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Who owns the life of the unborn?

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 6:22 pm Tue 29th October 2013

Stuff story

A Wellington taxi driver has been found not guilty of driving carelessly after a collision that claimed the life of his unborn son.

Bililigne Gebretsadik, 41, has pleaded not guilty to three charges of careless driving, two of causing injury and one of careless driving causing the death of his unborn child in June last year.

At 31 weeks’ pregnant his wife, Seble Cherie, was a passenger in a car Gebretsadik was driving. She was injured and lost the baby after an emergency caesarean section in Wellington Hospital.

But wait just a minute … can’t a woman walk into abortion clinic and demand an abortion? Yet this man is charged with causing the death of ‘his’ unborn child?

Is this equality of the sexes?

4 Responses to “Who owns the life of the unborn?”

  1. Shinhee Yi says:

    No brainer its sexes

    only women will find it equal because its their body and they can do what ever with it even if it means killing unborn baby.

  2. kiranjiharr says:

    anything that grows is alive.
    I am surprised the courts love to overlook this fact.

  3. Downunder says:

    The question I see here is whether the wife gave her consent for the husband to be prosecuted, if she in fact own the unborn child.

  4. kiranjiharr says:

    Would be good if this gets passed. That will put feminists on the back heel cos it will then mean a child has rights independent of the mother.

    Yay for Zoe’s law

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