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Temporary accommodation for violent men

Filed under: Domestic Violence — JohnPotter @ 9:46 am Tue 8th October 2013

Philip Chapman is the director of the Male Room in Nelson, which provides temporary, single-night accomodation for men who have been removed from their homes under five-day police safety orders. Sergeant John Maxwell is the Family Violence Intervention co-ordinator for the Nelson Police.

Interviewed today on Nine To Noon, Tuesday 8 October 2013

5 Responses to “Temporary accommodation for violent men”

  1. kumar says:

    Wonderful Initiative.
    We need all over NZ….as men are removed from their home as they are considered “Potential” prepetrators…even if sometimes they are victims…Police removes them from their homes.(So unfair)

  2. golfa says:

    Hmmmm … not sure how this has been allowed considering the official Police opposition to the establishment of one in West Auckland a few years ago ? The link below (in particular posts 14 and 20) spells it out clearly.

  3. kumar says:

    Can you remove the word “Violent” from the heading of this thread please?

  4. JohnPotter says:

    This post is reporting on a Radio New Zealand interview which uses that subject heading.

    In the context of Protection Orders, a man is officially “violent” if a woman says he is (or might be).

    Get with the program kumar – write out 1000 lines:

    “Women never lie about abuse”.

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