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More Light Justice for Women

Filed under: Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:22 am Sun 5th September 2010

The MENZ site owner has suggested that new matters be contributed by way of new posts rather than being included as comments on historical posts. This for various reasons including that new posts include titles for search engines to find, and comments will only stay on the “new comments” list briefly so won’t be seen by many visitors. My previous idea of a “Rolling News” post was not such a good idea! Therefore I am presenting several of my recent comments as new posts, and I apologize to those who have read them before.

Further to Scrap’s expose “Women’s Refuge defends violent murderer”, we see constant examples of women’s violence being excused or minimized. Women’s Refuge also strongly supported Gay Oakes, the only person I know of who did not serve the minimum ten years after being properly convicted of murder under the previously existing legislation. The man-killer whom Scrap wrote about will probably only serve less than 3 years of her 8-year sentence because no minimum was specified before parole. I cannot recall any recent example in which a man who killed a woman was not given a minimum parole period. Our feminism-captured regime considers men’s lives to be worth little.

Here’s another example of light justice for a woman. She found out her husband had been having sex with a 15yo girl who was in love with him, and out of spite she then used his phone pretending to be him dumping her in the nastiest way and then encouraging her to carry out her threats of suicide. The girl did suicide. The vicious, spiteful woman got a suspended sentence (i.e. nothing) and he got 4.25 years for having sex with the 15yo. Well, I think he deserved that especially because of his complicity in his wife’s cruelty, but his wife deserved more.

The current system is encouraging women to commit serious crime because they see how easy it is to make up excuses and to be believed. This woman with 111 previous dishonesty convictions for which she had been given “assistance” by the Court instead of jail, continued to rely on her pussy pass to the full by such community-minded acts as stealing from a volunteer staff at a charity shop. Although the Court finally overcame its usual difficulty in believing that any bad stuff women do could ever really be their own fault, this callous thief still received only 20 months in prison with no minimum before parole, so she will probably be out in less than a year.

Then there seems to be a constant succession of female fraud offenders seriously stealing from their employers. The fact that under NZ law women get paid just as much as men for the same job doesn’t seem to be eliciting much gratitude from these female employees. It will be interesting to see which male this woman blames her thieving on and how light her sentence will be. If anyone notices news of her sentencing I would appreciate a reply here to report it.

This woman tried to burn down a house with a whole family inside it in order to stop one of the occupants from talking to police about an earlier burglary presumably committed by her or someone she liked. Again, she will probably blame others for her actions and you can be sure she will receive a sentence much more lenient than any male would for the same nasty violence.

Plenty of examples to choose from; here’s the female sailor I reported on last week who was discharged without conviction for driving with over twice the legal breath alcohol limit. The original news coverage suggested her discharge was related to the Visiting Forces Act but now we learn that it was simply another pussy pass. It now comes out that she claimed she was “forced” to drive drunk and the car accident she then had was the fault of her male passenger. Oh yes, and also to blame was the “dial a driver” who didn’t turn up, and the “no one” who could give her the phone number of the company, and the host who she couldn’t find, so her drunk driving was actually “something that was brought about because of circumstances that weren’t entirely my fault”. Oh yes and by the way she only had three glasses of wine all evening so her double-limit breath alcohol must have been caused by alien abductors who forced alcohol into her blood and erased her memory (no, that last bit about alien abductors was my embellishment, but the rest of the excuses including the “only 3 glasses of wine” one really were hers, believe it or not).

Our brave Opposition parties at the Beehive are very concerned about unfairness and inequality in our justice system. Oh, it’s not the harsh treatment of men compared with constantly light punishment (or no punishment) for women that bothers them though; after all, who cares about fairness to men? What a laugh. No, those parties all got their knickers in a twist about what they saw as “white collar criminals” getting off lightly, and of course the couple of examples given were of male offenders.


  1. Here’s another pussy pass (man, is it wrong that I’m beginning to like that term!!)

    Comment by golfa — Mon 13th September 2010 @ 4:12 pm

  2. hmmmm I’m sure I posted a link ?

    Comment by golfa — Mon 13th September 2010 @ 4:14 pm

  3. Oh that’s cruel. She gets out of jail time on appeal, but the ongoing reparations order still stands, even though she has no means of paying it. Oh what am I thinking! She has a husband! He gets to pay it! Brilliant! She does the crime, she doesn’t do the time and he pays the fine.

    That’s Pussy Pass and bar.

    Comment by rc — Mon 13th September 2010 @ 5:47 pm

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