ delinquency and their preference for older, badder boys.) Note how there is not a hint that the females may have wanted and actively sought out opportunities to abuse alcohol and drugs, or that their boyfriends may have been supportive friends rather than scheming drug pushers and sexual slave owners. And note how there is no mention of the possibility that teenage females find strutting bad guys attractive and that such sexual selection may influence young men to choose antisocial paths.

    Comment by Hans Laven — Fri 12th February 2010 @ 10:42 am

  23. Oh, and I just noticed the journalist’s surname!

    Comment by Hans Laven — Fri 12th February 2010 @ 10:44 am

  24. ‘Tongue in Cheek’…The so called Studies on how ‘Men have been saved by Woman’s shelters’ …Hmmmmmm….were those ‘Studies’ written by the ‘The Ministry of Woman’s Affairs’ of New Zealand by any chance …????…Just curious,that’s all….L.O.L….

    I wont bother chasing the stats but apparently since the early seventies the rate of murders of “husbands” by wives in the English speaking world has dropped far more than the converse. Whether DV networks contribute to this is debatable.

    That said…recall what Pizzey said about the abusive women who came to her shelters. If that pattern is replicated it may be that the shelter inadvertently helps a man by taking the threat to his own physical safety away.

    Comment by gwallan — Fri 12th February 2010 @ 6:12 pm

  25. It was in New Zealand Science magazine about a year and a half ago.

    Yes, I consider myself a feminist but also a humanist. I believe in what is fair and just given all the facts. I love my dad and my brother. I don’t believe that all men are evil, just some. Same goes for women.

    You really have very few examples to prove your points, you just make a HUGE mountain out of everything. The battle of the sexes in NZ will end in about 20 years. I’ve seen the ending already. Nobody wins or loses, all that matters is how you played the game – with integrity … or not.

    Comment by Angela — Fri 12th February 2010 @ 9:23 pm

  26. Angela says: Yes, I consider myself a feminist but also a humanist. I don’t believe that all men are evil, just some.

    Don’t you find it odd that a humanist would believe that evil exists?

    Angela says: The battle of the sexes in NZ will end in about 20 years. I’ve seen the ending already. Nobody wins or loses

    Your apparent ability to see in to the future does not seem rational. A particularly important ethical stance of humanism is rationality according to Wikipedia.

    Angela says: all that matters is how you played the game — with integrity … or not.

    I don’t think it’s reasonable that a feminist should dictate the rules to men, especially when feminism mounted an undeclared war against MEN which has largely gone unchallenged until recently. The terrible crimes of which feminism is responsible for can certainly not be trivialised with the description of ‘a game’.

    Angela says: You really have very few examples to prove your points

    Please scroll up to the top of this webpage where you will see promoting a clearer understanding of men’s experience. I don’t think John needs to offer proof on his experiences to you. You would be more helpful if you were able to understand, sympathise and offer help to that gender that has suffered most from feminist extremism. After all, humanism apparently endorses gender equality.

    Comment by SicKofNZ — Fri 12th February 2010 @ 10:13 pm

  27. I think Angela is about 12 years old. That’s the only rationale explanation I can make on her very limited knowledge of feminism. Either that or she is poorly educated. And I’m not trying to throw stones Angela, that’s exactly how you are coming across!

    If you seriously want to be educated more about the sexism that is occurring in New Zealand then please ask and I’m sure we can arrange for you to visit some of the groups that are around and you can hear their stories and start to understand what is actually happening in New Zealand.

    Comment by noconfidence — Sat 13th February 2010 @ 12:22 am

  28. It was in New Zealand Science magazine about a year and a half ago.

    Link please….

    My checks indicate that publications is no longer available!

    Comment by noconfidence — Sat 13th February 2010 @ 12:48 am

  29. In general, New Zealand society is about 20 years behind other industrialised nations, in matters dealt with in the study of society, or sociology, … gender, media, class, ethnicity, work, urbanism, aging, etc., etc. This is how I have seen the future. Social change has occurred very quickly in the last ten years – no doubt due to the internet putting isolated New Zealand readily in touch with the rest of the world. It’s only natural that you’re so bitter and twisted. I’ve yet to see another men’s web site that is so openly and unashamedly abusive to women.

    Online copies of the science magazine I referred to are only available for historic copies. More recent issues would be available at your local library.

    Comment by Angela — Sat 13th February 2010 @ 10:59 am

  30. Angela, you’re a deluded left-brain prisoner of your bigoted education. You are typical of many psychologically disturbed misandrists that can’t help themselves but stalk men’s support groups to criticise those victims of your sisterhood’s destruction.
    The only thing that is bitter and twisted here is your reality. Your deluded imaginations of woman-abuse rival the propaganda spewed from the A.D.L. In fact you’ll probably find that feminism and the A.D.L. have much more in common with each other than my comparison of their behaviours. They both serve the same master. You are just another stupid sheep.

    Comment by SicKofNZ — Sat 13th February 2010 @ 11:55 am

  31. A very interesting article Hans….My question is, on those young Ladies upbringing….Was there Father or a still in the picture ‘Often the older boyfriend was the only thing that made them feel good.’

    Comment by John Dutchie — Sat 13th February 2010 @ 12:34 pm

  32. Bugger…!!!…Hit the wrong Key again….!!!!

    A very interesting article Hans…Thank you very much Good Sir …

    My question is,with those young Ladies upbringing….Was there ‘Father’ or a ‘Male’ role model,such as in a ‘Uncle’…’Grand Father’ still involved and giving guidance to those young Lady lives ….????

    I have a sneaky gut feeling that the answer is a ‘No’…

    Kind regards John Dutchie

    Comment by John Dutchie — Sat 13th February 2010 @ 12:39 pm

  33. From reading the thread, it is clear that Angela has made her opinions to the limit of her knowledge. Of course most of you have probably already picked up on the fact that she along with so many others on this forum can use additional information to further develop more understanding from the perspective of rational men who have first hand experience.

    Sadly, many of the men that are so handicapped by their own experiences really promote and share a deep hatred for feminist(and considering their circumstances, no one can really blame them).

    Nevertheless, I have said this before and I would like to say it again.

    – Blaming the entire female gender (in NZ or the world if you like) for the fault of feminists is a big mistake. Many women today don’t even identify with feminism at all. The average non-feminist woman who accidentally finds this site (regardless of her background and level of education) leaves this site a determined feminist. Your female hating comments breeds misandry. In the worst case you create a new stronger female more than willing to condemn men. All a new site visitor does is read the comments, look between his/her legs, identify with the gender he/she belongs to and pick a side. There really is no common ground in most of the statements here. And most of the men today will side with the women that they love because hey their relationship has not gotten to family court yet and they are oblivious to the reality that may befall them should they get there.

    – No matter what you say today, the next generation is always the most powerful and everyone of us will pass on…. is this what you want to leave the children of tomorrow?… feminists preparing their daughters to fight back male aggression and pick up where they left off, and female hating men renegading their sons to take back their rights and put the women in their places while they look at alternatives to replacing the current feminist western woman?

    What do you think? Did you think that that submissive Asian, African or South American woman will just immigrate and not joint the ranks of feminists in western society when she realizes her rights that were granted because of the so called female social engineering?

    The only truth is that the current situation needs improvement. I gotta hand it to SkeptiK, amidst all of his female-hating-down-talking-holier-than-thou skepticism, he has made one statement that makes a lot of sense and this is what I understand from it…

    Societies where BOTH biological parents are EQUALLY valued have existed for all of known history.

    In western society there should be a clear and thorough investigation of every domestic violence allegation from an unbiased system (police, lawyers, investigators etc…). The consequences/benefits must be the same for both genders across the board.

    Showering Angela with demeaning down talking you have adopted from each other is a clear sign that you are being intentionally dense when it comes to promoting awareness about the reality of the flaws of the current system.

    Pizzey fights the wrongs but normal language and civilized discussion. Shift the balance of any logical interaction between the genders by adopting down-talk and every other deconstructive trick in the book gets you nowhere. Angela may or may not b 12… if she is, she is just one member of the next generation that you have probably chased away from this site rendering her with an even stronger sense of feminism than she originally had.

    There are many more you boys and girls who just watch an learn in silence while you flex your egos. Many of these posts are reviewed by the students at university level studying towards a bachelors of SOCIOLOGY and WOMENS STUDIES. While you are here wasting your time feeding them with topics to study.

    Comment by onewomanDV — Sat 13th February 2010 @ 12:49 pm

  34. Hi John, articles like these need to be studied in depth. Did you find out about the Men’s Studies at university level?

    Comment by onewomanDV — Sat 13th February 2010 @ 12:54 pm

  35. Reply to Onewoman

    ‘What do you think? Did you think that that submissive Asian, African or South American woman will just immigrate’

    …..Your comment above,firstly have in lived in any of those Countries that you have mentioned…????

    I lived and worked in Thailand for eighteen months …Meet and associated with all ‘walks of life’ with the Thai people..And still today,I still have a very and deep close friendship with my Thai friends both as in Female and Male…

    And I can you right now,from my own personal experience Thai Woman are not submissive or subservient to there so called Thai men folk…In fact ‘God help you’ if you piss a Thai Woman off.!!!..

    Especially If she is skilled in Thai Kick boxing..which a lot of Thai woman are….’But’, and here the big ‘but’ OnewomanDV both Genders have ‘Respect’ and ‘Admiration’ for each other….As in Man and Woman…….

    Hence that is why I am leaving N.Z and heading back to live my final days in Thailand……

    OnewomanDV All my Life I have treated and respected all Woman as my Equal…in every aspect of Life….But I have seen what Feminism as done to a Country I love and truly cherished …Feminism as turn good and decent,loving Men/Fathers into second class citizens…….

    No OnewomanDV did I or others blame all Kiwi Woman with this Evil Feminism social engineering…No I dis not

    But lets not mince words here shall we…Even so called Un Feminism

    Comment by John Dutchie — Sat 13th February 2010 @ 1:13 pm

  36. @ OnewomanDV, It was clear from Angela’s posts that she had no intention of making the slightest attempt to understand or empathise with those here who have suffered from illegal gender discrimination. Her posts were almost entirely comprised of questions that she expected to have answered thus placing herself in a dominant position. That is an indication of her mindset. The person who asks the questions is in a dominant position compared to those who are expected to answer those questions. It is an arrogant position to place oneself in, especially after declaring oneself a feminist and also appearing to be a newcomer to this MEN’s site.
    Many of the people who post here have already suffered under the abuse of women who have exerted techniques to gain power and control over them. Many of us are very sensitive to those techniques. There should be no pressure from anyone for men to succumb to the dominating behaviors exhibited by some women.
    Much of the rest of Angela’s posts here contained criticism of one poster or another.
    The last thing that an abused man needs is to have a feminist attempting to assert control over him whilst also criticising him if his opinion is disagreeable to her.
    It is a shame that you did not follow Angela’s postings from her initial post on this forum and onwards. You might have had better luck at reigning her abusive behaviour in before our patience ran out and preferred that she just fark off. I know that if Julie was here and had noticed Angela’s behaviour she certainly would have taken her to task before our rejection of her stupidity became necessary.

    Comment by SicKofNZ — Sat 13th February 2010 @ 1:20 pm

  37. Bugger hit the wrong key once again….!!

    To finish off….But lets not mince words here shall we OnewomanDV…Even so called ‘Un-Feminism’ Kiwi Woman know the System is totally on there side and are they are not scarred to use it either ……I can vouch for that one OnewomanDV…And so can many other good decent loving caring Men/Fathers can testify to my above statement…….

    Yes OnewomanDV.. I will repeat this..once again…I truly fear Kiwi woman…And I will not ever get involved or Love,let alone even date a Kiwi Woman ever again….!!!

    Kiwi woman know that they just have to point the finger at you as the Man/Father are totally screwed by the Feminism political system,Justice system, that also includes the Family Courts.

    And again I have said this before…Then Kiwi Woman wonder why we here in N.Z have a Man drought….I can tell right now OnewomanDV after speaking to a lot my Male friends and work colleges…

    Who have experience the joy of Kiwi Feminism of been ‘hammered to hell’ by Feminist system and because they made the mistake of been born a Man,or even the worst possible ‘Sin’ a Kiwi Man can make…is to become a Father here in N.Z…..

    Do you think I am going to stay in N.Z and be a second class Citizen because I am a Man and a Father…Like hell I am….!!!
    And I can tell you right now OnewomanDV The so called Man drought for Kiwi Woman is going to get a lot worse….

    Kind regards to you OnewomanDV..John Dutchie

    Comment by John Dutchie — Sat 13th February 2010 @ 1:39 pm

  38. Hi John.
    I do not doubt that you treat and respect all women as equal. Like you I can see what extreme feminism is doing and voicing you opinion is great. Unlike you though Ivan says…

    “Eliminating 1 parent, grandparents, cousins and other half of the family = child abuse”

    True or false?

    Try asking women if depriving kids of half of their family is abuse! You’ll get the following statistics:

    99% of women would pretend they don’t understand this question. They would answer unasked questions or switch the subject. And all men will answer: It is abuse.
    1% of women would have the courage to say the truth.

    The reason for women avoiding this question is obvious:
    All women, even the dumbest one, know that abusing his kids hurts him most. And all women like to have that big club to punish him. Just in case they want it. It’s her monopoly to violence that feminist barbarians have given to every woman: the biggest club, together with her right to kill his babies, plunder his assets and make him bonded labourer for her — and all this supported by feminist guns and jails.

    This is the flip side of feminism… this is Misogyny. Notice how he has clearly said ALL WOMEN. Clearly he does not share your caliber of seeing logical non-feminist women as equals.

    Thank you for the insight on Thai women. I do not know very much about them and their culture so I will have to take your word for it =).

    Regarding seemingly subservient women from non-western countries currently living in western society… you cannot believe the speed with which they jump no the band wagon of feminism when they find themselves in the system (family court, domestic violence etc…). They even have separate shelters now and go against everything in their culture (that puts the family unit first) that they are inevitably disowned from their own families.

    Now they may or may not have valid situations that merit the requirement of safety but the reality is most of them just have to cry rape and off the ball goes rolling… that has to change.

    Kind regards

    Comment by onewomanDV — Sat 13th February 2010 @ 1:44 pm

  39. OnewomanDV. I agree with SickofNZ. Angela was just trying to cause some trouble. Apparently I had done this and done that but when asked to prove I had abused UofF and Alan there was no answer only the next torrid of foul abuse.
    A person like that only stifles discussion.

    For the record, I believe in equal gender rights, but to achieve them, men have to realise where are currently are now and start the fight against radical feminism. I appreciate both your input here and that of Julie who does alot for single parents like me, regardless of gender. When there is no more ministry of women’s affairs or, to that matter, a ministry of Maori affairs then we will be on the road to recovering our society. It will take a generation to do it because the gender stereotyping on both sides. I remain optimistic – i have to for my children’s sake.

    Comment by noconfidence — Sat 13th February 2010 @ 3:34 pm

  40. Angela says: Just a thought, do you think if the driver of the car had been male the same verdict would have been made? So, let’s say it was the passenger’s car and he went along and carried on the party in his car, allowing his mate to reach those speeds. Of course the same verdict would have been made!

    Speeding intoxicated male driver crashes and kills innocent male driver of another vehicle. Male passenger in offenders vehicle – no mention whatsoever of him also being charged with any crime. Same country, same circumstances, different outcome. Why do you suppose that is Angela? Could it be that the offending driver wasn’t a female and with a male passenger to blame for her criminality?
    Angela, you asked: …do you think if the driver of the car had been male the same verdict would have been made?
    Quite clearly the answer is NO.

    Comment by SicKofNZ — Sun 14th February 2010 @ 1:56 pm

  41. Sick, there are mitigating circumstances in the other case remember. The passenger owned the vehicle and asked the driver to do so as he was too drunk. And the Jag was going 100 mph – not kph. So far in this case, from what I was able to find, the driver has only been arrested so far with investigations to continue. I don’t believe it’s clearcut at all. Not much is black and white; there are always shades of grey.

    Comment by Angela — Sun 14th February 2010 @ 6:47 pm

  42. Angela, I don’t think the speed was alluded to in the news item that I posted. It could well have been in excess of 100 mph although without that information it is impossible to make any comparison, either way and is therefore irrelvant.
    Although, as you have said the Jag was going 100mph, a more precise description would be that SHE was driving the Jag in excess of 100mph.
    I’m unable to find where the male passenger was reported as asking the woman drive to drive his car. Maybe you could find that evidence and provide the link for me please? The BBC News report states: Nichols gave his car keys to the twice-divorced mother-of-two to drive them back because he had drunk “the majority” of the wine. She may well have offered to drive. There is a difference between asking and allowing for his car to be driven. The Judge said: …was found guilty of two counts of causing death by dangerous driving because he had failed to tell his fellow company director and partner to slow down.
    My supplied News Item does not mention the passenger asking for the driver to slow down either and yet there appears to be no charges laid against him.
    You’re correct in that it’s not clear cut … yet. You DID ask the question and I’ve spent my time finding an answer that satisfies me. Do you think it might be more beneficial if YOU could spend your time to find any other news items that would either corroborate or discredit your initial view rather than taking a stance without any corroborative evidence and then asking for others to disprove your personal view?

    Comment by SicKofNZ — Sun 14th February 2010 @ 7:26 pm

  43. Angela said:

    The passenger owned the vehicle and asked the driver to do so as he was too drunk.

    If he was too drunk then his judgement was impaired.
    He was, however able to realise that he was over the limit. Whether his wife realised that she was is another issue.
    Remember that in New South Wales a man can be arrested with rape if he had consented sexual intercourse with a woman WHILE SHE WAS DRUNK. This is because her judgement may be impaired.

    So are we saying that there are two sets of rules, one for men, and one for women because,like the topic says ‘are women children’.

    I believe that they are not but given a ‘get out’ clause, anyone, regardless of gender may take that option.

    Comment by noconfidence — Sun 14th February 2010 @ 8:00 pm

  44. Here are some more images for you to make use of if you wish John.

    Comment by SicKofNZ — Sun 14th February 2010 @ 10:06 pm

  45. Reply to SicKofNZ

    …..L.O.L….Very very witty,but very true…..’Tongue in Cheek’ and just ‘Stirring the Pot’…Now I can understand why I am single here in N.Z…I don’t bow down or grovel to ‘Feminism’…… Yep, I am going print them off…..And I will hand them out to the Feminists I know ,and might I add, who are also are single…..Hmmmmmm….I Wonder why….????? know……’Provocative’….Damn straight I am……

    Kind regards John Dutchie

    Comment by John Dutchie — Mon 15th February 2010 @ 6:53 am

  46. Are women children?

    I’d be worried if any children acted the way my ex does!

    Comment by Scott B — Tue 23rd February 2010 @ 4:16 pm

  47. Are women children? There’s all sorts out there, of all sexes. From my own experience there are plenty who will grab the victim label with both hands and play it for all it’s worth if they think it’s in their interests. And plenty who won’t have a bar of it. No different from any loophole anywhere, actually. What I’d like to know is why is the assumption enshrined in official thinking and in law and can’t be challenged? There’s a question for sociology 101.

    Comment by Dan — Wed 24th February 2010 @ 2:33 pm

  48. Ah but they won’t dare look into that, cause it isn’t anti male!

    Comment by Scott B — Wed 24th February 2010 @ 2:49 pm

  49. The same goes for men. I think the very reason lies with how they are raised. A child raised to “fight fire with fire” is prone once adult to take childish actions such as revenge, yelling back just as loud, ruining a nice moment and so on. A child raised to be responsible and be mature, solving the problem with actual solutions usually will know by the time they are adult that not acting like a child difuses a tense situation much easier.

    Comment by Alex — Fri 26th February 2010 @ 6:45 pm

  50. must be to many children running the country..

    Comment by Ford — Wed 12th September 2012 @ 8:56 am

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