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Father’s protests over Child, Youth and Family

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Julie @ 10:37 am Wed 26th May 2010

Over the past few months there have been fathers protesting outside Family Courts, CYFS offices (child, youth and family) on both North and South islands, Prime Minister John Key’s home and MP Paula Bennett’s office.

It’s a group led by a father going through a terrible ordeal to save his daughter’s life in a CYFS case with the support of his sister who cares very dearly not just for her niece but that CYFS policies are anti fathers. They’ve gained the support from both radical and moderate father’s advocates and activists as well as extended their own support to include other fathers (and mothers) going through similar ordeals in custody battles.

To give an idea of how the bias of men is saturated in government, all government departments, the media, community groups and churches receiving government funding, I’d like to share how seriously wrong false theories can go. After all, the whole country from the deep south to the far north is following radical feminist theories evolving around women being morally superior to men or put bluntly, man=bad, woman=good.



There was a doctor who had a theory that SIDS (cot death) was hereditary, so he worked at a hospital where he was able to oversee a family whose 5 babies, one after the other, died. By the time the fourth baby was in hospital being monitored from birth, the nurses pleaded with the doctor not to allow the mother to take the baby home. But, because the doctor cared more about proving his theory right than the newborn baby’s welfare, he ignored the nurse’s pleas and sent the baby home with the mother.

That very night, the baby died.

Within the next year the same mother had another baby and once again the doctor was overseeing the baby’s care in the hospital, and once again he allowed the mother to take the baby home, this time against the firm protesting of the nurses. And sadly, once again the very first night in the mothers care, the baby died.

The doctor published his theory and became well known and wealthy while the mother walked free. 25 years later a prosecutor looked over the notes of the doctor’s theory and police were asked to investigate the mother. In an interview she broke down and cried saying she had been begging God (her choice) to forgive her for murdering her children. The worst part of this case is that the doctor’s false theory allowed mothers to have a free license to kill their babies for 25 years.

Once the theory that SIDS is hereditary was proven wrong, police were able to investigate cases where mothers smothered their babies to death and a correct theory has been able to save the lives of countless babies.

Reference: ‘Deadly women’, Crime Investigation. Channel 71, SKY TV.


Radical feminists base all their work on the theory that man=bad, woman=good and just like the doctor (above), are willing to sacrafice countless children to prove their theory right.

CYFS has a policy following radical feminism’s theory, that states a father is never to be trusted by his children and if a father is to do a parenting course, it must be totally different from the course a mother does. She will be encouraged to bond with her children while he must never be given any assistance that will put him in a position where his children trust him. Instead he will be taught to respect the mother and children.

CYFS has another policy where they’ll take a child from a mother for abuse as long as there’s no father involved; for the moment a father steps up to take care of his child/ren, the mother will have the children returned to her care and CYFS will fight the father on her behalf.


In our father and sister’s case, the mother uses the drug, “P” (which comes up positive on her drug tests) and hangs around, dealing drugs to and with, Mongrel Mob gang members. To shut the father out, CYFS told the parents in one meeting that the mother is to smoke the drug “P” outside of the house.

She has even burgled the father’s house of expensive items to pay for her drug habit and beaten badly the child both parents are responsible of.

Yesterday the father was in court where CYFS had a restraining order put on him for taking his daughter to the doctor after being abused by the mother and can no longer see his daughter except for 2 hours a fortnight under supervision. ……..As you can imagine, the father is devastated.


This is a tragic story that is happening to countless fathers around the country. Just as the nurses pleaded and protested to the doctor to stop allowing the mother to kill her babies, fathers are pleading with New Zealand to stop giving mothers a free license to abuse and kill their own flesh and blood, the very children they swore to protect from the moment they were conceived. This is not about control, THIS IS ABOUT THE WELFARE OF CHILDREN.

My heart goes out to the father and his family who you can tell when you meet them, would give their little girl a great start in life. I do feel sorry for the mother in that her life wasn’t the best and I do care, but I just can’t see the point allowing the chain of abuse to continue through generations if it can be stopped.

To follow this story and many others coming in from around the world visit: The fight for men’s Rights In the Welfare and justice systems.

BTW… This group has a protest coming up this Sunday outside Prime Minister John Key’s home and your attendance would be appreciated. Other protests are also being organised so keep an eye on their site.


  1. Thankyou Julie for posting this.
    It’s heartening to read such matters are being discussed and protests are taking place.
    Such reports however would be more credible with references attached.

    Comment by S — Wed 26th May 2010 @ 11:04 am

  2. Sorry Julie,
    I missed the link first time around.

    Comment by S — Wed 26th May 2010 @ 11:05 am

  3. Such reports however would be more credible with references attached.

    Thanks S. I’ve just also added a reference for the ‘True Story’ although I added a link with a number of films on deadly women. The actual documentary about SIDS is on this film.

    Comment by julie — Wed 26th May 2010 @ 11:33 am

  4. Very good write-up Julie

    I might remind you and others that CYFS is under the control of MSD – MSD influence in WINZ is as desastrous and most certainly accounts for my 9 years of week about FC Ordered **Equal Parenting** with NO help what soever yet they accepted my medicle difficulties after much hassle and top surgeon support in year 2000.

    MSD-CYFS -&- WINZ have much to answer for

    They have become a Law unto themselves defying Court Orders, massive gender bias in the paying out of benefits and other payments they influence like so called **Working for Families**, living alone allowences, purging so called Child Support and screwing the most vunerable where possible especially the elderly.

    Onward – Ration Ration Shed – Jim

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Thu 27th May 2010 @ 5:34 pm

  5. we were a happy family 5 years ago. go to facebook and look up the group suppression rights for bodysnatchers if you want to read about a story that lets bodysnatchers being given a golden handshake from the family court system.

    Comment by chris wardill — Thu 27th May 2010 @ 6:42 pm

  6. Chris – Something wrong with the LINK – Onward – Jim

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Thu 27th May 2010 @ 7:01 pm

  7. It makes one lose faith in society when you read stories such as the few Julie posted / linked……

    How can it just go on, what stops something being done, it will have serious impacts on society and man kind in the coming years…… I do know why it just carries on,more just saying, I find it disgusting that it does just keep going on…..

    Comment by Whafe — Thu 27th May 2010 @ 8:36 pm

  8. Thanks, it’s fixed.

    Comment by julie — Thu 27th May 2010 @ 9:18 pm

  9. MSD (Ministry of social development) includes CYFS, Family & Community services, Studylink and WINZ. All 4 are at the bottom of their letter-head replies to me.

    Comment by julie — Thu 27th May 2010 @ 11:37 pm

  10. Thanks for that information Julie. Most people seeking support on CYFSTALY are ladies. Interestingly they are the driving force for their husbands! I will support the comment though about CUF anti male attitude even to the extent of placing children with single females in preference to whole families.

    Comment by Alastair — Fri 28th May 2010 @ 9:05 am

  11. Hi Alistair,

    Do you mean CYFSTALK instead of CYFSTALY?

    Comment by julie — Fri 28th May 2010 @ 1:13 pm

  12. Yes (Blushing) My keyboard can’t spell! and CYF a few words earlier. Over the years I have noticed a seeming concerted effort to break marriages (Including De Facto)

    Comment by Alastair — Fri 28th May 2010 @ 1:38 pm

  13. Lol, naughty keyboard.

    I wasn’t sure because you just never know if there’s such a branch called CTFSTALY. For all I know someone might be tallying up ‘….’ (something).

    Comment by julie — Fri 28th May 2010 @ 1:43 pm

  14. Yes, there’s been a bit of that going on recently.

    Colour me unimpressed.

    Comment by gwallan — Sun 30th May 2010 @ 4:19 am

  15. My sympathies Chris.
    I think the more these stories come out into the public domain the better for all children in the long run.

    What is amazing is that the family court still tries to claim that it is not biased against fathers.
    I truly believe we need to completely replace this system and those working in it. Not just alter legislation but completely change the system.

    Comment by Dave — Mon 31st May 2010 @ 11:16 am

  16. The Maori channel filmed a protest outside John Key’s today (13th June 2010) and so hopefully you can see it tonight 7pm. (Maori channel). 3 men dressed up in women’s clothing to show (a) women get a fairer deal in New Zealand than men as well as (b) one of the protesters (wearing women’s clothing) wants equal parenting from conception for mums, dads, and all 4 grandparents.

    12 people protested including women who have been or are involved in CYFS cases.

    Comment by julie — Sun 13th June 2010 @ 5:48 pm

  17. Thanks Julie – Onward – Ration Shed – Jim

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Sun 13th June 2010 @ 6:08 pm

  18. If more maoris got involved, that would be much more effective, indigenous rights are million times more Politically correct than fathers’ rights in Kiwiland

    Comment by Kiwi In Thailand — Sun 13th June 2010 @ 7:12 pm

  19. Maori wanted to run the prisons because most prisoners are Maori and Pacific Islanders. Edit: I mean more prisoners are Maori and Pacific Island than other nationalities. It’s was a great idea that would have helped men but feminists fought because they want men serving long term sentences and National said they could but only if they bought the prisons with their own money.

    Above shows how complicated things are.

    Comment by julie — Sun 13th June 2010 @ 8:02 pm

  20. Just got off the phone to a very excited Dan

    Kerry and Dan are staying with an old mate in Tauranga tonight who is faceing sentencing tommorrow for not paying so called Child Support in some trumpt up situation that is totally unjustified

    Aparently there are over 200 CYFS workers at Paeroa where they protested today on the way to Tauranga – They got much local support and pictures.

    Onward – Together in Coalition for FAMILY – Ration Shed – Jim and Semo

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Tue 15th June 2010 @ 7:01 pm

  21. Thank-you for this update.

    Comment by julie — Tue 15th June 2010 @ 10:07 pm

  22. Not Kobus Jim? Are you planning a demonstration outside the Mabakay CYF? Got some names!

    Comment by Alastair — Tue 15th June 2010 @ 10:51 pm

  23. Try Manakau!

    Comment by Alastair — Tue 15th June 2010 @ 10:52 pm

  24. We are planning to support Kobus in Court – He will give the go ahead re DEMO or NOT after his Sentence – We have NO intention of swaying the Judge to punish him on a wimm reaction from our Protest – Lobus is deeply CHRISTian and has done this as a last resort for Justice – He has had little option but to defend himself – Onward to the outcome tomorrow

    Onward – Together in CHRIST without Mens Traditions (Religion) and in Coalition for FAMILY – Ration Shed – Jim

    P/S come join the debate re FemiNazi on Wise Guys – The Mens Group on FaceBook – In fact plan to come to our Glenfield meeting when next in Auck on the Shore.

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Tue 15th June 2010 @ 11:33 pm

  25. P/S come join the debate re FemiNazi on Wise Guys

    ONG, You’re dogging everyone for discussing things on sites BECAUSE you’re not part of the discussions on their site! Edit: Because they aren’t discussing things on YOUR site. (Maybe it’s both). What a horrid thing you have been doing. If you didn’t abuse people, you wouldn’t get banned from their sites and would be able to be a part of their discussions. And if you were nice to them, they’d write on your site.

    In fact plan to come to our Glenfield meeting when next in Auck on the Shore.

    You don’t have a Glenfield meeting. But I am hoping to write about the Salvation Army’s work as soon as details come in.

    Jim, Your comments get edited because you advertise YOURSELF on other people’s sites. You want to take other site’s readers and writers away from them and come to your site and talkfest! Why can’t you try and be nice to new people so they will write on your site? That way the whole movement grows instead of having one man attacking everyone so they can’t work together.

    The abuse you have been dishing out to this site and Paul’s news (and the people on it) is because you want to be kingpin. I’m kicking myself for feeding into your BS.

    Comment by julie — Wed 16th June 2010 @ 9:35 am

  26. OMG Kobus. For once I support protest as planned.I know what Kobus & his wife have been through.

    Please enter my best wishes to him. (Kobus)

    Comment by Alastair — Wed 16th June 2010 @ 5:41 pm

  27. OMG Kobus. For once I support protest as planned.I know what Kobus & his wife have been through.

    Please enter my best wishes to him. (Kobus)

    Good on you Alistair. You bounce back well and very rarely have a go at someone.

    I’m sure you’ve agreed with a number of protests and I think it’s fine if you don’t agree with them all.

    Comment by julie — Wed 16th June 2010 @ 10:24 pm

  28. Thank you for the compliment Julie. To support a protest you have to be fully aware of both sides, not just that of the person with the megaphone. I have seen a certain female object embark on a campaign to destroy a member of our community and his new wife!

    Apart from that there is the collateral damage to the young persons. Asa certain book says:- “Do not take revenge! Leave room for Gods wrath.”

    Comment by Alastair — Wed 16th June 2010 @ 11:16 pm

  29. Father ‘beside himself’ as 12-year-old daughter falls pregnant
    June 16, 2009

    The New South Wales Department of Community Services says it could have looked closer at the case of a 12-year-old, now pregnant and set to become one of the state’s youngest mothers, but it had to deal with more urgent cases.

    The girl’s mother let the child’s older boyfriend move into their home when she was 11, and reportedly allowed the two to sleep in the same bed.

    When the girl’s father, who was separated from her mother, found out about this he pleaded with DoCS staff to do something but they failed to act, Dubbo MP Dawn Fardell said.
    Advertisement: Story continues below

    He took custody of his daughter in March after his ex-wife was placed in a mental health unit, which was when he discovered she was pregnant, Ms Fardell told NSW Parliament in March.

    “The father is beside himself,” she said.

    DoCS this morning acknowledged it had been aware of the girl’s case.

    “DoCS had received reports about this girl previously,” a spokeswoman said.

    “Because of more urgent cases, the department took some action to investigate this case, but acknowledges more intensive casework could have been done.”

    Community Services Minister Linda Burney said her department’s response had not been adequate.

    “It’s my view that we did not do enough in the case of intervening for this young girl,” she told 2GB this morning.

    DoCS was now working closely with the family, and would provide counselling and parenting services for the girl and “look at the best options for the baby”, the DoCS spokeswoman said.

    The girl’s father and his partner would raise the baby, Ms Fardell said.

    She said the girl’s father had also claimed his daughter’s boyfriend had “a history” and was “known to all the services”.

    Comment by Dave — Wed 30th June 2010 @ 4:37 pm

  30. the wellington family courts lead by judge anthony walsh are dogs, he had a case once where a man downloaded a child having sex with a dog and just fined him, in family court he just dogs it. i am in australia now, and i will see my child when she is legal age to see me, the mother fion hall is mental dog,

    Comment by alf — Tue 6th July 2010 @ 10:30 pm

  31. Hi Julie, Hi Jim – nice to see yo are still at it. Thank you for promoting our “Big” little goup, could not do it without you. LOL.

    NB: Jim is contributing well and has many real friends.

    Love you long time.

    Comment by Stephan John — Mon 12th July 2010 @ 11:12 pm

  32. Tonight I receive another abusive private message from Chris Wardill who is stalking me and other child protection reform advocates. This man is as low as they come, and not only targets my son who has died with his insults, but also other dead children and their parents. He has become a founding member of “AXJ” which is a pedophile group fronting as a support group for children and families. Here is the messge I received tonight from Chris Wardill.

    see ya later kid fucker/kid killer/nark/poor little lukey POOky LOL

    If you go to the site that I built in honour of my son Luke, will see how sick and depraved this individual is, and how he should not be allowed around any children.\

    Comment by Luke's Army — Tue 7th December 2010 @ 2:23 am

  33. Your a sick bastard Wardill i saw the message with my own eyes, how can you be so heartless? This mans son was killed and you say this shit about him? Get help, you should not be anywhere near children.!

    Comment by A concerned parent — Tue 7th December 2010 @ 2:38 am


    Things have settled quite a bit and we are still working to bring together the SEXES not to drive them appart.

    In that spirit we have just started a WOMANS Group called WISE Women and run it at the same time as our long standing mens group WISE Guys I for one hope it will take of..


    Stephan John

    Comment by Stephan John — Sun 13th February 2011 @ 6:00 pm

  35. Dear MENZ Organisation.

    I know your frustration with the courts, and I feel your pain. I myself, a mother, am going through a very tough battle with CYF to get my daughter back home, and I am being treated like some kind of paedophile, despite not having lifted a finger against my children in any act of child abuse whatsoever – but of course, you will now have to pass your own judgement. You can find out details of my case on I am not advertising it, merely exposing the truth for mine and my childrens benefit, and the benefit of others similar experience. Now that you know we share very deep pain, may I humbly state, that it is infact your argument with the courts that creates this division between men and women, not necessarily women. Such argument is the same for Maori and non-Maori. (Uh-oh, did somebody just play that record!!!) I am only pointing out, that as Maori must refrain from feeling prejudice against NZ Government despite obvious contempt for Maori…, so too, must disrespected fathers refrain from feeling prejudice against women. Easier said than done isn’t it. The only way forward, is to treat each other with respect, love, and compassionate understanding, in order to seperate the prejudice from the problem. Arohanui (much love) kia koutou katoa (to you all)

    Comment by Chanell Matene-Motene — Thu 14th April 2011 @ 8:49 pm

  36. A few quotes from your website…..

    “In regards to psychiatry – the study of presupposed mental illness, I vehemently reject their notion that psychic talents do not exist, having experienced a life-time of spiritual phenomena with regards to my own experiences of psychic ability”

    Some people refer to me as ‘crazy’ for my spiritual beliefs, my political agenda, and my paranoid delusions that resulted from Repressed Memory Recall

    “I invite all people wanting to expose their own child abuse, or their abusive childhoods, here on”

    “In addition to the above, I formed M.O.A. and Maori Declaration Of Independence 2008 in response to an interagency Police, Mental Health ,and CYF’s gang up against me and my children – largely on account of my political agenda for Aotearoa”

    “I am standing in as Acting Maori President until such time as we can meet and agree on how The Maori Government of Aoteroa should be run.”

    While many of the men here have experienced problems with the police, CYFS, and even Mental health workers (that were failing to do their jobs), I don’t think you’ll find many that want to set up a government based on apartheid.

    However, you do sound like you have a lot in common with one of the regular commenters, Juile, may I suggest you visit her website here.
    I’m sure you’ll get on well.

    Comment by womble — Thu 14th April 2011 @ 9:32 pm

  37. This was meant as a reply to Chanell

    Comment by womble — Thu 14th April 2011 @ 9:33 pm

  38. Exciting news….. P.A.N.I.C is back under new and excellent management. It’s a site to gain assistance for cases and to receive and share support.

    Comment by julie — Thu 14th April 2011 @ 9:44 pm

  39. There is no “prejudice” against women – the prejudice is against men. Statistically, most women have in fact deliberately defrauded a man and/or his children in some very important and criminal way and the politicians and legal professionals and society have turned a blind eye because they profit. There will be no respect, love or compassion from me as a man until it is reciprocated by women and that it will not be reciprocated by women is institutionalized in law. This is a real and dangerous war that women started and unless they end it, civilization will end.

    Comment by Darryl X — Thu 14th April 2011 @ 10:55 pm

  40. Right on, Jim – fight the good fight!!

    Comment by Darryl X — Thu 14th April 2011 @ 11:25 pm

  41. Unfortunately he mainly fights against other men’s movement people, anyone who doesn’t fall in line behind him or dares to disagree with anything he pronounces.

    Comment by Hans Laven — Fri 15th April 2011 @ 8:36 am

  42. CYFS are teh biggest gang

    Comment by Emily — Thu 16th August 2012 @ 5:59 pm

  43. Emily suggest you visit We grew from Parents against negative intervention by CYF founded in the early 1990’s by John Tonson. Unfortunately he passed away a few years ago but the membershave grafted into CYFSTALK.

    Comment by Gwahir — Fri 17th August 2012 @ 12:11 am

  44. michael borusieiwicz states alot of untrue claims about me…his friends and himself have been screensaved and the police in australia have a full copy of the screensaves with urls of the fake accounts him and his child grooming friends created of myself and others…their biggest mistake was threatening my daughters future and for that i make no apologies…get off the drugs michael and stop blaming/framing others who are fighting the system…im sure your friends who are being prosecuted for stalking and slander would agree…stop blaming others for drugging your child to death…ive seen the coroners report re luke and it doesnt look good michael.

    Comment by Chris Wardill — Tue 5th March 2013 @ 9:14 am

  45. Why Chris do CYF fall back on threats and abuse to defend themself?

    Comment by Gwahir — Tue 5th March 2013 @ 10:24 am

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