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HOLOCAUST IN HOLLOW COURT or More Corruption by Judge and Judicial Conduct Commissioner

Filed under: General — MAX @ 1:34 pm Wed 2nd June 2010


So after the Judge covered up the serious conflict of interest of Counsel for Child (CfC), I ‘of course’ complained to the Judicial Complaints Commissioner (JCC).

That wasn’t the only reasons for my complaint since the Judge had also  blackmailed/pressurised  me into ‘shutting up’ and stop complaining about the Court, plus there had been  racism in his written Judgement.

First the JCC violated his own conduct by only sending me part of the response from the Judge, I quote: “I attach extracts from the Judge’s letter…” -unquote.

So I ask for the complete response. The JCC then send me a complete copy of the Judge’s letter saying, I quote: “I think you will appreciate that the extracts send to you conveyed all points relevant to the matters in issue.” -unquote.

But important parts of the Judges response were left out in the first letter from JCC amongst of which was a statement that was a clear lie, saying, I quote: “…he presently faces serious criminal charges” -unquote, when it had been clearly proven to the Court on many previous occasions with evidence from police that the accusations of me facing ‘serious criminal charges’ were not true and were fabricated by the other party…, so the Judge exposed himself of deceiving JCC with untrue statement and JCC exposed himself of deceiving me by saying that the extracts send to me conveyed ALL points relevant to the matters at issue when they clearly didn’t because the issue I addressed  in my complaint was the Judges “serious lack of honesty, integrity, impartiality, consistency, fairness etc.  and by initially only sending me part of the response from the Judge so as protect the Judge from exposing himself.

Anyway, the 2 complaints about the Judge apart from the cover-up of the serious conflict of interest of CfC were:

a) Blackmailing b) Racism


When I asked the Judge in Court at a Hearing “why there was no inquiry into the allegations of the serious conflict of interest of CfC and if not/why not”, the Judge did not answer my question at all but instead asked me about my appointment as an additional guardian and the Parenting Course Certificate (PCC) I was to supply as a condition before I was appointed additional guardian.

This guardianship had been officially promised to me in the last Hearing and written Judgement 8 month previously.

All I needed to do was to supply the PCC showing I had successfully completed it.

I told him that the PCC had been handed into Court by me personally 5 month ago and that I had expected to have been appointed an additional guardian by now.

The Judge said he could not find the PCC. (?!)

So I handed in another PCC.

But 10 month (!) later still no Guardianship or any letter from the Court.

That was the time of my complaint to the JCC and then suddenly a few weeks later at Court/Reg.List I was told (and later handed a letter that said) I had been appointed additional guardian but the interesting bit was that the letter  was dated 6 month previously (?!).

When I later talked to one of the Court Coordinators she said that the Guardianship acceptance letter had actually (supposedly) been send to me 6 month ago by her…. didn’t I get it?

I said ‘NO’ and she then exposed herself by saying that she had send it actually 3 times to make sure I would get it (!?!?).

I said none of the letters send to my post box was ever lost.

She was visibly nervous…

That (5 month wait…cannot find PCC…another 10 month wait…changing date of  ‘accepted Guardianship’…saying: ‘send to you 6 month ago’…) was the way the Court tried to cover its own a.s so that I could not use the argument (with JCC or others) that delaying the acceptance of my guardianship (for over 1 year) was part of the pressure applied to stop me from keep on complaining (CfC, Judge, Report Writer…) about their corruption/incompetence/criminal conduct.


Now this is quite funny as well as being racist:

The Judge in his written Judgement stated, I quote: “I accept that the mother’s complaint that he is difficult to talk to is correct to a degree. I think the mother described it as ‘if you asked him a question a waft of other things comes back’ and that is very correct from the way the father answers questions in the witness box. Again that might be partly language, it might be partly the father’s European origins,…” -unquote.

This statement of the Judge implies ‘a  negative way of responding to a question to a certain nationality (Europeans)’ and that if you ask all or many European’s a question, ‘a waft of other things come back’, and that all or many Europeans are difficult to talk to.

(Funny comments on that subject welcomed from MENZ readers)

Needless to say what the outcome from my complaint to the JCC was.

Interestingly, after my complaint to the JCC, a new Judge from Wellington was appointed to sit on the case and I never was to see the first one again.

But this new Judge like the new CfC had ‘vengeance’ and ‘illegal ways to stop me…’ written all over him.

More later.


  1. As someone who has represented himself and had to get first hand experience of the macabre dealings of the Family Court, I have no doubts that the Family Court is a fraud from A to NZ.

    Comment by tren Christchurch — Wed 2nd June 2010 @ 7:50 pm

  2. Is this Judge RJ Russell by any chance?

    Comment by Jadie — Thu 3rd June 2010 @ 1:41 pm

  3. Couldn’t agree more!

    Comment by Scott B — Thu 3rd June 2010 @ 2:55 pm

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