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Join the NZ army

Filed under: General — JohnPotter @ 9:14 pm Tue 24th September 2013

The New Zealand Army is recruiting. This is probably relevant to a younger age group than the average MENZ reader, but some of you may have kids who could be interested.

I have several friends with children in the military, they have received excellent (free) training, and got to travel to some interesting places.


  1. One should make it very clear to any young men signing up for the miltary, what it is that they are signing up to support. They need to make it clear that they make risk their lives to protect a system that undermining their future even while they are deployed.
    While they are deployed risking thier lives they can think about what the government is doig for their intersts. Most can expect to return home to find their young wife has been cheating on him and has divorved him and refuses to let him see his baby. He will have cripling child taxes for 19 years. He will have lost half of everything he worked and saved ahrd for before he went on duty. His mental and physical health will be seriously degraded. He will be lucky to hold it together enough to keep his job.
    That will be only the begining of the government’s thanks for risking his life to protect the very system that is detroying his life.

    Make this very clear to any young man even considering service.

    Comment by Vman — Sun 29th September 2013 @ 7:11 pm

  2. Men mangled, women mangled – So what?

    Veteran Mother custody rights violated

    Military father visitation rights violated!!!
    by Angelo Minoglio (Hampton, Va)

    My name is Angelo Minoglio and I am currently serving in the U.S Navy. I have been having problems with my Son’s Mother with visitation since he was born. I have been ordered to pay $600 dollars in child support each month which I do happily. However, She refuses to allow me to have my visitation. After he was born in 2004 I urgently filed custody and support papers because I new instantly she was going to give me problems. Knowing I would not get custody because I know the way the court system works and being a military father it would be extremely hard to be awarded custody.

    But when we went to court she was awarded sole custody and I was awarded the usual every other weekend and every other holiday, with 2 weeks of vacation in the summer and winter. Since then I have had only one visitation with my son. Right after that visitation I had to immediatly deploy to hurricane Katrina relief.

    As soon as I left she went and filed an emergency hearing to try to strip me of my visitation. But because of the soldier, sailor act they denied her request. But now the thing is not only am I supposed to have visitation but I have to drive from Norfolk, VA to Baltimore, MD. With gas prices being the way they are and paying child support on top of having a wife and daughter it is kind of hard to afford the travels.

    It just really makes me mad to see real men who love there children get kicked around and treated like a dead beat dad. See I don’t understand because if us as fathers don’t pay the child support then we are thrown in jail. But what about the mother that is in contempt for not complying with a court order does she go to jail? No she just gets the good old don’t do it again warning. I just wish I could just get custody of my son or even just a long vistitaion every month to be able to know him and so that he knows that his father is here for him. Well I just want to say thank you and Hope that some of us good fathers get some kind of credit soon.

    A long way down in the comments, you will see:

    by: Anonymous

    I am going through the same thing, and I am a Mother who has deployed through the CAARNG to Afghanistan. Also when I was in country court was supposed to be continued until I got back, but his lawer put a temporary custody into a Permanent custody without legal representation for myself! The judge has asked me several times, and the mediator if I was going to deploy again. This is against the law to ask this as it is my civil duty. I am still in the Guard, I don’t do drugs, I have a nice home and am in the same neighborhood as their school and their dad to make it easier for the kids. I am still fighting, though it is hard, I also am paying 600 p/m in CS and struggling. If I would of known I would be judged for serving my country 11 yrs ago, I would not have joined. I am also a veteran of the Marine Corps 6 yrs! No Respect I tell you!


    So men get cruelly mangled and increasingly a large number of women are getting just as cruelly mangled.

    The Government systems around separation are poorly thought out and even more poorly implemented in practice.

    Although there are a few judges who do try to be fair and reasonable, the vast majority don’t even try. They drop themselves to being like the camp guards and supervisors at Auschwitz, Dachau, Buchenwald concentration camps. “I am only following orders”, these judges say.

    The Nuremberg Trials put that into an ethical perspective and clearly answered the question that this is not a legal defence for taking part in unethical and illegal organisations.

    The crux of the problem is greedy, weak judges failing to discipline custodial parents (mainly women, but there are some misbehaving men too). The source of the problems in the custodial parents, is essentially poor mental health. Thus failing to address their erratic, selfish, greedy behaviour comes back very badly on the children. (But the judges do get to make more money, than if they did their job properly and with integrity.)

    Best regards, MurrayBacon.

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Mon 30th September 2013 @ 7:56 pm

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