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The dirty secret of sex slavery.

Filed under: General — Vman @ 7:14 pm Fri 30th April 2010

Feminism and the refuge industry will have you believe the sex industry is awash with exploited girls forced into the sex trade against their will. The dirty secret is that (at lest in the UK) it doesn’t exist. It is a myth. This is so extremely rare to be inconsequential even though there are thousands of desperate illegal immigrant women in that country. However this fact is being hushed up.

This article makes for interesting reading.

3 Responses to “The dirty secret of sex slavery.”

  1. MurrayBacon says:

    Perhaps the crime was wasting Government money!

    So their is still a good possibility of achieving a worthwhile prosecution!

    Prosecute the prosecutors! It might just sharpen up their minds. They seem to need a shakeup.

    Cheers, Murraybacon.

  2. Alastair says:

    As I understand NZ the doors of brothels are open. The employees can leave any time they wish.

  3. John Brett says:

    What is prostitution?
    Exploitation of vulnerable men by money hungry women!

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