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Anne Tolley – Resign Immediately

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 9:27 am Sun 20th October 2013

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Figures released exclusively to the Sunday Star-Times by Police Minister Anne Tolley showed in the year ending June 30, police investigated 89,947 family violence cases – 3225 more than in 2011. Yet of those, only 39,716 investigations resulted in offences being recorded. This was down on the previous year’s figure of 40,024.

So Police Minister Anne Tolley has decided to manipulate the manner in which family violence is reported in the media by selectively releasing Police data to specific slanted news outlets.

This is far more politically pathetic and serious than it looks. Tolley has engaged in launching a political attack on the very department she is Minister of …

But the data also showed the number of charges being laid was dropping.

This person simply lacks the credibility to hold the position of Police Minister and should be told to resign as I am sure she really has no idea what she has done wrong.

Tolley’s collaboration with the Sunday Star Times has called into question the integreity of the entire New Zealand Police Force, based on her theory that since there is increased reporting of ‘incidents statistically recorded as family violence’ but not an increase in the number of people – read that as men – being charged, on the basis that the police attended to a report that something may have happened.

What does she expect, that men should be charged with wasting Police time based on the fact that any person made a report to the Police? This is the person Prime Minister John Key trusts with our Police Force – Really?

Equally ridiculous is the feminist lip syncing of Green MP Jan Logie who parrots the line that only women and children can be subjected to family violence and only women and children are entitled to the protection of the law in the family home. What she is suggesting is that Police enforce policy and not the law. Pray to God that this woman never reigns over the Police Ministry.

Green MP Jan Logie said it was concerning there was no data available to check if policies were helping women and children, or whether they were making things worse.

The only person who showed any reason in the entire article by journalist Stacey Kirk was Superintendent Bruce Bird.

“Our first priority is to ensure the safety of all parties.”

“Whether an investigation will result in charges being laid is determined on a case by case basis and whether there is sufficient evidence to meet the threshold for initiating criminal proceedings.”

How frustrating must it be for the Police having a minister that demands policy above the law. So she’s bitter and twisted because she didn’t get what she wanted and cooks up a story with the media.

Sounds like another black lingerie and bad sex story to me.


  1. Downunder’s argument here is confused and unconvincing. There was nothing in the story quoted to suggest that Ms Tolley has done anything in relation to family ‘violence’ callouts that could reasonably be used to call for her resignation.
    There was no evidence of “collaboration with the Sunday Star Times” whatever that may mean. Firing off publicly such confused and invalid attacks can only reduce the image of the men’s movement.

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Sun 20th October 2013 @ 10:12 am

  2. @MoMA These statistics weren’t released by the Police or obtained through official information channels – in fact they weren’t publically available for the reasons mentioned.

    No they were obtained from the Police by the Minister and given exclusively to Sunday Star times.

    At least the Sunday Star Times was up front that ‘the Minister’ not a politician spoon fed them.

    This is how you want our media to operate is it, MoMA?

    All Police members that read this and all Police members that suffer any personal criticism relating to the ‘increased reporting’ and lack of action on domestic violence are being political chastised by way of this political stunt from the Minister.

    Something like this gives the impression that there is a total lack of respect for the Commissioner and breakdown in the relationship between the Minister and the Commissioner.

    He would have every right to be steaming mad at home this morning after he picked up the paper.

    You want the Police to operate according to politically inspired public pressure and policy rather than the law, MoMA?

    In future I’ll try not to be confusing and invalid.

    Comment by Downunder — Sun 20th October 2013 @ 11:49 am

  3. It is more than obvious now, that Police Minister Anne Tolley was invloved in a selective release of police data to support the feminist industry.

    Read more:

    It paints a bigger problem than the official crime statistics. They reported 25,000 “dwelling assaults” in a year.

    The other numbers show police were called to nearly 90,000 family violence incidents. Children were present at more than half and 54,000 were intimate partner violence.

    Family violence is being quantified by the number of incidents being reported or attended, which now extends to dating couples and lesbian couples with children.

    There is a real scrap over these statistics and that obviously pertains to their funding value rather than providing a realistic picture of successful Police outcomes and future Police priorities.

    Comment by Downunder — Mon 28th October 2013 @ 10:57 am

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