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On the run in OZ? Dunne’s hit squad is coming for you!

Filed under: General — OMG! you're f%^^&*([email protected]#! @ 6:31 pm Mon 5th November 2012

Hit squad targets parents on run in Oz

That’s right. Track you down; seize your assets, seize your partner’s assets. Seize your house (who needs a place for the kids to sleep when they come to stay?). House arrest in the country of your choice.
You can’t escape me! You can’t outrun me! I’m Peter Dunne, I am….

6 Responses to “On the run in OZ? Dunne’s hit squad is coming for you!”

  1. Shinhee Yi says:

    They should concider living els where.
    You are not safe from ird in Australia.
    Try to establish your self in place like Japan,Us, brazil, Korea if you are seriose about dodgying child support. though it be difficult once you do you are free from irds thret.
    That also means you are not going back to nz nore your relationship with your child.

  2. simon says:

    yea %&#[email protected]
    A every one wonders why the suacide rate is so high
    ?? p of witches

  3. Shinhee Yi says:

    I hear you Simon

    Those BXXXchs don’t care whether you can survive or not all they care about is their child support.

    If child support was reasonable amount father wouldn’t have to leave country to live their life.

    I believe They the women have to cop some responsibility as they have contributed to divorce unless it all D.V

    issue. If you have decided you don’t want anything to do with your X wife N child then you have not other

    choice but to leave the country where NZ authority can not get to.

    If child support is so expensive that man choose to suicide there really is something wrong with system n I believe father have every right to survive after divorce so bit if it mean leaving the country where no one can bother him. Father has as mush right as mother and child.

  4. hornet says:

    Never ever take yourself out – then they have won…….

  5. kirannjiharr says:

    prediction.. .. this will increase the number of suicide rates or driven to inflict harm on self and others as the IRD cannot let these dads live in peace…. all responsibilities lie with IRD and family court

  6. Divorced Man says:

    Financial stress and stress from IRD (I had weeks in which I received 10 different letters from them) is also killing, but slowly.

    Men that feel bad should go to medical counselling, I went once and heard what actually you don’t have to be a man, nor divorced to understand that they can destroy you!

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