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Ministry of Womans Affairs Quiz

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 1:09 pm Sat 10th April 2010

This thread is a post of the comment by No Confidence to the Child Tax Quiz Thread.

Its way offf topic of the Child Tax Quiz and should be a thread of its own,



Who said this…

Of all the politically correct organisations littering our Capital, the big Mother of them all is the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoW). This is one so powerful under the Labour/PC coalition government that no man (or 49% of the population) is qualified to comment on it or its work.

Any man who makes any comment whatsoever about MoW is either sexist (if a negative comment) or patronizing (if he tries to be positive). Who are these powerful women?

Well, for a start, they aren’t women — not in the ordinary, every day usage of the term. They’re wimin. These wimin are not attached to men and they don’t have history, they have herstory. For them, gender equity quotas exist — but men need not apply. The men’s quota is zero. Men are not wanted by MoW. It’s not that all men are rapists — but they have the potential don’t they?

Should you ever wish to read a MoW document, then you can be assured of two things: it will commence with a list of the inequalities faced by wimin and then will reach a conclusion that men are paid more money than wimin and therefore we taxpayers need to fund more research by MoW into how to redress these inequalities. ‘


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  1. But, in spite of obvious man-hate of our ruling female class and their collaborators, less than 1% of men realize we live in a feminist dictatorship.
    And 100% of women, even the dumbest ones, know it. And most women support it.

    Comment by Ivan Zverkov — Wed 14th April 2010 @ 3:13 am

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