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False Rape Claim

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 4:10 pm Sat 20th March 2010

Will be of interest to all.

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Mr Joseph was last week acquitted at the High Court in Rotorua on all charges relating to the alleged rape of the 14-year-old Mangakino girl in March, 2009. The charges he faced included abduction, forcibly taking a minor and rape.

The jury took just seven minutes to come back with a not guilty verdict following a five-day trial.


  1. Moved from previous thread…

    So, the innocent accused is named. The false accuser, who caused an innocent human being to be incarcerated for months and is also a thief remains anonymous AND probably will not be charged with anything.


    They charged HIM with kidnapping and HE was the one kidnapped!

    The jury took seven minutes to find the truth. The police officers and the prosecutors concerned should be dismissed with extreme prejudice. Each and every one of them should be held personally liable for the destruction of an innocent man. They should be forced to personally compensate him.

    The accuser should be charged with kidnap and punished accordingly. If her victim was subject to internal examinations and similar dehumanising and humiliating treatment she should be charged with rape and punished accordingly. Note that at no point did she come clean. She could have spared this man from his violation but chose not to. She should therefore suffer the full weight of the charges she deserves.

    Comment by gwallan — Sat 20th March 2010 @ 7:51 pm

  2. Re; False Claims

    The best data I could find was from the USA and it claimed that about 1 of 4 rape claims are false. I am a believer that the number may even higher for allegations against men for domestic violence. I am also convinced that the very nature of Police intervention is the direct cause for many deaths due to domestic violence. There is a tremendous influence for someone to make a false claim by feminist lawyers, corrupt and ill trained and frankly untrained police, and soft judges who approve even the most questionable claim. As someone who is a victim of an allegation such as this I can say that the impact is similar, if not identical, to rape allegations. You lose your freedom, you lose your privacy, you lose your source of income, in short, you lose everything.

    In my case there is overwhemling evidence to support my position, but I must plead “not guilty” (which I have done) and go thru the process. At EVERY STEP OF THE WAY you have lawyers and others, including police, trying to CONVINCE you that you should plead guilty, even if you are not guilty. They even offer “discharge without conviction” if you plead quilty. I persist though, despite the high moral ground I occupy being corrupt!!

    In the many months this has been going on I have listened to lawyers negotiate with other lawyers with respect to “protection orders” arising from alleged domestic violence. Clearly, the one’s I have heard being negotiated away were there in the 1st instance for a strategic advantage to whom ever made the claim in the 1st instance. At best these claims were questiuonable, and at worst out and out lies. In saying that I do acknowledge that there are cases where they should be in place, but there is absolutely no scrutiy by the courts on what is valid, and what is questionable. The courts are all to quick to take away rights immediately even when there is a total void of evidence to support a claim.

    My heart, and prayers, go out to this man and all others who have become victims of lies, deceit, exagerations and manufactured evidence (and i use the term losely here).

    Comment by Dan — Sun 21st March 2010 @ 7:59 am

  3. There is absolutely no justice served here. This man’s life has been scarred by the lies of a reckless and unruly child, not to mention the thousands of dollars spent on court and lawyers fees, and the emotional stress endured by the accused.

    She should be caned for it, and sentenced to a month in jail. This is what you get in Singapore if you lie to the authorities, hence the reason why they don’t have these kinds of problems in the first place. The punishment would help both her and society – she would never lie again, and it would serve as an example to all women who think they can recklessly do this sort of thing.

    Comment by Nic — Sun 21st March 2010 @ 2:31 pm

  4. Reply to Nic

    ‘It would serve as an example to all women who think they can recklessly do this sort of thing.’…..

    And again,just my humble opinion, a lot Kiwi Feminists that I have debated with on false rape allegations think it is there ‘Solemn Right’ to do so,and totally justifiable …..For many Kiwi Feminists think on the lines that ‘All Men are Rapists’

    Kind regards John Dutchie

    Comment by John Dutchie — Sun 21st March 2010 @ 2:40 pm

  5. Dear John, presently women to have a “legal” right to accuse men without fear of any consequences at all. Even if it not a right visible in legislation, it is a “right” that may be exercised in any caught. Some men are doing it too, alas…

    However, NZ legislation tags along, between 25 and 50 years out of date. This is due to the delays in the public working out what is really going on and pressurising our politicians…… I am not meaning to say the public are that slow, it is just that entertainment comes before justice.

    If men were unhappy about these malpractices, then they could sue, the same way that O.J. Simpson was sued by his murder victim’s family!!!! and I guess the legal-workers would still be scraping off additional ill gained profits, along the way….

    When the pendulum eventually swings the other way, then women will have difficulty in getting genuine rape complaints heard in caught. Likewise, lawyers and “judges” will not be accepted in polite society…

    I don’t see that either type of malpractice serves anyone/ Those who take pleasure in seeing innocent people being sentenced to jail and those who pay their bills from “legal work”, irrespective of whether the right result came out, ill serve our society.

    In the next decade, or two, the public will be more aware and much less trusting of the work of legal workers, in particular of “judges”. Then, instead of enjoying a protected income, “judges” will have to compete to sell their time, into a skeptical, cautious and fully informed marketplace.

    Anyway, only go into caught, with problems that you are happy to gamble on and accept any possible outcome.

    If something is really important to you, negotiate outside of caught, to protect your family’s paramount interests.

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Mon 22nd March 2010 @ 8:34 pm

  6. How a pissed-off woman’s false rape accusation can cause a real rape:

    Woman’s lie about rape led to lover’s beating, sodomy

    Luckily this didn’t happen in New Zealand or the poor victim would’ve been locked up instead of hospitalised.

    Comment by SicKofNZ — Mon 22nd March 2010 @ 9:11 pm

  7. We’ve all heard the totally unsubstantiated claim of 1 in for women is a rape victim.

    In her book “A city possessed”, Linley Hood talks about the “expert” witnesses who were called in the stand by the prosecution (the crown) in the Chistchruch Civic Creche case.

    Hood did some background checks on the “reaseach” these feminists quoted under oath. She was astonished to discover that these women a closely knit group where each would claim something as fact referring the the research of an other memer of the group.

    Maybe we should use that technique to spread the “fact” that 3 in 4 rape allegations are false?

    Comment by Pete — Tue 23rd March 2010 @ 3:08 pm

  8. @Pete…

    Hood did some background checks on the “reaseach” these feminists quoted under oath. She was astonished to discover that these women a closely knit group where each would claim something as fact referring the the research of an other memer of the group.

    Same is true of DV research as well. There is a closed set of work which is entirely internally self referencing. Outside that set is much research which ignored and if it is ever mentioned it is slandered in whatever manner is available.

    Just in the past couple of days I’ve seen Murray Strauss accused of being a paedophile even though feminist advocates cited his research for decades UNTIL he started revealing his own pre-existing data relating to male victims.

    Comment by gwallan — Tue 23rd March 2010 @ 3:20 pm

  9. Reply to Pete

    What happen to Peter Ellis,in my humble opinion, is just the tip of the iceberg as in how many other decent Men and Fathers have been ‘switch up’ and sent to Prison …By these so called ‘experts’…

    The Peter Ellis case again in my humble opinion set the precedent though out the ‘system’, including our Justice system…’That all Men/Fathers are all Potential Rapists and Potential Pedophiles’

    Hence, as I have said many times before, over my dead body will I let my young adult Son become a Male School teacher here New Zealand…

    Again,just my humble opinion ,what happen to ‘Peter Ellis’ was nothing more then a premeditated Kiwi Feminists witch hunt to get Men out of the Educational system so the
    Kiwi social engineering Feminists could control and manipulate the education system, and carry on full stream ahead with there Feminist agenda of Feminism brain washing in our schools……

    Kind regards John Dutchie

    Comment by John Dutchie — Tue 23rd March 2010 @ 5:08 pm

  10. This is a sad and bad story that happens to alot of men. Good on journalist NICOLA BRENNAN for bringing it to light.


    A man who came out of jail on a minor offence told me the prisons are busting at the seams with men on false rape charges and that the treatment in prison for rapists is very cruel.

    Comment by julie — Wed 24th March 2010 @ 8:57 am

  11. Kids frequently make mistakes because they don’t think of the consequences of their actions.

    But this is outrageous:

    In Mr Joseph’s case the police had written statements from a couple who were asleep in the room at the same time the rape was alleged to have occurred, Mr Temm said.

    The cops should be reprimanded for continuing the inquiry once they had this piece of information and for the police prosecutor lets move him to a job that he can handle.

    Comment by Pete — Wed 24th March 2010 @ 11:22 am

  12. Is there bestlawyer who are competent and experience with false rape allegations please? Rotorua high court case

    Comment by Ila namana — Mon 17th August 2020 @ 3:06 pm

  13. 7 minutes.
    Is that a record?

    Anyway, an example men can face.

    The thing is, it still needed deciding by a court.
    And was used, in media, in ways to discredit the accused.
    And obviously in a courtroom.
    Such behaviour can prejudice a jury.
    In this case the minds of the judiciary.
    They are deciding on other matters.
    Poisoned, in desperation, in the final days.

    Find anyone, who will say anything.


    In the mind of the female.
    It sounds like her memories, change with time.
    Which is why historical cases, should mostly not happen.
    As anybody, can be guilty of it.
    Many, independent complaints, is different.

    One must question the accused rights.
    As he seemed, to have none.

    Is there a right not to be charged, alleged in court.
    With something that cannot be proven.
    Staining his character, even in his dying days, again.
    With a case of likely, fantasy.

    You cannot ignore the irony, in this event.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 2nd July 2021 @ 7:38 pm

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