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Letter to Hon Paula Bennett Re: Child Support and Benefit Abuse

Filed under: Child Support — rawkusworldwide @ 1:09 pm Tue 25th September 2012

Dear Paula

I wish to draw your attention to a case that has come to light with Child Support NZ.

My husband and his ex wife had a private arrangement where he paid her child support each month as a cash payment. She went on a benefit during this time and did not notify him of the change in circumstances or furnish his correct contact details to CSA NZ for collection, in spite of being in regular contact.

Subsequently, he has received a liability from CSA which he is appealing under Ground 9 of the Administrative Review that he has already met his child support obligations.

He has forwarded bank statements and evidence showing payments made to his ex wife for child support along with supporting statements from his grown up son (he is now 23 years old).

I spoke to the International and Review Teams on his behalf as a nominated person about the allegation and supporting evidence of the custodial parent being in receipt of a benefit whilst receiving un-declared child support payments. I asked whether IRD, Child Support shares information with WINZ fraud team. They have responded it is not there policy to share this information. He/I could contact WINZ and DOB her in.

Which leads me to the point of my email. IRD, CSA can request and share information with other Government Departments when seeking information i.e. Customs Department, yet does not refer alleged benefit fraud abuse to WINZ .

If the Administration Review supports his case that he was paying child support directly to his ex, this confirms benefit fraud took place.

Why does IRD, CSA as a Government Department, not have responsibility or duty of care to forward this information to WINZ?

I look forward to your response.


  1. We just found out from the lawyer for child that my partners ex wife (who recently accused him of sexual abuse – on the same day he requested more time with the kids!) is on a benefit and that the $1700 a month he pays direct in child support would mean she is not entitled to the DPB. We have been advised not to advise WINZ by lawyers as this could look bad for us in court, (advice we are following) But where does it stop??

    As a women with two young children in our home, I am disgusted at the “guilty till proven innocent” approach taken by the family court despite both the police and CYFS saying the allegations are unfounded and no action will be taken, they have closed the case (without even interviewing my partner). Yet, because the mother screams loudest – the family court is taking what she says as truth without question. HELLO – Im in this home too! and there is no way in hell I would be here with my children if I even suspected for a second that anything suss was going on. Meanwhile his 3 children are the biggest loosers as she has cut off all contact and comments that they have made to the lawyer for child are suspiciously “adult” Isnt that a form of abuse? trying to convince your kids their dad is bad and abusive?

    Women who accuse their ex partners of abuse should be investigated just as much as the person accused – they are not above reproach!

    Comment by Jade — Mon 5th November 2012 @ 1:10 pm

  2. Jade you are right but you are probably coming to the lethargic conclusion i came to some months ago-the whole system is as corrupt as hell and there appears to be nothing you can do about it. The system is nothing short of discriminatory and entrenched with double standards. My experience is similar to yours. She can get away with seemingly anything, whereas i am held to account for everything. Our very own IRD has slam dunked me time and time again, and their answer to me is to seek remedy through the family court. Like i have a fortune left over when paying $2200 per month for actual child support, and assessed amounts owing-whether true or not.
    The system seems hell bent on bringing me to my kness time and time again. No wonder some have enough and end it.

    Comment by shafted — Mon 5th November 2012 @ 1:17 pm

  3. Dob her in. What have you got to lose?

    Comment by Scott B — Mon 5th November 2012 @ 1:17 pm

  4. I take it there was no reply to the above letter?

    Comment by Scott B — Mon 5th November 2012 @ 1:19 pm

  5. I did dob her in and they just don’t care. I doubt whether the truth would have made a blind bit of difference to their draconian assessment but surely there has to be accountability for ball shit? My remedy is the family court and quite frankly, i cannot afford that.

    Comment by shafted — Mon 5th November 2012 @ 1:31 pm

  6. woops-you are referring to the first post. My apologies

    Comment by shafted — Mon 5th November 2012 @ 1:31 pm

  7. Reply to shafted #2

    Exactly the reason why I left N.Z…Vowing upon my blood to never …ever to return to feminist dominated N.Z…

    Kind regards…John Dutchie…Free at long last…

    Comment by johndutchie — Mon 5th November 2012 @ 1:38 pm

  8. I would be thinking what advice her lawyer might be giving the ex. Perhaps stay on the benefit so you can get legal aid and agree to pay the benefit fraud money back. In that case you will still have a child support liability to be paid and you will be left swinging for the money already paid to her.

    It strikes me as odd that you should receive such advice from the council for child. I would suggest there has been a conversation between lawyers which allows them NOT to explain the consequences of the action to you and also create a situation where they now have an ongoing court case that will be funded by legal aid and your bank account.

    I think you have been set up.

    Comment by Down Under — Mon 5th November 2012 @ 1:46 pm

  9. jade #1 – yes this is a big concern – there is NO consequence for making false allegations – the devastation which most men go through when falsely accused is not something which makes the headlines. It is acceptable to destroy a mans reputation, his credibility – character assassination in the name of securing your claim to the child is best practice in the family court.

    Take note of the recent allegations against an albany school principal by his ex partner = she makes claims of assault for an incident some 2.5 years earlier – coincidentally while they are in the throws of a bitter property despute – and she is not satisfied just to make the complaint to the police – she makes a media statement to before any investigation is even allowed to take its course – that is spiteful and deliberately aimed at destroying the man and his career – nothing more and nothing less and the system allows this – this man, whether he did it or not is fked – his career will be in tatters, his reputation and his credibility – she has beaten him before he even starts defending this.

    I know – I had many accusations levelled at me – all of which were unfounded and soul destroying – I had the resources to defend them all and win – but the damage was done – I lost my business, my confidence, my character was destroyed. This is acceptable practise in the fked up family court – lawyers dont give a shit, they are only there to make money…….

    Comment by hornet — Mon 5th November 2012 @ 1:53 pm

  10. Jade #1 Sorry forgot to add – no the family court shambles actively supports every bad behavior imaginable by a disgruntled mother – alienation is OK, destroying the child is OK, psychologically harming the child is OK, lying is OK, – so long as Dad is deprived of time with the child – conflict is enhanced and he is then securely locked into the child support taxation regime…… my child has TWO psychological reports on the SEVERE harm the mothers bad behavior has caused – and the system has done NOTHING about it – Best practice for these wankers is to allow HARM to the kid, watch harm be committed – so long as there procedures are not effected and they are paid on time………meantime there is NO accountability at all against those who persecute us all with these oppressive, punative, discriminatory and draconian measures. I have a wife of ten years and she sounds like you – she is equally horrified the system gets away with this – its time it was exposed.

    Yes you are GUILTY until proven innocent in Family court and Child Support – not based on FACTS or EVIDENCE – but on lies and hearsay and opinion ….. and you are correct – the system is deliberately difficult and expensive so you cannot ever challenge it….. that is by design – if it was set up correctly for the right reasons and not corruptly to assist in paying off debt, things would be a lot different for all parents……..and most of all CHILDREN.

    Comment by hornet — Mon 5th November 2012 @ 2:01 pm

  11. Guilty until proven innocent, but still treated as guilty.

    Comment by Scott B — Mon 5th November 2012 @ 2:08 pm

  12. Reply to Jade #1

    I concur with both hornet and Downunder…And Jade sorry to say this, but what I have seen and experienced with my ex brother in law,my two best friends and myself with Kiwi women…I truly fear Kiwi women…And I will never..ever trust a Kiwi woman again…

    Here is a interesting article for you Jade, to read….

    Where have all the smart men gone?
    Last updated 12:44 24/10/2011

    MAN DOWN? More bad news on the man drought front, ladies, smart blokes are in short supply.
    He’s 35 years old, boasts a bachelor’s degree, earns more than the average wage, lives in a New Zealand city, and he’s single. Has anyone seen this man?

    We’ve all heard of the man drought – 57,000 more women than men are aged 25 to 49. But a new study shows a second man drought has emerged.

    Not only are we short of men, but we’re lacking the brightest ones – there’s an educated-man drought in that age group, a time when people are most likely to get together and start a family.

    And because women are dominating university lecture theatres – Victoria University has 55 women for every 100 students – the social trend looks set to continue. At Victoria’s law school, just eight of the 38 law students admitted into the honours programme this year based on their high grades were men.

    In a new paper as part of the university’s “missing men” project, economist Paul Callister and research associate Zoe Lawton say young women are now better qualified than young men. In all age groups, there are more men than women with no formal qualifications.”

    And here some of the responses that the guys wrote in reply

    “Dave #183 03:54 pm Jun 29 2012
    These comments are full of information why smart and/or successful men far prefer foreign women. However note that not a single Kiwi woman has taken notice of what they are being told. Hence men see things are not likely to change so they leave. Let the Kiwi women stay in denial and fight over an every decreasing pool of males. Smart men leave NZ or else ‘import’ a lady from elsewhere. These men go overseas then discover how much superior foriegn women are and thus don’t return. In addition marriage for a man in NZ makes no sence. They have a 50% chance of being completely screwed over in a divorce. If NZ women don’t want to be increasingly single they are going to need ot puch for the laws to be changed. Men are telling Kiwi women this and the women aren’t listening. Hence the men start looking overseas. Once they discover how much superior other womena re they don’t come back.”

    “Skeptic #182 01:13 pm May 08 2012
    I’m an educated Kiwi male – Bachelors and 2 Post Graduate Diplomas. I own a home and work as a High School Teacher. About 10 years ago I took a good hard look at the lack of commitment shown by many Kiwi women under ‘no fault’ divorce laws and the ease with which I could be fleeced of home, children and 2 decades of future income in the NZ family court with a simple false allegation of abuse, like other guys I knew at the time. I weighed up the pros and cons of getting into a relationship with a woman in NZ – and took off overseas. I’ve thus happily avoided the horrible fate of many Kiwi men, some who sadly can’t endure the resultant pain and commit suicide. So there you have it. That’s where at least one smart Kiwi male got to”
    “Mike #175 02:06 pm Oct 26 2011
    24, 5’6, and Degree and I’m still not good enough to get a date with a kiwi woman promiscuous or not. Really makes me wonder if it’s the education kiwi women want or the money a guy could make with that education.

    Regardless of what kiwi women say they want, their actions seem to differ greatly; they want to sleep around because they claim all men do it and then want to settle and marry in their 30’s only to find guys who don’t sleep around don’t want a woman who has and then they get upset about it and go on about where are the nice/good/decent/smart guys? Even at 24 I’ve seen it enough times to be aware of it.”

    “RM #174 12:33 pm Oct 26 2011
    I have to point out the Kiwi women in the story might be educated, but they are not very bright. For a start if they are searching based on education they would completely miss the next Richard Branson. And there has been a lot of effort from women to be at the highest levels of education/career. You can’t get to the top and then complain that there aren’t any men above you. Most Kiwi men are considered a good catch to foreign women. Kiwi women are basically known for their promiscuity (especially if they take an OE in Europe).”

    Comment by johndutchie — Mon 5th November 2012 @ 2:15 pm

  13. Jade – men need more women like you expressing your concerns – because this DEBT collection system is going to be expanded to include BOTH PARENTS …… you see if they have huge debts ( 2 Billion of which 1.5 billion is Penalties – all of which they leverage loans against ) and have no other means to collect it these inflated demands, it only stands to reason as we are seeing = that they will MAKE MORE insane punative demands on parents for maximums in child support – nothing to do with your income – and force more penalties on you – and then use that as the excuse to take your property and your home to pay for it…. this needs to be exposed because that is the end game here…… its got nothing to do with helping children………this is about creating new ways to collect revenue or force property sales when you refuse to pay = using kids, and debts leveraged against kids. wankers. No sane person would agree to the demands they place on you. if we had a fair system about kids, there would be a set amount per child that EVERYONE paid in child support – not these obscene reviews where a disgruntled nobody can just make up a number and force you into a life of misery……and loss of any property you have left…..

    Comment by hornet — Mon 5th November 2012 @ 3:58 pm

  14. And lets be clear – DUNN is the scapegoat – the minority MP – just like BENNET who got in on a recount – they are the fall guys who are set up to deliver the bad news – they are sacrificial lambs. We cast our scorn on them, but what we have to all remember is this is big picture stuff, where all mps are accountable –

    People make a stand

    I see the locals up in Mangawhai are refusing to pay the huge increases in council rates, 500 got together and have refused to pay $1m – brought about by the council amassing huge debts…….without telling the residents – the council have had to resign…..people power – perhaps we need a similar campaign against child support oppression…… yes – I know they have us all by the balls as far as deductions go……its hard not to pay, or to dispute it in any way…so there must be another way…. to get some attention to this……Mangawhai residents are not alone on this issue – I have also seen rates go up by an obscene amount in the last year….and if they did not hike the rates they got increases by rising the price of your water – so this is all councils desperate for more money to blow- the most inefficient organisations on the planet – and we all have to pay for that inefficiency …..

    Comment by hornet — Mon 5th November 2012 @ 4:11 pm

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