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Debunking Handbook from Queensland

A very practical presentation, about how to achieve Debunking in the real world, is available from John Cook and Stephan Lewandowsky.

They are very careful to warn about the way the debunking is presented and show how jumping straight into the core misinformation can easily reinforce the very “untruths” that you are seeking to expose!


Greg Andresen has run a long and drawn out and successful campaign, which ended in the Australian Government publicly admitting that the statistics which it was basing their Domestic Violence campaign were both incorrect and misleading.


I hope this can aid people, in deciding how to present their submissions, about our very own “enemy in the midst” familycaught.
MurrayBacon – relentless unstoppable axe-murderer.


  1. While “the Australian Government publicly admitting that the statistics which it was basing their Domestic Violence campaign were both incorrect and misleading” have they actually corrected them or are the wrong figures there for all to see ? I’m betting they’ve left it untouched.

    Comment by golfa — Wed 11th January 2012 @ 1:42 pm

  2. Ah, Mr. Golfa, you do ask important questions! To the limit of my knowledge, the admission was made, separately to the damage done.

    This is the very point made in the Debunking Handbook!!!

    Nonetheless, Greg Andresen has achieved a small degree of success, but nowhere near a much as is needed! Others must build on the start that he has made……..

    Who would dare to interrupt the peaceful sleep of the disinterested vota?

    Thank you for your astute observation……..

    I must take out my frustrations…… Where is my axe?

    Best regards, MurrayBacon frustrated for a moment, axe-murderer.

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Wed 11th January 2012 @ 3:50 pm

  3. Oz has regressed into a deepening femalist mess.

    Good job their misandry is being exposed for all the world to see.

    Comment by Skeptic — Sat 14th January 2012 @ 3:39 am

  4. We didn’t regress. I wrote about this on this site.

    You regress. That;s all. you decide to be a nothing.

    Comment by julie — Sat 14th January 2012 @ 7:55 pm

  5. Oh, but then you become international” and as “a voice for men’ …. and just forgot a couple of things cause you weren’t prepared.

    Comment by julie — Sat 14th January 2012 @ 7:58 pm

  6. Thanks for the handbook Murray.
    It may come in very handily for dealing with further news about Australian plans to take away Men’s human rights.

    Comment by Skeptic — Sun 15th January 2012 @ 3:58 pm

  7. Yes, thanks Murray. The Debunking Handbook is clear, short and very useful.

    Comment by Hans Laven — Sun 15th January 2012 @ 11:03 pm

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