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Jobs To Go At so-called ‘Human Rights Commission’

Filed under: Gender Politics,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:51 pm Sun 21st April 2013

A letter in response to the journalist of this story about a reduction in staff at the Human Rights Commission, aka the Women’s Special Treatment Commission:

Dear Matthew

Our experience with the so-called ‘Human Rights Commission’ suggests it would be better named the ‘Women’s Special Consideration Commission’. Complaints to the Commission about anti-male discrimination were typically rejected, the Commission’s responses displaying an appalling level of inaccuracy in its beliefs.

For example, the Commission rejected complaints about the sexist White Ribbon Campaign that tells us only violence towards women is worthy of criticism and only female victims of violence are worthy of consideration. The Commission responded with a claim that women are more often the victims of violence than are men, even though all official statistics about homicide and violent injuries show the opposite to be true. And the Commission blithely continued its financial and ideological support for the White Ribbon campaign of anti-male hate speech.

Notice also that the new commissioner Susan Devoy and everyone associated with her appointment seem to assume that ‘equal opportunities’ only means ‘women’s opportunities’.

When this Commission starts to include MEN as deserving of equal human rights, then we might regret any reduction in its role. Until then, the fewer social wreckers it employs the more New Zealand will benefit.

26 Responses to “Jobs To Go At so-called ‘Human Rights Commission’”

  1. Skeptic says:

    Hey Matthew, you mean the Commission I approached with a complaint?

    You mean the Human We don’t give a shit about the book called “All men are Bastards” being on Whitcoulls Auckland Central shelves strategically placed by feminist staff right next to the children’s section Rights Commission?

    Is that the one?

  2. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    Yes Skeptic, that’s the one. And it’s also the ‘We don’t care much that mothers get much more parental leave than fathers do Commission’, and the ‘Although we acknowledge disparities for men and boys in a number of areas such as education, health and imprisonment, our projects and programmes are not for the most part specifically targeted at men Commission’, and the ‘We don’t get involved in anti-male discrimination in courts Commission’. Yeah, I think we are talking about the same one…

  3. Gwahir says:

    Looking at court sentences you most certainly are! Of Course the only ones laid off will be females – Why? Because they don’t emply no males!

  4. black pete says:

    Nah. I think he means the HRC that states:

    New Zealand has made consistent progress in eliminating discrimination against women and in progressing equality across a broad range of civil, political, economic, social and cultural indicators. The State party, employers, trade unions, the human rights communities, civil society organisations and individual women “influencers” would acknowledge that there is a growing system of legislation and institutional arrangements, policies and practices which would not have come about without an increased level of awareness and political and public acceptance of women’s rights. That’s the good news.

    The not so good news is that there are enduring and pervasive barriers and inequalities that women in New Zealand, as mothers, grandmothers, carers, and workers, face every day.

  5. Gwahir says:

    Refer to the slight paraphrase of newtons laws. For every right their is an equal and opposite responsibility!

  6. Scott B says:

    Oh you have a complaint/concerns about the Family court or laws etc? Sorry, we aren’t allowed to help you. Have you tried getting a lawyer?

    That was my experience with them!

  7. Scott B says:


    Yes I know what you mean. I can’t believe (well I can cause I know how crap everything is in this country) that they are allowed to sell books with hate speech. Would they sell one that said “All Maori’s are bastards?” or women or any other group? No way!

  8. Gwahir says:

    Who ever wrote #4 clearly was paid by the word, not communication.

    I believe best sumed up in one word “Verbosity”

  9. Skeptic says:

    Perhaps you mean the commission I approached on another occasion in addition to #1 re Whittcouls Auckland above?

    The Human we don’t give a shit about Waikato University Student Counseling Services rooms having cartoons on the walls depicting aliens arriving from outer space calling women intelligent and men a dumb subspecies Rights Commission.

    Is that the one?

  10. Ian says:

    Skeptic the book you refer to at Shitcoulls is titled ” All Women are bitches and All Men are Bastards. It is not titled ‘ All Men are Bastards.You know better than that dont you?

  11. Skeptic says:

    You’re wrong.
    You must be reading some other book.
    The one I saw and complained about was definitely called “All men are Bastards”
    follow the link –

  12. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    That book and its promotion is outrageous Skeptic. Ian’s claim that the book was called “All women are bitches and all men are bastards” isn’t credible because any book saying “All women are bitches” would be banned at the first whiff of complaint from feminist groups to the Females Must Never Be Allowed to Feel Offended Commission, otherwise known as the Female, Non-White, Other-Sexual oh sorry, I mean Human Rights Commission.

    But I suspect Ian was trying to make a little joke…

  13. Down Under says:

    All Women are Bitches & All Men are Bastards, Nina van der Plas. ISBN-10: 1609765982

  14. Too Tired says:

    Umm, I must be missing something , this book is great we should promote it into our schools and give away free copies to all women.

    Hopefully then all women will stay away from ruining good mens lives. I’m buying this book for my daughter.

    The book doesn’t go far enough though it only says we are bad at this that matter to women, what it needs to do is lie and make stuff up like all men have killed a kitten or something as a right of passage into man hood then they really would stay away.
    At the moment women being who they are, will read that book and think I can change him! Or just get excited about all men being bad boys.

  15. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    Ok, thanks Down Under, my own attempt at humour stands corrected. It seems the van der Plas book encourages people to understand their own and their partners’ behaviour and seeks greater harmony in couples. Quite a different matter from the ‘Myra Venge’ book which looks like it will be offensive and probably deserves some of Oura Venge. But from Skeptic’s account, it was no worries for the ‘Men Don’t Matter’ Commission.

  16. Down Under says:

    I am sure everyone spotted the pen name, Myra Venge – my revenge.

  17. Allan Harvey says:

    Goodness Down Under I had though that was the name of every ex.

  18. Luther Blissett says:

    I once found the woman I thought was Ms Right, but I hadn’t realized her middle name was ‘Always’.

  19. Luther Blissett says:

    Good thinking Too Tired (#14). Though it might be better to encourage women to stay away from men on the basis of men’s intolerance and harsh response for being demeaned or disrespected, rather than because we are seen to be bumbling, worthless, untrustworthy idiots.

  20. Down Under says:

    There used to be a saying about women – can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Nowadays that should probably be; as long as you can cook yourself a feed, it is easier to live without them. Not likely to be good for the population but really, why go through the feminist mill.

  21. Too Tired says:

    The population will take care of itself, and we wont be around to see any change.

    I just choose not to be abused anymore by the opposite sex, they can buy cats and toys and leave me alone.

    I have my kids to watch grow up and my hobbies which I can now afford without all the nagging.

  22. Ian says:

    To Ministry of Mens Affairs- No joke. I double checked today. The title I submitted is correct

  23. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    Yes Ian (#22), we apologize for that suggestion. The matter has already been clarified. The book to which you referred sounds like a worthy work designed to increase understanding and respect between partners. The book that Skeptic complained about but the Only Women Should Have Rights Commission thought was perfectly ok was clearly an example of anti-male hate speech written by a woman calling herself Myra Venge.

  24. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    And Ian (#22), the situation calls for an apology from you for your earlier post (#10) in which you implied (by writing “You know better than that don’t you?”) that Skeptic had deliberately misled this group concerning the true title of a book.

  25. Down Under says:

    As far as I can see, the author has one previous book, 101 Really Unpleasant Things about Men, 1999. All men are Bastards, published in 2002. They are certainly not hot off the press – I have to wonder, a decade latter, if any publisher would bother with this stuff. I doubt anyone got much of a return from either book.

  26. Allan Harvey says:

    She (Ms My Revenege)wanted something off her chest and writing and vanity publishing was easier, more practical and arguably more necessary for her psyche than double mastectomy.

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