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Samantha Geimer “Woman of the Century”

Filed under: General — triassic @ 5:31 am Fri 20th September 2013

In case I am misunderstood in this post Video and incorrectly labelled by the ‘Lace Curtain’ brigade, let me make one thing clear, I abhor rape and in particular, paedophilia.

40 Years ago Film Director, Roman Polanski, did indeed have intercourse with a 13 year old and committed statutory rape. Rape of any type is disgraceful but more so when a young child is involved. However, that being said, an equal and pernicious act is that of victim-hood.

The enclosed interview is the story of the girl Samantha Gailey (now Samantha Geimer) who Polanski abused whilst in his care. The most interesting element of the story is how she refuses to be a “victim” and to be used by others in their political games. She is a mature woman now and her strength and wisdom is very heart warming.

Unlike the Louise Nicholas’s of this world, Samantha has more concern for justice and the fairness of the court system. Without doubt, rape has a bad effect on its victim but it falls well short of murder and it is debatable if it is on a par with GBH, yet feminists have hoisted it way above its station. Many men get raped in prison every year and we seldom hear about it. The thought of anyone being forced into having unwanted sex is repulsive but as Samantha demonstrates, to be a “victim” holds a more damaging ramification. I am sick and tired of hearing girls always getting air time so it is a joy to listen to a REAL woman talk!!!

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