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Archive of August 2014

I am going to meet with a woman politician. I dont believe she is a feminist.

Mon 4th August 2014:

Yep I could be wrong but she seems very interested in mens rights. I dont want to sit around and wait and see what happens and create summaries when men get screwed by systemstic discrimination. If you want to sit there.. then ok, but you can still help. Can you add statistics… rephrase my questions?

Domestic Violence Industry in “Overwhelming Disarray”

A report released last month has put the cost of domestic violence in New Zealand at $8 billion per year. There appears to be a new type of inflation impacting our economy – Election Inflation. This ‘$8 Billion dollars is a big increase on previous estimates. The difference between the $8 billion and the 368 […]

Revenge by Media.

Sun 3rd August 2014:

The Essay of Tania Billingsley discussed in a previous post saw a young woman jeopardise a possible court case in exchange for a minute of fame and some mileage for the airing of her views on the much politicised idea of New Zealand’s ‘Rape Culture’. She’s already been forgotten about, and the chances of a […]

King – I’m sorry for being a woman

Sat 2nd August 2014:

Ms King’s apology for being a woman is “insulting” because not all women are so forgetful, our Prime Minister says. “It’s a pretty silly comment from Ms King,” said Mrs Tubb. “The problem isn’t being a woman, the problem is if you’re a forgetful woman, and I think it’s a bit insulting to imply that […]

Minimum Wage and Child Support

Fri 1st August 2014:

Minimum wage is a political toy in the sense that it can be abused at election time with promises that have notable flow-on effects and manipulated between elections; it is a cabinet decision as to what the minimum wage is set at. When you look at our position in world statistics we are amongst the […]

Ministry for Women’s Affairs and their Dodgy Calculations

The previous post Minimum Wage and Feminist Entitlement opens up the discussion about how feminist monetary policy is driving men backwards into a slave culture. Now let’s have a look at the good work The Ministry of Women’s Affairs does to help out.

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