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Coming home!

Filed under: General — Julie @ 12:14 am Mon 16th August 2010

This’ll bring tears to your eyes!

20 Responses to “Coming home!”

  1. Scott B says:

    Damn you Julie. I am bawling my eyes out. I want nothing more than my children to react to seeing me like that. But at the moment they won’t even talk to me.

  2. Scrap_The_CSA says:

    Lets not forget those who did not come home and those who have suffered herrendous injuries.



  3. Ms IRD Officer says:

    If George Bush wasn’t such an idiot they would not even be there and away from loved ones.
    The abuse of almost exclusively male cannon fodder for political ends is just that abusive.
    This video is just militaristic BS in my view.
    If the US did not try to be a global policeperson then scenes like this need not occur.

  4. julie says:

    I’m sorry Scott. I have watched it a few times now and it still brings tears to my eyes. In a perfect world, eh?

    All I can think to say is ‘Hang in there!” There’s going to be a day when we altogether stop society’s anti male propaganda.

  5. julie says:

    OMG, …. sooooo many.

  6. julie says:

    HI MsIRD, I wrote a comment but had to take it back because I hadn’t realised how good your point is.

  7. BigEddy says:

    Yes let the islamicists attack us all, 9/11 in New Zealand too

    Without a policeman of the world , laws are useless, if America (and England) were not policeman of the world , you may be speaking Japanese slave street language too, or how about that great ideology, communism, without a global cop to protect small countries like NZ, maybe you would be working on collective farm 12 maybe for free 7 days a week

    You are VERY VERY lucky to be able to live in a free world and to be able to say what you want. This is not because of NZ, it is because USA is protecting the free world. America and England have defeated all these threats and they will save us from Islamicism too

    From a Kiwi !!!

  8. JohnPotter says:

    I admit I shed a tear or two at first, but after about 3-4 minutes I started feeling manipulated and vaguely nauseous, so I stopped watching.

  9. Larry says:

    Ms IRD officer you are right. Men should be portrayed more positively in lots of other ways rather than as soldiers in someone’s service. BigEddy, communism was created by the ruling elite.

  10. tren says:

    If you can and have time go and see the immensely moving South African movie Skin. I believe it is in the pictures right now.

  11. BigEddy says:

    I suppose Islam was too ?

  12. Ms IRD Officer says:

    Islam is the religion of Abraham. I am told he had many children. The fundamentalist of whatever breed (Christians, Zionists, Anarchists, Atheists as well as Father Abraham’s Muslim children) are to be greatly feared. The majority of all faiths, colours and belief should be treated with tolerance and understanding. That way we have the best shot at protecting our own children and their children.

    Enough philosophy, I’m off to chase unpaid Child Support from those who try to hide their resources in body bags.

    Thanks for the movie recomendation Tren. I will look it up. Good research on how we need to be ever vigilant of fraudulent DNA evidence in my role as enforcer of benefit recovery.

  13. Skeptik says:

    I got as far as 1 minute 40 seconds into this.
    Then the syrupy jingoistic patriotism got too much as I started to think of all the Afghani children who WON’T be getting a father coming home to them, and all the Afghani Fathers who’ve buried their sons and daughters after the coalition’s many ‘precision’ strikes and ‘acceptable collateral damage’.

  14. Scott B says:

    I only lasted a minute

  15. Skeptik says:

    Ms IRD,

    you say –

    The fundamentalist of whatever breed (Christians, Zionists, Anarchists, Atheists as well as Father Abraham’s Muslim children) are to be greatly feared.

    you forgot to mention feminists and chivalrists there.

  16. Larry says:

    BigEddy. No communism in Islam wasn’t created by the elite as you ask, but they are trying. They believe this world belongs to them and was given to them by God. They plan to control the apex of the pyramid.

  17. tren (Christchurch) says:

    Ms IRD Officer,

    Take one or more of your colleagues to the movie. There is in there heaps about fishy and unfair laws, fishy bureaucrats etc. Every one will benefit.

    Recently I got surveyed on IRD. No single question on Child Support.
    They wanted to know whether I thought taxes are good for the country.
    I replied definitely which I really do. But hey tell them Child support is with its current formula is extortion. I never chose to separate from my children and my family. The Family Court did. They destroyed my family with a protection order. (I wonder if Micheal Law (high profile politician) got one or he managed to corrupt a judge with a drink). Tell me Ms IRD does he pay child support by the formula or his wife was advised to do it privately.
    The state can not hurt one of its own.

    Keep up the good posts!

  18. noconfidence says:

    Perhaps they’ll do a better job than the current lot… lol!

  19. Larry says:

    noconfidence – I’m not sure who you mean by the current lot. The self-chosen ones are subverting sovereign governments and imposing world wide communism. They are behind the social ills (like feminism) in Western countries. I don’t see how its going to get better

  20. Darryl Ward says:

    I stopped watching it because it seemed to be propaganda for America’s wars.

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