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Fathers Day Jamboree

Filed under: Events — Brendon Smith @ 12:41 pm Sun 28th August 2011

On September 4th from 12noon to 4pm, we are hosting a Fathers Day music and dance event.
Bring your family, instruments, songs or dance and join in the fun.
Local musicians will help blend the acts together,
low cost barbeque sausages will be available,
find fathering information and meet other parents.
Onehunga Community Centre – 83 Church Street
Call 525 1690 for queries or contributions!

11 Responses to “Fathers Day Jamboree”

  1. danny says:

    Hay ive been through more shit than most of your readers,thanks four the support guys but we need our own political partie. Ive been screwed only way forward is to get in there im willing 2 stand help me buddys stop bichtn and make a stand for my kids who didnt want 2 go home there grandperants h who miss there gkids we need sort this out. We dont want be another rome we can change this

  2. danny says:

    Hay Alan do we have enough tme to register a political party ,hay but do u have the balls

  3. danny says:

    Was at piha today all the weekend dads i saw thats not right.Kids need familys man i got teens as well how are they to become good men when some fight club gets hold of them im an ashole thats what she tells them She tryed to kill me i ended up in jail never expected to be in place like that for bein a dad and sayn no dugs no voilance but i had my eyes opened. We need to ackt this website helped me over last 3 years lets fuck this duck or are u scared allan

  4. danny says:

    Hay bud u can deleat this tomorrw but i was a family man 4 kids she started sleepn with our oldest sones mates,could beleave it.I cant prove anything but two harf years ago her brother tried to kill me.He thrand kick boxer next thing i no i was being attact on ny own property my kids family home.He beat me real good i said stop he did not.I told him stop or i will hurt u he kept beating me, get of me i will cut u he was “P” out of his head.He didnt get off he is atrained fighter so i had no choice i got box knife out of my poket to get him off me.I spent 18 Months on bail lost my family had a protection order served ,cost aBOUT k50000 wasnt cost but she hurt myaccssess to my teensl.Man i cry for them is that it.

  5. Allan Harvey says:

    Many activists put their energy into the Republic Of New Zealand Parety who have stood candidates for many elections.
    That has not been a tactic I have supported and I am firmly of the view we need thinking chaps within each of the mainstream parties as well as lobbying from the outside across all parties.

  6. danny says:

    Gess u a soft cock im with u buddy u started this lets finish it i no they will come for us lets c wat a free country we live in

  7. danny says:

    Are u worryd about u past.Hay bud im not clean eather told my ex id been fuckd with she used against me.My lawer said he had never had a case like mine ib got screwed by nz police family court ird u name it buddy

  8. danny says:

    Ha guys we need do somthing [email protected]

  9. danny says:

    You cant see it but there an an uder scor after my first letter of my name

  10. danny says:

    Sorry guys Id had afew when i wrote Those posts .If I got suport i will pursure this

  11. danny says:

    hay you sites screwd IRD casein me 4 $2400 a month this will be third time ive tryd to post it without havin my computer screwd with

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