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Campaign Against White Ribbon

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 5:26 pm Fri 14th December 2012

I wish to mount a new challenge to the White Ribbon Campaign. I urge everyone here to copy and paste the letter below either into your email or to a printer, amend it if you wish, add your own details instead of the { } bits, then either send it or email it to the Human Rights Commission.

If you change the letter, please leave in a clear statement that you are or were offended by White Ribbon. I believe that if a reasonable number of people inform the HRC that they are offended by the campaign then the HRC has to accept it’s an offensive campaign.

I am highly offended by the campaign and its large poster that I frequently pass in my travels. Please email a copy of the letter to others, or print off a few copies of the letter (minus the { } bits) and ask men and women you know if they also would send one.

It would be great if people could mention here on MENZ Issues that they have sent or emailed their complaint, so we have an idea of how many complaints and notifications of offence the HRC has received.

{Your address here}


Human Rights Commission
PO Box 12411

OR: Sent via email to

Dear Commissioner

Re: White Ribbon Campaign

I hereby formally complain about the White Ribbon Campaign.

I hereby inform you that I am offended by the White Ribbon Campaign, its slogans and posters calling for men to show they are against violence only towards women.

The White Ribbon Campaign discriminates on the basis of sex, stereotyping men as the only people who commit violence that deserves attention and discriminating against male victims of violence as not being worthy of consideration. Men are much more frequently the victims of violence in our society than women are, as shown for example by our Ministry of Health data concerning assault, homicide and attempted homicide (see:

I strongly object to my taxes being used to support the White Ribbon Campaign. It is unacceptable that our Human Rights Commission and other government organisations would support a campaign that practises blatant discrimination on the basis of sex.

I look forward to your stance against the White Ribbon Campaign. I would support a campaign against violence that does not discriminate on the basis of sex/gender.

Yours faithfully

{Your signature and full name }
{Your telephone contact details }

6 Responses to “Campaign Against White Ribbon”

  1. Gwahir says:

    1 gone from me by mail Hans.

  2. hornet says:

    Excellent Hans – as you know from my posts, the mere fact this department is PROHIBITED from even investigating DISCRIMINATION against men, when it involves a GOVT department just highlights the sham that it is.

  3. Nicholas Cooper says:

    I’ve sent one in thanks Hans

  4. Down Under says:

    The campaign of Victim-in-the-hood.

  5. Done, this is a great idea, thanks for putting in the work to create this Hans, you make a huge difference

  6. I got a (template) response back from HRC


    Hans or anyone else, could you refer me to some examples of response to this challenging the assumptions and stereotypes claimed in the letter, such as accurate DV statistics (not even considering the underreporting by men and the multiplier on reporting by women.)

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